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Ubisoft responds to alleged leak of next 'Assassin's Creed' game


Less than a month after the release of two Assassin’s Creed games, 2015’s entry in Ubisoft’s franchise may already have been revealed.


Adam Pally talks 'Shape Up' exercise routine: 'One bagel at a time'


Adam Pally hasn’t been known for playing the most fitness-obsessed characters, but the actor partnered with Ubisoft for Shape Up, a game that lets players exercise from the comfort of their own home using the Xbox One’s Kinect camera.

That promise excited Pally enough to partner with Ubisoft for a video campaign for the game. Pally spoke to EW about his work with Shape Up, his other projects, and his own unique, and at times dangerous history with exercise.


Press Pause: How one game's success proved players are tired of bugs


Press Pause is a weekly column that takes a look at the biggest releases and news in the video game industry.

The old adage that consumers should vote with their wallets seems to finally be sticking with video game players.

November is often a busy month for releases; publishers pack it with games they hope will be big holiday sellers and receive plenty of critical praise. More than 15 major releases debuted between Nov. 11 and Nov. 18 this year alone—enough to last any gamer not just the month, but probably an entire year or two.

But a strange thing happened over the weekend: A re-release of a 2008 Japanese role-playing game became the highest-selling game on Steam, gaming’s most widely-used digital distribution network. Though not even the game’s publisher anticipated such a reception, it’s emblematic of how ridiculous the year-end rush has become.


Press Pause: Why 'Assassin's Creed' needs a narrative refresh


While strolling along the rooftops of Paris in Assassin’s Creed Unity, a strange thing happened. My roommate, whose video game life in our apartment began and ended with a two-week Kim Kardashian: Hollywood binge, watched me play the game for a few minutes.

So I hopped along from roof to sign post and up the side of a church, and she began to ask me a few questions about the game. Where was I? French Revolution-era Paris, I responded. Am I an assassin or fighting assassins? I am the one who assassinates, to lift Walter White’s phrasing. What is my character in such a rush to do?

And I had to pause. Do I explain the mythology uniting the franchise about a centuries-long battle, the frame story about a company called Abstergo that uses genetics to explore the past for nefarious purposes, or the tale of protagonist Arno during the French revolution?

I simply told her, “He’s just going to assassinate some guy.”

The story of Assassin’s Creed is anything but that simple, however, and the struggles of holding to such a convoluted mythos are beginning to wear thin.


New trailer highlights what's new in 'Assassin's Creed Unity'


Assassin’s Creed Unity, one of two games in the Creed franchise being released on Nov. 11, is looking to introduce a host of new ideas to the series while also bringing the game back to its assassinating roots. A conflicting set of goals? Well, it kind of is, but Ubisoft has stepped in to explain the upcoming additions to the Creed universe.


Civil war breaks out in 'Far Cry 4' story trailer


If Far Cry 4‘s new trailer is any indication, be thankful you can never take a vacation to the fictional nation of Kyrat.


Become a time-hopping assassin in new 'Assassin's Creed Unity' trailer

Every Assassin’s Creed title has sent players to a different time period, but usually each iteration stayed put in a single historical era. Never has an assassin jumped from one period to another, though that looks to be changing in Assassin’s Creed Unity.


Childish Gambino collaborates with Ubisoft for 'Far Cry 4' trailer


Looking at the mountains of the fictional Himalayan city of Kyrat in Far Cry 4, players may not immediately imagine a hip hop soundtrack to set the scene. But that dissonance hasn’t stopped Ubisoft from recruiting Donald Glover as his rapping alter ego Childish Gambino to lend his talents to the game’s new trailer.


Bomb squad called when video game PR stunt goes wrong


New open-world action game Watch Dogs has the distinction of being the fastest-selling game in Ubisoft’s history. It’s also likely to be the video game publisher’s only title to be associated with a real-life bomb scare.

In a creative, yet ill-advised attempt to drum up publicity for the game, released Tuesday, Ubisoft sent promotional copies to select media outlets. A reporter at one of those companies, Australian online publication Ninemsn, received a suspicious package on Wednesday — a black safe with a blacked-out note asking the recipient to “check their voicemail.”

According to Ninemsn’s account of the events, the reporter doesn’t use voicemail, but had received a hang-up call from an unfamiliar number the day before. When the editorial staff attempted to open the safe, it began beeping. Calls were placed to other newsrooms to see if they had received similar packages; they hadn’t, and the cops were called.

The floor where the package was sent was evacuated and the staff sent home. A police rescue unit scanned the safe, took it to the basement, and forced it open, revealing a copy of Watch Dogs inside. READ FULL STORY

The most exciting games at E3 2013...and everything that might be wrong with them

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) marked an exciting moment for the videogame industry. New consoles. New blockbuster titles. Long-awaited sequels. What follows is a list of the 15 most exciting games I saw this year. I got hands-on time with most of them, but it’s important to remember that playing videogames at E3 is not the same as actually playing the videogames. At E3, you’re staring at the most expensive TV screens corporate money can buy, while various company reps urge you on and assure you that you’re much better at the game than all of the other journalists they’ve seen that day. (One developer assured me I was doing great after I died for the fifth time in two minutes.) With that in mind, each of these games comes with an addendum: What could go wrong between now and when the game is actually released?

15. Killzone: Shadow Fall
The franchise about futuristic space dudes with futuristic space guns gets a next-gen makeover. I’ve never been a Killzone fan. In fact, I couldn’t pick out the first three games from a lineup of futuristic-space-gun shooters. But the level I played through offered a fascinating array of possible tactical decisions. Also, this was The Year of the Ziplines at E3, and Shadow Fall lets you fire a zipline anywhere you want. (Playstation 4, End of 2013)
What Could Go Wrong: The title Killzone: Shadow Fall sounds like a straightfaced parody of a contemporary futuristic-space-gun videogame, and what little I could glean of the plot sounded like boilerplate from the post-Gears of War era.

14. Mariokart 8
After many months of hype and rumors, Nintendo’s biggest franchises were mostly no-shows at this year’s E3 — unless you consider an HD remake of an old Zelda game a new development (it isn’t) or you think Super Mario 3D Land is even close to Super Mario Galaxy (it ain’t.) But the new Mariokart offers some intriguing twists on the two-decade-old formula, with the ability to drive on walls. Also, the levels are so pretty in HD. (Wii U, Spring 2014).
What Could Go Wrong: It’s the same old Mariokart, except this time it’s on a console you still don’t feel like buying.

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