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Kristen Stewart talks 'Breaking Dawn' script: 'It's done, it's locked'

In an oddly animated interview with MTV News, Kristen Stewart talked about the final installment of the Twilight series with something approaching enthusiasm. Having just returned from Breaking Dawn read-throughs in Baton Rouge with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, Stewart reported that “it’s done, it’s locked… basically we know exactly how the book is going to find itself, and now we know all the lines and know what scenes have been pulled.” No word yet on whether the birthing scene of baby vampire chewing her cutesie-schmoopsie way out of Bella’s womb has been tweaked or cut. See the interview clip after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Boo! Send us your pop culture Halloween costumes

Hey, creepy readers. You know what this site needs more photos of? Jon Hamm. YOU! As usual, EW will be running a gallery of our readers’ best pop culture Halloween costumes. (Witness: 2009’s, 2008’s. Ooh, maybe you should go as Harrison Ford in Witness.) To achieve eternal fame — and the chance to win a DVD set of spooky movies (Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist Extended Director’s Cut, Pan’s Labyrinth Special Edition, The Shining, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Collector’s Edition, courtesy of Warner Home Video) — upload your pic to Entertainment Weekly’s Facebook page. Just “attach” the photo to our wall and your image will appear in the Just Fans section. (You’ll have to “like” us first. Time to make this co-dependent relationship official.) Make sure to tell us your name, location, and what you’re supposed to be (even if you think it’s obvious … it’s not always obvious).

We’ll be posting a reminder later in the month, but start rummaging through the dusty files of your hard drive now. No thumbnails, please. Show some class.

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NYC Comic Con: 'Vampire Diaries' cast talks romance (fingers crossed for Bonnie and Damon?)

Vampire-Katerina-Graham_320.jpg Image Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CWCast members from The Vampire Diaries joined executive producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec at New York Comic Con on Sunday and, naturally, a big chunk of their hour-long Q&A session focused on the show’s romantic webs that may just get a little more tangled by the end of season 2.

Right off the bat, Katerina Graham was asked whether her character, Bonnie, will find a love interest. “Everyone wants Bonnie to get some! There is a chance,” Graham told the cheering crowd. Plec immediately jumped into the conversation and offered this tease: “Bonnie is going to be getting interest from somebody that she already knows, and she will meet someone new who strikes her fancy.” This is big news! PopWatchers, who do you think is the character that we already know that develops — or acts on — an interest in Bonnie? Personally, I’d love to see a Damon/Bonnie romance go down on the show, and I’m curious to hear what you all think. (Remember, as Katherine told Stefan in the season premiere, hating someone sounds like the beginning of a love story, not the end of one.) Later in the panel discussion, Plec joked about Damon’s sex figure status and said, “I think by the time the series is over, Damon will have slept with every man, woman, and child.” I choose to believe that means that a Damon/Bonnie hookup is likely at some point in the series (hopefully sooner rather than later).  READ FULL STORY

'Let Me In': Chloe Moretz on playing a vampire; Matt Reeves talks 'Let the Right One In' comparison, and how 'Twilight' saved his film

It’s easy to fall for 2008 Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In, the dark and delicate tale of a lonely 12-year-old boy who connects with an equally haunted young girl. Except she may not really be that young…or even exactly human. Sure, the movie is filed under horror, but its darkness is rooted in a tender coming-of-age story, directed by Tomas Alfredson from John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel. I’ve seen Let the Right One In six times, own two DVD versions (since the subtitles were so royally screwed-up the first time), and I’ve even sampled footage of main characters Eli and Oskar in this little video series I produce called Idolatry. I guess you could say I’m a fan. So, like many devotees, I had an Eli-is-hungry-now-get-out-of-the-way meltdown when the Hollywood remake was announced. I envisioned older actors. I pictured an overload of sentiment, or an overload of gratuitous action and “thrills,” or just plain overload. In short, I could only imagine that the unique spirit of the original (and the novel) would be more or less ripped to shreds by a crazed horde of demonic execs and then burned in a hospital bed, all in the name of reaching a broader audience that simply cannot be bothered to read subtitles. Skräcken! [The horror!] READ FULL STORY

Kate Beckinsale returns for 'Underworld 4'

UnderworldKate Beckinsale will play vampire Selene once more in a fourth Underworld movie, it’s been announced. The film, still looking for a director and an actress to play Selene’s daughter, will begin shooting in March in Vancouver for a January 2012 release. Few details are known about the script from John Hlavin (The Shield), which is being revised by J. Michael Straczynsk (The Changeling), but I’m all for Beckinsale’s return to Selene’s latex catsuit, which she’s donned twice before (the third film in the franchise, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, was a prequel starring Rhona Mitra). It took her to the round of 16 in our summer Sexy Beast bracket game, and who knows what would have happened if she hadn’t met Twilight‘s Edward Cullen. The luck of the draw…

Do you agree that bringing sexy back is a good idea for Beckinsale? (Yes, her last film was with Robert De Niro, but EW gave that movie, Everybody’s Fine, a D. Every project is a roll of the dice.)

'Priest' trailer: We want to like this as much as we like Paul Bettany

The official trailer for Priest, the adaptation of a graphic novel about an exiled warrior (Paul Bettany) who defies church orders to pretend there’s not a new vampire problem, has been released. Bettany gets some help from Nikita‘s Maggie Q and Twilight‘s Cam Gigandet. I’ve been trying to think of something interesting to say, but since I don’t want to take a shot at Bettany for reuniting with his Legion director or express my concern for Stephen Moyer’s character, nothing is coming to me. The trailer is uninspiring in that it looks acceptable. Average. There’s solid action, but nothing mind-blowing. Scares, but no tricks we haven’t seen before. Watch it below and take a stab. READ FULL STORY

'Let Me In' Exclusive: 'Kick Ass' star Chloe Moretz gets uncomfortably close with Richard Jenkins

Let-Me-In-vampireImage Credit: Saeed AdyaniIn Let the Right One In — the great, spare Swedish vampire film from 2008 that you simply cannot talk to EW.com video guru Jason Averett about without him dissolving into a puddle of fanboy swooning — the relationship between young(ish) vampire Eli and Eli’s older-seeming male companion is left a bit ambiguous. Is he Eli’s father, uncle, brother, or something less…familial? In this exclusive clip from Let Me In — the U.S. version of Let the Right One In and John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel of the same name — it’s clear that the relationship between the young vampire (now named Abby, and played by Kick-Ass star Chloe Moretz) and the older companion (Oscar nominee Richard Jenkins) is perhaps slightly more specific than its Swedish counterpart.

How much more specific? Well, after the clip from the film (which is due in theaters Oct. 1), Jenkins and Moretz, along with writer-director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) and co-star Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road), address that very question (in a fashion) in my interview with them in July at Comic-Con. They also discuss the title change, talk that the U.S. version was going to Twilight-ize the tale, and whether the film shoot was at all scary for its two young stars. You can check them both out (along with a bonus clip of Jenkins doing a very bad deed, with a quick flash of NSFW language) after the jump. READ FULL STORY

'True Blood,' it's time to kick it into high gear

True Blood is heading into its penultimate episode of the season this Sunday — and remember, no new ep airs on Labor Day, so this is it until the Sept. 12 finale. It’s been sort of up and down for me, with the fun and titillation of the Sookie/Eric/Bill love triangle tragically diluted with way too many other stories. Yep, I’m looking at you, dogfighting. And werepanthers. Give me more Jessica and Hoyt! Give me so much less Wiccan lady.

At least parts of these trailers look promising: READ FULL STORY

Who is the ultimate Sexy Beast? We'll tell you...

sexy-beast-finalImage Credit: Andrew Eccles / The CW; Joey Lawrence…on August 26! Yes, yes, I know I’m like Santa coming down the chimney and cheekily declaring “I’ll be back on New Year’s with your toys!” But trust me when I say that we’re actually rewarding you for your extremely enthusiastic turnout over the last month of EW.com’s Sexy Beast single-elimination bracket tournament (while, yes, admittedly ratcheting up the suspense quotient to a somewhat unbearable level). Our final matchup (the polls are officially closed) between the Twilight series’ Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and The Vampire Diaries‘ Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) brought in almost 275,000 votes — compare those numbers to your local school-board election, then weep silently for our children’s future — so we decided to celebrate by simultaneously announcing the winner on August 26 on EW.com and in a splashy spread in the pages of that week’s Entertainment Weekly magazine. Yes, folks, if your object of lust was one of the 64 players in our mano-a-beasto melee (i.e. Anna from V, or Wolverine from X-Men, or maybe Ms. Pac-Man), you’ll now have a way to commemorate his/her/its results. To tide yourselves over, click here to see how the full bracket played out, then do visit EW.com on Thursday, August 26, or pick up a copy of that week’s EW at your local newsstand, to find out who took home the title. Thanks once again for your time and participation: If you cast a vote in our tourney, you’ll always be a Sexy Beast to us! And to get an immediate announcement when our champ is crowned, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.]

Who is the ultimate Sexy Beast? After 250,000 votes, we're still not entirely sure.

sexy-beast-finalImage Credit: Andrew Eccles / The CW; Joey LawrenceWe here at EW.com have spent the last 30 days on an epic journey, whittling a pack of 64 delicious creatures down to two titillating combatants as part of our Sexy Beast single-elimination tournament. Click here to see the full bracket, that is if you don’t get distracted by the photos of our two finalists: Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) of TV’s The Vampire Diaries and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) of the big-screen Twilight series. Our final poll has been open for some 65 hours, and after 250,000 votes, the virile vampires remain locked in a statistical dead heat — the closest match-up we’ve seen in the entire Sexy Beast extravaganza that’s been built on the blood, sweat, and general hotness of creatures including Star Trek‘s Seven of Nine, X-Men‘s Wolverine, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles‘ Cameron, True Blood‘s Eric Northman, and even Ms. Pac-Man and Doctor Who.

So do your pop-cultural civic duty and vote in our poll below! As things tend to do when you’re dealing with vampires, we expect this bout to get bloody! [UPDATE, Friday, August 20, 12:05 a.m. ET: Voting in EW.com’s Sexy Beast bracket tournament is officially closed. Please visit EW.com on Thursday, August 26, or pick up a copy of that week’s Entertainment Weekly magazine at your local newsstand, to find out who took home the title: Twilight‘s Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) or The Vampire Diaries‘ Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). Thanks for your time and participation: If you cast a vote in our humble tourney, you’ll always be a Sexy Beast to us! And to get an immediate announcement when our champ is crowned, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.]

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