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Survey finds gender pay gap in games industry narrower than US average

A recent industry survey of game developer’s salaries has found that the wage gap between genders is narrower than the national average.

Conducted by industry publication Gamasutra, the survey was conducted in May 2014 and covered the entirety of 2013, with 4,000 participants. The survey found that men working salaried jobs in the games industry make an average of $85,074 annually. For women, the average annual salary was $72,882—that’s 86 cents on the dollar.

Of course, the wage gap between genders widened or narrowed depending on what position was being considered. Designers have the smallest gap, with women making 94 cents for every dollar men make, and audio professionals the largest—68 cents on the dollar. The outlier is in Quality Assurance, where women make four cents more than men on average. It’s also the lowest-paid job of those surveyed. READ FULL STORY

What it's like to attend a gaming competition that's as big as a rock show

One of the biggest events in competitive gaming is underway this weekend, and unless you knew where to look, you’d miss it entirely.

Organized by acclaimed game developer Valve for four years running, The International is the annual championship tournament for the wildly popular multiplayer game Dota 2. Abbreviated from Defense of the Ancients, Dota 2 organizes players into two teams of five tasked with defending their home base (the titular “Ancients”) whilst simultaneously trying to take down their opponent’s base on the other side of the in-game arena.

It’s a fast-paced genre mashup that reads like a greatest hits of video game favorites—equal parts Diablo, Warcraft, and any one of a dozen tower defense games—yet the result is something entirely new. What results is called a MOBA—short for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. It’s arguably the most widely-played genre of video game, and tournaments like The International are a big reason why. READ FULL STORY

Amidst layoffs, Microsoft abandons bid to be the next Netflix

Another contender for the Netflix crown has fallen.

On Thursday, Microsoft announced that the company will shut down its Xbox Entertainment Studios division, well before any of the studio’s marquee series go live. The news comes hours after Microsoft announced massive restructuring plans that will see the company eliminate up to 18,000 jobs this year.

In an internal memo published by Re/code, Phil Spencer, head of the company’s in-house video game production wing Microsoft Studios, briefly outlined Microsoft’s strategy for the Xbox in light of the sudden upheaval: READ FULL STORY

See Stampylonghead, Minecraft's hero to children, introduce you to his world


Stampylonghead, ie. StampyCat, is the newest voice in children’s entertainment. But don’t expect to find him on television: This blocky, pixelated character only lives online, generating millions of page view in YouTube videos created via the uber-popular video game Minecraft.

The silly orange character is high-pitched, British, and has a magnetic attraction with the elementary school set, who love his juvenile adventures. They take him to remote, fantastical lands where he fights his nemesis, Hit the Target, and battles aliens and other ne’er-do-wells. He is the creation of 23-year old former bartender Joseph Garrett, who is on his way to turning his clever YouTube videos into a global brand. READ FULL STORY

'Sunset Overdrive': Exclusive Mondo poster print


Austin-based company Mondo has risen to glory in the last few years, designing one cool movie poster after another and even doing the same for some TV shows. Now, EW is excited to share the first-ever Mondo video game poster, a very cool image designed to capture the insane wonder of Insomniac Games’ buzzy, hyperkinetic actioner Sunset Overdrive. READ FULL STORY

'Donnie Darko' reimagined as an 8-bit videogame -- VIDEO

It’s Donnie Darkobut without Donnie’s impassioned Smurfette monologue and with 8-bit graphics — the result looks like a very, very mad world, indeed. READ FULL STORY

'The Simpsons' reveals new character... via mobile game


After 25 seasons, The Simpsons still knows how to deliver surprises.

The animated series quietly debuted a new character earlier this month, but not in an episode — Chester Dupree, slacker brother-in-law of Dr. Julius Hibbert, made his first appearance via the mobile game, The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

Chester was mentioned — but not seen — in an episode back in Season 24, Gone Abie Gone. Dr. Hibbert asks his wife, Bernice, if she has asked her brother to spy on him. “Chester needs a job, she says. “I paid him to build a shed,” Julius replies. “Where is my shed, Bernice?”

His half-built shed appears in the recently-released Level 41 in Tapped Out, which is a mobile city-building game. (The premise: Homer destroyed Springfield and needs a hand rebuilding the town.) Chester is a premium character whose motto appears to be, “College was the best eight years of my life!” READ FULL STORY

Bomb squad called when video game PR stunt goes wrong


New open-world action game Watch Dogs has the distinction of being the fastest-selling game in Ubisoft’s history. It’s also likely to be the video game publisher’s only title to be associated with a real-life bomb scare.

In a creative, yet ill-advised attempt to drum up publicity for the game, released Tuesday, Ubisoft sent promotional copies to select media outlets. A reporter at one of those companies, Australian online publication Ninemsn, received a suspicious package on Wednesday — a black safe with a blacked-out note asking the recipient to “check their voicemail.”

According to Ninemsn’s account of the events, the reporter doesn’t use voicemail, but had received a hang-up call from an unfamiliar number the day before. When the editorial staff attempted to open the safe, it began beeping. Calls were placed to other newsrooms to see if they had received similar packages; they hadn’t, and the cops were called.

The floor where the package was sent was evacuated and the staff sent home. A police rescue unit scanned the safe, took it to the basement, and forced it open, revealing a copy of Watch Dogs inside. READ FULL STORY

Meet Sonic the Hedgehog's new pal, Sticks the Jungle Badger -- EXCLUSIVE

Yep, that’s right: Sonic the Hedgehog, the smirky icon who served as Sega’s mascot and chief asset in the console wars of the 1990s, is back. And this time, he’s bringing a new friend along with him.

Specifically: The image above shows Sticks, a new character who will play a major role in every facet of Sega’s upcoming “Sonic Boom” universe — a multiplatform franchise extension that will include Wii U and Nintendo 3DS vide games, a Cartoon Network series, and, of course, merch. The “jungle badger” — yeah, that’s a thing now — is “a force of nature in every way,” according to Sega — one who’s slowly acclimating to the company of other animals after a long stint alone in the wilderness. READ FULL STORY

PlayStation 4's 'The Order: 1886': First look at exclusive history/mythology mashup game


If you’ve played a video game shooter recently, you probably locked and loaded behind the bullet-spraying skills of a super-soldier, space marine, or some zombie-hating hero tasked with saving the world, galaxy, or suburbs. And while The Order: 1886 — the hotly-anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive — also packs plenty of opportunities to empty ammo clips and pile corpses high, its fresh take on the genre aims to engage the imagination as much as the trigger finger.

Crazy-ambitious and highly cinematic, The Order presents an intriguing mash-up of alternate history, Arthurian legend, and Victorian-era London; toss in some supernatural baddies, an arsenal of steampunk-y weapons, charming Brit accents, and lots of epic facial hair, and the interactive action-adventure almost looks like a better fit for a summer blockbuster or high concept TV drama than a video game. READ FULL STORY

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