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Josh Hutcherson's ‘Hunger Games’ prank makes Jennifer Lawrence pee her pants, Capitol not pleased

At this point, we’ll take just about any Hunger Games news we can get, right?

In an interview with Vulture, Josh Hutcherson revealed that he pranked costar Jennifer Lawrence on the set of The Hunger Games – perhaps to an unfortunate degree. “I took a dummy, one that the tracker-jackers were supposed to have attacked, and I put it in Jennifer’s bathroom,” said Hutcherson, 19. “When she opened the door, she peed her pants. Or so I was told – she told me later. I did not get visual confirmation on that one.” READ FULL STORY

Contrarian Corner: I've had it with video stores!

I am very disappointed in myself right now for many reasons (intense cold-weather reclusion, strong identification with Charlize Theron’s character in Young Adult, weight gain), but at the top of the list is confirmation of my recent aversion to video stores.

I’m supposed to appreciate these relics, the sprawling box-like storefronts that just seem to bleed out smaller and smaller rectangles — 99-cent outdated movie posters, clunky VHS tapes the stores will practically pay you to remove, DVDs-for-purchase that no one will ever open again. Every few days during the late ’90s, I moped around the Garden Market Blockbuster (now out of business, though my mom just told me it became a costume warehouse for two weeks this October; so tragic) and Video 66 on Joliet Rd. (still there! possibly due to Honey Fluff Donuts next store?) (Update: just drove by and I was wrong; it’s now a vacant-again storefront that says FUN TAN, ugh) — because what else would I do with my life? And then whenever I was back home over the holidays or the summers throughout the late 2000s, I would mope around the same stores again, just in different sweatpants. I’m sure the Video 66 guy appreciated my upgrade from “flannel” to “yoga.” READ FULL STORY

Five videos to remind you Michael Fassbender is sexy (because 'Shame' sure isn't)


Shame, the new film starring Michael Fassbender as a sex addict, obviously has a lot of sex and full-frontal nudity in it. You know the Steve McQueen movie is a heavy one going in — it’s rated NC-17. But if you’re a fan of Fassbender who finds him attractive enough to rent (and fast-forward through) his 2007 film Angel costarring the female lead of Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights — or just someone who saw the Shame red-band trailer and wished you were that woman he’s staring at on the subway — you’re probably thinking this film will be, on some level, sexy because he is.

The surprise is that it’s not, and neither is his character. There’s one scene that makes you think, okay, this is a guy I could like, and wow, I’m actually smiling, but that’s not what you’ll be thinking when the movie ends. Odds are, you’ll feel as hollow as his character, which is the intention, and, perhaps, disappointed — not in the quality of the film, but in how it, for the immediate future, makes it difficult to think of Fassbender as sexy. (Did I really need to watch him pee?) You’ll have discussions with friends about how part of you really wants to see him play a sexual leading man who is allowed to be healthy — not blinded and maimed in Jane Eyre, or maimed and suicidal in Angel, or in a love triangle with a woman and her 15-year-old daughter in Fish Tank. You want to swoon over him, and yet, you wouldn’t want him to sell out and star in like, The Backup Plan 2 with Jennifer Lopez. There has to be happy medium, and hopefully, some screenwriter in Hollywood is penning it as we speak. In the meantime, if you’ve seen Shame and need to bring the sexy Fassbender back, watch the interview clips below. It worked for me.


Donald Trump to moderate Republican debate. Could they not get Ivanka? (POLL)

What the…? She’s so much prettier.

As if the presidential primary season wasn’t already playing out like a crappy reality show, Celebrity Apprentice TV star, wig model — and let’s not forget former presidential hopeful — Donald Trump will moderate a Republican debate in Des Moines on Dec. 27. Trump, whom President Obama has likened to a “carnival barker,” is pairing up with Newsmax to put on the debate, which will air on Ion TV.

No word yet on which candidates will accept this once-in-a-lifetime offer — or whether Trump secretly plans on firing them all instead.

I’m serious about Ivanka though.


Derek Hough, you nasty!

The Dancing With the Stars pro took some time out of his and Ricki Lake’s freestyle in the season 13 finals to make sure he “still got it” with his signature Crotch Bob dance move (originally executed with season 9 partner Joanna Krupa). READ FULL STORY

Beverly Hills' Lisa Vanderpump joins singing 'Housewives' pantheon with 'Will You Love Me Tomorrow' (Answer: No.)

Amy Winehouse is rolling in her grave, Shirelles’ singer Shirley Owens is ripping her hair out one strand at a time, and Carole King is gnashing her teeth. At least that’s what I imagine is happening since Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump unleashed a new cover of  “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” on the world. Vanderpump unveiled a portion of the song — produced by Lionel Richie — to Ryan Seacrest this morning, and ohhhhhh it is awful. Let’s just say Danielle Staub‘s golden pipes remain firmly ensconced at the top of the Real Housewives musical heap, and Vanderpump is likely getting some serious side eye from the likes of Melissa Gorga, Countess LuAnn, and Kim Zolciak right about now. Hear Vanderpump’s stab at singing (starting around 5:20) after the jump — if you dare! READ FULL STORY

Ripa'd from the airwaves? Kelly and Nick Lachey dress as Kim and Kris as E! faces a tough 'Fairytale Wedding' decision


Savor the image to the right, Kardashi-fans. It may be your last chance to see Kim Kardashian in her Hepburn-inspired wedding gown. Fresh off the news that Kardashian has filed for divorce from Kris Humphries, her husband of 72 days due to “irreconcilable differences,” E! (home to Keeping Up With the Kardashians) is considering pulling all repeats of their four-hour, two-part marital spectacular Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event from the air. And in other news from the bizarro land that results from the collision of reality with “reality,” Kelly Ripa and Nick Lachey dressed up as the presumably happy couple for this morning’s Live! Halloween show just an hour before the divorce was confirmed. See Ripa and Lachey’s unfortunate (but hilarious) costume and learn more about E!’s programming quandary after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Shia LaBeouf makes headlines for new fight and new movie role

Shia LaBeouf is back in the news today for two reasons: TMZ has obtained footage of a physical altercation the actor found himself in outside a bar in Vancouver, where he’s now filming Robert Redford’s The Company You Keep. After the man punching LaBeouf is chased off by others, the actor appears to want to go after him but is stopped. If you watch until the end of the sneakily shot video, you get to see a man who appears to come out of nowhere asking LaBeouf if he can hug him. That’s something that would happen in a movie about a movie star who keeps getting into brawls. You can watch the video here. LaBeouf’s publicist declined to comment to EW about the incident.

And what if care more about LaBeouf’s career? READ FULL STORY

'Abduction': Hilariously bad movie makes for fun moviegoing experience. It's the new 'Swimfan'!

There’s so much about Abduction, the new Taylor Lautner thriller, that’s appalling, fascinating, and unintentionally hilarious. Abduction is a pretty bad movie, but after my showing — set in a theater about half full (I’m being optimistic!) — pretty much everyone left in a good mood. In fact, I’d even recommend the film to most of my friends. It was bad in such a blatant way that it didn’t feel insulting, and it certainly wasn’t boring. After half an hour, I stopped paying close attention the plot, because it made no sense whatsoever and was riddled with holes, but the many jaw-droppingly awkward moments drew delighted ridicule from the audience. For all the wrong reasons, Abduction is sparkling entertainment. I’ll throw up a SPOILER ALERT here, but honestly, it doesn’t matter if I give anything away any major twists — you’ll be surprised by plenty regardless. READ FULL STORY

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