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Five things we learned about the 'Halo 5' multiplayer beta


EW recently had the chance to check out an early version of the Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta, shooting fellow journalists for a few hours of frantic eight-player mayhem. The beta will run for three weeks, starting December 29, and is accessible to everyone who purchases Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which is out today. It’s quite an early look at the Xbox One’s next Halo game, which has an unspecified 2015 release date (though based on the franchise’s history, it will likely launch sometime in early November).

We got to test out three maps: Truth, which is yet another remake of Halo 2’s popular Midship, and two brand new maps. Empire is a larger, labyrinthine map with lots of nooks and crannies, and Crossfire is a small symmetrical map designed for the game’s new mode, Breakout (more on that later). The beta will feature seven maps total and three game modes, with new content added each week based partly on community voting. While the core feeling of the classic FPS remains largely the same, here are five things we learned—and some of the big differences we noticed—that will change the way you play Halo. READ FULL STORY

Entertainment Geekly Mailbag: 'Smash Brothers' talkback and a 'Big Brother' counter-theory

This is the Entertainment Geekly Mailbag, where I respond to comments, questions, and angry clarifications. (You can email me at darren_franich@ew.com.) This week: Everyone takes issue with my brutally accurate assertion that Kirby is one of the worst players in Super Smash Brothers.

You sir are right on all accounts except one: Kirby. Is. Awesome. And is my go-to character in Smash Bros. If you’d like me to demonstrate why he should be ranked higher on your character list, Ill happily play a round with you ;)

I would never dream of insulting anyone’s choice of Go-To Character, because that is a deeply personal decision. Like, your Go-To Character is sort of a weird combination of your favorite baseball player, your mascot, your child and your significant other. READ FULL STORY

You have to see this tribute to Robin Williams in 'World of Warcraft'


In addition to his many, many, many other admirable traits, the late Robin Williams was a devoted World of Warcraft player. In the wake of his passing, a petition circulated requesting that Warcraft designer Blizzard create some kind of memorial.

That petition was successful—and then some, according to the folks over at WoWhead. READ FULL STORY

Look what classic Nintendo character might be in the new 'Smash Brothers'

Soon, brothers and sisters—soon, Smash Brothers will return. The latest edition of Nintendo’s button-mashing mascot-crushing fun fest arrives on the 3DS and the Wii U later this year. For years, the rumor mill has been churning with possible new additions to the lineup. We already know that Mega Man and Pac-Man are joining the Smash crew. But how deep would Nintendo dig into their back catalogue? Could Birdo finally be a playable character? Would Bubbles the Bubble Fish finally get her chance at a comeback? Whither the Tatangas of yesteryear? READ FULL STORY

This Aaron Paul Xbox One commercial will mess with your Xbox One


Microsoft made the bold decision to spend E3 pitching the Xbox One as a lovable videogame console — a notable shift from the company’s previous strategy of pitching the Xbox One as the Orwellian super-device that watches you when you sleep and costs a hundred dollars more than the PlayStation 4. But now comes a new wrinkle: a commercial for the Xbox One featuring Breaking Bad star and Need for Speed refugee Aaron Paul. Paul appears to love his Xbox One. He commands it to turn on using just his voice. “Xbox on!” he says. READ FULL STORY

'Mean Girls' 8-Bit: That's so fetch -- VIDEO


Mean Girls has been “gamified.” In honor of the film’s 10th anniversary (I feel old), Cinefix has presented the classic tale of high school queen bees and wannabes in the form of an 8-bit video game, created by David Dutton with music by Henry Dutton.

Follow Cady around as she tries to navigate her way through her new school, collecting inventory (map to the school, pink shirt, Kevin G.’s business card, protein bars, etc.) and making friends throughout, perhaps even moving up a level to become a Plastic (shut up!). READ FULL STORY

The 20 most exciting Games at E3 2014, and everything that might be wrong with them


There were no new consoles at E3 this year, no expensive new peripherals. Nothing, at long last, to distract from the videogames. And what games! The 2014 videogame megaconvention found the three major companies adjusting to a new kind of normal: a kinder-gentler Microsoft, a swaggery Sony, a Nintendo that suddenly realized it was time to throw a Hail Mary on the Wii U. Across the board, there was a sense of experimentation. Major developers iterated old franchises in new directions. Smaller developers made bold splashes with highly independent visions.

E3 lives in a vortex of hype. Most people only get to play a few minutes of games that will ultimately last dozens-if-not-hundreds of hours. So, for my list of the twenty best games I played at E3, I’ve attempted to offer a sobering assessment of everything that might be horribly wrong with them when they finally arrive on store shelves. Consider this a skeptically hopeful list of games that could usher in a new creative era in the interactive medium. Pray for No Man’s Sky. READ FULL STORY

The 13 things you need to know about 'No Man's Sky,' the most ambitious (and crazy?) game at E3 2014


Every year, the major videogame companies convene in Los Angeles for E3. They show off big games with familiar names, games that represent untold thousands of man-hours and untold petabytes of graphical power. And every year, there is one videogame that represents the complete opposite of that: A game made by a small team, with a distinctive vision, that isn’t a sequel or a spinoff or a spinoff-sequel to a reboot-prequel.

This year’s High Nerd fixation is No Man’s Sky, a space adventure game produced by English studio Hello Games that will debut on the Playstation 4. But unlike past breakouts like Braid or Limbo or Journey, No Man’s Sky isn’t really something you could easily describe as “retro,” and it certainly isn’t “smaller” than the AAA titles. Far from it: Through a process of procedural generation, the developers of No Man’s Sky promise a basically infinite universe of exploration. READ FULL STORY

'Destiny' preview: I can see your 'Halo'


It’s been nearly four years since Bungie’s final Halo game hit shelves. Halo: Reach was an oddly somber blockbuster prequel that didn’t even feature series protagonist Master Chief, so it seems like maybe Bungie was already tired of Chief after Halo 3. After parting ways with Microsoft, Bungie inked a 10-year deal with Call of Duty publisher Activision to create brand-new, reportedly very expensive worlds. After churning out five Halo titles in nine years, the studio understandably wanted to try something different — which makes it all the more curious that its forthcoming Destiny feels so similar to Halo. READ FULL STORY

So now Pac-Man is in 'Super Smash Brothers,' too


Reconfirming its status as the Expendables of videogames, Super Smash Brothers has added another iconic, golden-age video game character to its ranks: Pac-Man, enemy of ghosts and big yellow symbol of all-encompassing consumption. Pac-Man isn’t a Nintendo character, of course, and his history actually predates the first appearance of Super Mario by a year. But Nintendo trumpeted the character’s involvement during its announcement at E3, promising a Pac-Man-specific stage.

The character will appear in both the upcoming 3DS and Wii U versions of the title. Here’s the announcement trailer: READ FULL STORY

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