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North Carolina school announces snow day with 'Ice Ice Baby' -- VIDEO


You may have noticed that snow is falling, like, everywhere. In cities. In the countryside. On cedars. It’s a snow day! Well, not for us grown-ups, who have to go to work and pay the bills and do laundry and wake up every morning barely even recognizing the face we see in the mirror. But for kids, today is one of those magical days when the universe decides that school is canceled. To mark this special occasion, a pair of administrators at Durham Academy in North Carolina created a snow day announcement video. Or rather, “music video,” since they rewrote Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.” Sample line: “Polar Vortex has a hold of us tightly/Wind like a harpoon daily and nightly.” So, yes, their lyrics are better than Vanilla Ice’s. Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

CES 2014: Vanilla Ice, Shaq, Mark Cuban, and more talk hot tech trends -- VIDEO


With more than 150,000 attendees and 3,000 exhibitors, this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas proved to be one of the biggest in its history. Some of the biggest trends included 3-D printers, wearable tech, headphones galore, 4K, and curved TVs.

And while the Super Bowl of Tech boasts industry professionals, techies, and early adopters, the conference is also known for its fair share of celebs endorsing the next big brands and products in tech.

Billionaire entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban made an appearance at the Samsung press conference and roamed the floor revealing what he thinks the next big thing in tech will be and how to really get his attention with an investment pitch:

Here's what happens when 280 movies are edited together to sing Vanilla Ice's 'Ice Ice Baby'

As you try to fall asleep each night, one particular question might be dominating your thoughts: Why are there no YouTube videos that cut some of the most iconic films together so that they sing along to Vanilla Ice’s 1990 classic “Ice Ice Baby”? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Some clever soul with way too much time to spare spent three months finding and editing 280 films so that viewers can transport themselves back to a time when hip-hop singles were as simple as dancing in parachute pants and repeating the words “Ice, ice, baby.”

I spotted a certain Terminator, a Saw flickAladdin, Clerks, Rango, the original Conan, School of Rock, Toy Story, Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars and what I think is Erin Brockovich before I gave up (there are a whole lot of clips there). Which of your favorite films did you catch? If you’re in no mood to play guessing games, just turn on the closed captioning option — it’ll quickly flash the titles up on the screen. Watch it below. READ FULL STORY

'Vanilla Ice Goes Amish': Yes, this really is a TV show

Stop, collaborate, and listen: Ice is back with a brand new reality show. It’s called Vanilla Ice Goes Amish, and it’s about — you guessed it — professional punchline Vanilla Ice (a.k.a. That’s My Boy star Rob Van Winkle) learning construction from an Amish community in Ohio.

This isn’t Ice’s first time at the reality rodeo, of course: He’s also currently starring in The Vanilla Ice Project, a home renovation series on the DIY network (which will air Amish as well.) And in the past, he’s appeared on the second season of trailblazing humiliation factory The Surreal Life, as well as competitions including Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge, Dancing on IceCelebrity Boxing, and The Surreal Life: Fame Games. (Vanilla Ice was also a judge on Canada Sings in 2011 — who knew!)

At this point, there’s really nothing left to do but giggle quietly, pause to reflect on our lost youth, and try to come up with some snarky captions for the photo above. I’ll get the ball rolling:

“Raise the barn? I’d rather raise the roof — go ninja, go ninja, go!

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