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'The Walking Dead' stars and more share their best Halloween costume stories


Still need some inspiration for this year’s Halloween costume—or want to commiserate about that costume you can’t believe you once wore? Watch the video below. We asked celebs visiting EW‘s video studio to reminisce about their greatest Halloween hits and biggest misses.

In order of appearance: Seth Green, Let’s Make a Deal‘s Wayne Brady, George Takei,  Saturday Night Live‘s Jay Pharoah, Cristela‘s Cristela Alonzo, The Walking Dead‘s Alanna Masterson, Constantine‘s Matt Ryan, TWD‘s Josh McDermitt, TWD‘s Michael Cudlitz, TWD‘s Chad Coleman, Teen Wolf‘s Holland Roden, Bones‘ Tamara Taylor, Gene Simmons, Under the Dome‘s Rachelle Lefevre, and Marry Me‘s Dan Bucatinsky.

A tease: Someone got bit by a dog, someone dressed as Crystal the Monkey, and someone needs your help getting a message to Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. READ FULL STORY

Video: 'Under the Dome' star Rachelle Lefevre kindly stalked Bradley Whitford


Under the Dome returns June 30 for a second season, and Julia (Rachelle Lefevre) will have her hands full with a potential love triangle—enter mystery man Sam (new series regular Eddie Cahill)—and a dome that viewers will get to know even better. “As ever-present as the dome was last season, it’s almost more like a character this season,” she says. “It’s more of a sentient being—people feel like they’re connected to it, and it starts to control the atmosphere and the environment.”

We got to know Lefevre better when she stopped by EW to take our Pop Culture Personality Test. Find out which film she regrets seeing with her father, what movie she snuck into with her mother, which book she lied about having read in high school, and how she got her hands on a signed Bradley Whitford photo. READ FULL STORY

'Under the Dome' Season Finale DomeWatch: One Dome, Two Domes, White Dome, Black Dome


In the immortal words of Charles Dickens: “It is a far, far better Dome that I do than I have ever Domed; it is a far, far better Dome that I go to than I have ever Domed.” Truer words? Never Domed. Last night saw the finale of the first season of Under the Dome, the most popular new series of the summer among both human beings and Domes pretending to be human beings. A good season finale can rescue a bad season. Whatever happened last night was not a good season finale. A summer of incoherent plotting ended incoherently. There was, however, some minor clarity about the mystery of the Dome — it’s almost certainly created by aliens, unless it’s created by people from the future and/or cyborg angels. The episode ended on a cliffhanger that made no sense whatsoever. But hey, it’ll be back for another season in 2014 — plenty of time to work out the kinks. Meantime, let’s run down the most important things that happened on the Under the Dome season finale:

The Monarch Butterfly hatched from the chrysalis. It was flying around the inside of the Mini-Dome. Every time it hit the side, a terrible blackness would spread. In turn, blackness spread across the Big Dome. “Maybe it’s some kind of warning!” said the kids. Sheriff Linda, unimpressed, touched the Mini-Dome and got blown across the room. Sheriff Linda is really just not a very good cop, let’s be honest. READ FULL STORY

'Under the Dome' DomeWatch: 'Any idea where that egg thing is?'

So everything happened on last night’s episode of Under the Dome. There were call backs to the pilot, and one character died, and one character who initially seemed like a main character but then disappeared suddenly reappeared, and someone outside of the Dome kept on saying incredibly helpful expository dialogue into the radio — things like “Hey guys, where’s Dale Barbara? He’s a really important character!” and “That fellow Big Jim Rennie killed someone! I sure hope he’s not listening to this broadcast right now.”

It was an hour that was heavy on plot and light on Dome…at least until the Mini-Dome started doing its best imitation of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music and glowing orange. Let’s run down the ten most important things that happened under Under the Dome‘s Dome this week. READ FULL STORY

Character Rehab: Everyone on 'Under the Dome'

Here at EW, we have a weekly series in which we — and readers — weigh in on ways to rehab much-maligned characters on some of our favorite shows.

Under the Dome is one of the biggest success stories of the summer 2013 TV mini-season. Adapted from the Stephen King novel about a small town cut off from the outside world, Dome earns great ratings in its Monday time slot. It was renewed for a second season and seems destined to become a fixture on the CBS summer calendar. And there is a lot to like about Dome. The first episode introduced a whole array of interesting characters with mysterious backstories, all brought together by the mysterious Dome. Unfortunately, every episode since the pilot has made all of those interesting characters vastly less interesting.

'Under the Dome' Domewatch: Angry Domes

Don’t make Dome angry. You wouldn’t like Dome when he’s angry. Because the madder Dome gets, the stronger Dome gets. That was the implicit message of last night’s Under the Dome, which saw your friendly neighborhood Dome conjure up a cyclone of terror when the citizens of Chester’s Mill stopped following the Dome’s orders. I’m beginning to suspect that the Dome’s main problem is that it just wants to be loved, but it can’t express itself properly. It was raised in a dysfunctional household, with an emotionally distant Papa Dome and a Mama Dome who started the day off with a screwdriver and a couple grams of Percocet. The Dome never learned how to communicate properly, which is why it only talks to the citizens of Chester’s Mill using hallucination phantoms and bizarre epigrams. Still, on last night’s episode, the Dome managed to give a pretty clear picture of what it wanted: Blood. Forthwith, the five most important things the Dome did on last night’s Under the Dome:

1. The Wind Done Gone: Junior decided he wanted out of the Pink Stars Alliance because Angie wouldn’t get back together with him. She’s still so upset about that whole kidnapped-you-and-kept-you-locked-up-in-a-subterranean-bunker. Yeesh, women, amiright? Anyhow, Junior leaving immediately caused the Dome to conjure up a gigantic storm. But then Junior said he would come back, and the storm stopped. READ FULL STORY

'Under the Dome' Domewatch: The Mini-Dome has a pet!

Hello again, Dome obsessives! It’s me again, your fellow human being who enjoys watching TV-vision and is definitely not a Dome. Last night’s episode of Under the Dome continued last week’s trend towards world-building and mythology-dumping, with basically every secret being revealed and a trip to Bird Island, a pleasant little village which is on the exterior of Chester’s Mill but which is unfortunately on the interior of your favorite Dome! Let’s run down the ten most important things that happened last night: READ FULL STORY

'Under the Dome' DomeWatch: 'Stop talking to me, Dome!'

Hello fellow Domesters! It’s me again, your number one top DomeWatcher, a genuine human being who is definitely not just a Dome in disguise. Last night’s episode of Under the Dome was filled with a hefty dose of deep-dive mythology. Angie finally proved that she’s good for something besides being held captive and wearing shirts intended for second graders. The most attractive meatbag had a hot new theory about the Dome, which I’ll refer to as the “Planetarium” theory. You ever hear that old joke about the Planetarium? Me neither! Dome! And on that note, it’s time for my favorite part of the week: The Five Best Domes on this week’s episode of Under the Dome. READ FULL STORY

'Under the Dome' Domewatch: Trapped inside of the Snowdome

Hello again, Dome fans! More domes than ever on Under the Dome this week, thanks to Angie’s heretofore-unrevealed passion for snowglobes and yet another trip to the smaller Dome, which has been nicknamed “The Mini-Dome” by Joe. Early in the episode, Julia mused on the curious coincidence that a woman named Alice died right as a baby named Alice was born. She said, “Circle of Life.” Don’t you mean DOME of life? Let’s run down the list of this week’s Most Valuable Domes: READ FULL STORY

'Under the Dome' Domewatch: They put a Dome inside the Dome

Last night’s episode of Under the Dome marked the precise midpoint of the summer breakout’s freshman season. This means that, according to the basic rules of serialized sci-fi drama, there had to be some minor revelations, or at least answers that only lead to more questions, like a dream within a dream or a dome within a dome. Executive producer Brian K. Vaughan has talked frequently about the influence of Lost on the show — an influence which he earned more than most people because, well, he wrote for Lost — and in the TV schema, this episode ties in nicely with “All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues,” the episode in the geographic center of Lost‘s first season, wherein Locke and Boone took a stroll in the woods and discovered the Hatch. Last night, two Dome characters took a similar stroll in the woods…and found another mysterious thing that seems guaranteed to dominate the back half of this season. Forthwith, the three most important things that happened on last night’s Dome: READ FULL STORY

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