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'Daily Show' does the Harlem Shake, ditch edition -- VIDEO

If you — unlike us — were out celebrating your Valentine’s evening with a certain special someone, then woe to you, readers, for missing The Daily Show‘s take on the latest viral-video dance fad to sweep the Interwebs: the Harlem Shake.

Since last week, thousands of iterations of the dance have surfaced online. From My Little Pony to the Kardashians, the UGA Men’s Swim and Dive team to Today, everyone’s getting in on the trend. The basics: Take DJ Baauer’s 2012 Harlem Shake remix, add one person pelvic-thrusting, writhing, or performing any other vaguely uncomfortable dance move while the rest pointedly ignore him, wait for the music to really kick in, then everybody dance! Or at least that’s usually how the story goes. Unless you’re Jon Stewart, that is. Check out the video below, courtesy of last night’s Moment of Zen: READ FULL STORY

'The Notebook' gets an 'Honest Trailer' makeover -- VIDEO

How many jokes about The Notebook have you heard today? No movie romance of the last ten years has generated more headlines – or aired more times on cable.

So it seems only natural that Screen Junkies would finally release their parody of the Rachel McAdams/Ryan Gosling flick just in time for Valentine’s Day. The trailer explains that The Notebook is there to remind us “no matter how much you love each other, you’re both going to grow old and die,” and that this is the film “that paved the way for people to form unrealistic expectations of their real-life relationships.” That tends to happen when you cast Ryan “Perfection” Gosling in a lead role.

Watch “the Olive Garden of love stories” below:


'Burning Love' premiere features a nervous Michael Cera and a dancing Adam Scott -- VIDEO

The best Valentine’s Day treat of all has arrived: The premiere of Burning Love is online.

The web series, which is a spoof of The Bachelor/Bachelorette, returns for a second season. Last season it was a guy looking for love; this time around, crazy Julie (June Diane Raphael) is back, but now she’s looking to get married. The eligible dudes? Adam Scott, Adam Brody, Michael Cera, Jerry O’Connell, Colin Hanks and many more, all playing the various types that these reality shows cast: a“Bad Boy,” a “Rapper,” a “Single Dad,” and even a “Luxurious Lifestyle Consultant.”

Hosted once again by the cheesy Bill Tundle (Michael Ian Black), this is a show for anyone who has ever watched The Bachelor and asked themselves why anyone would subject themselves to that level of embarrassment. And it’s also a show for people who want to find love – or at least want to get really drunk and maybe start a fight.

Check out the first two episodes below and find out whom Julie asks to “hold her box”: READ FULL STORY

Zach Galifianakis gets weird(er) with 'Between Two Ferns: Oscar Edition, Part 2' -- VIDEO

Oscar season has brought out the best in Zach Galifianakis’ “Between Two Ferns,” his Internet talk show-slash-thought experiment. (How long can you be questioned by Zach Galifianakis?) Months after saying that the video series was probably dead, it isn’t: This week, Funny or Die released a special “Oscar edition,” featuring a lot of famous people all at once, in dresses.

Part 2 debuted this morning. Unlike part 1, it features 100 percent less look-I’m-drunk Anne Hathaway and “Christ of Breakdance Waltz.” But it does feature an “average looking redhead in a weird dress” (Jessica Chastain) and Sally Field — who has a confession to make: “I just have to tell you something really, really honestly: I hate pennies. I hate them.”

To be fair, she was answering Galifianakis’ question, “Do you look at a penny differently now that you’ve been in Lincoln?”

All that and Brad Lee Cooper, too, who channels his anger-challenged character from Silver Linings Playbook.

Watch the NSFW video below. Are we alone in hoping for a part 3 (set destruction notwithstanding)?


Dave Franco talks new Funny or Die video: 'It probably appears that we let everything hang out' -- VIDEO

Apparently, Dave Franco’s penis is less impressive than DeAndre Jordan’s. We learn this and other fun “facts” (Franco can’t rap…or jump!) in Franco’s latest slightly NSFW video for Funny or Die, “Real Life H-O-R-S-E!”

The title says it all: We watch Dave and DeAndre compete in series of absurdly escalating challenges. Basketball is only the beginning.

EW talked with Franco about his Funny or Die collaborations, stripping down with DeAndre, and his desire to one day direct.


'Pete & Pete' reunion will make you laugh even as it destroys your childhood -- NSFW VIDEO

Revisiting the TV you loved as a kid generally leads to one of two things — realizing that you had horrible taste in elementary school, or being pleasantly surprised by how well your old favorites hold up. Happily, Nickelodeon’s eccentric, proto-hipster sitcom The Adventures of Pete & Pete is bound to inspire the second reaction — especially once you’re old (and wise) enough to recognize its guest appearances by unlikely stars including Michael Stipe, Iggy Pop, Janeane Garofalo, and Steve Buscemi.

It’s no surprise, then, that the ultra-hip SF Sketchfest chose to stage a Pete & Pete reunion in San Francisco last month. But before the cast appeared before a cheering crowd of ’80s babies, they stopped by a local bar for a pre-show drink — and Funny or Die’s cameras were there to capture everything that followed.


Jimmy Fallon predicts the Super Bowl with puppies -- VIDEO

Super Bowl Sunday approaches, PopWatchers! Who will you stake your wagers on? (And by wagers, we obviously mean M&Ms and not real money.) Should you go with the tattooed 49ers wonder Colin Kaepernick? Or will the Ravens’ Ray Lewis take it all through the power of faith (and dance)? Hey, maybe you’re just watching for Beyoncé. But whatever the case, forget Vegas odds. Jimmy Fallon is here to tell you who will win — with the help of five adorable Golden Retrievers. Check out the video below: READ FULL STORY

The 'Game of Thrones'/'Downton Abbey' mashup you didn't know you needed -- VIDEO

What’s better: the tinkly elegance of Downton Abbey‘s theme music, or the rhythmic intensity of Game of Thrones‘s title tune? If you just can’t choose, you’ll love this video — in which pianist Sagar Jethani seamlessly melds the two songs into one glorious mashup (with just a little help from Duncan, his loyal canine companion). It’s all the goodness of Sunday night’s best shows, compressed into one handy three-minute video!


Funny or Die saves the day with Manti Te'o parody -- VIDEO

Whether or not you care about Manti Te’o, the confusing hoax/scandal/Catfish-ing has produced some pretty incredible comedic moments over the past few days that will likely continue for as long as it takes to get the full story, which keeps getting stranger.

Thankfully, Funny or Die has jumped on the bandwagon as well with a Manti Te’o eHarmony parody ad. “I hate fake people. They’re just so…it’s like they’re not there when you’re talking to them. But it’s different with Lennay,” says Eugene Cordero portraying Te’o, as the camera cuts to a two shot of him and an empty seat on the couch. Lennay becomes his real-life imaginary friend. He plays catch with her. He feeds her chips. He fondles the computer. And he even references the hoax.

Watch the video after the jump. It’s just what we all needed on this Friday afternoon.


Everything that's wrong with 'Prometheus' in 4 minutes -- VIDEO

What exactly are the errors and inconsistencies that everyone complained about when Prometheus came out this summer? Well they’re all laid bare in a single, concise video on YouTube. CinemaSins, whose other targets include The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, takes the whole movie to task in four minutes, notching 82 separate complaints. Now’s your chance to relive all of that initial frustration, only this time it doesn’t last for two hours and cost $15!

See for yourself after the jump:


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