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Twitter takes creepy 'Paddington Bear' still and makes it creepier

Note — we couldn’t resist climbing onto the #creepypaddington bandwagon, so we’ve added some Paddingtons of our own.

You know Paddington as a sweet, cuddly, duffle-coat-clad bear who spends his time eating marmalade sandwiches and being adorable. But when a still from a new Paddington Bear film appeared online Tuesday, Twitter users saw a whole new side of the beast.

Enter #creepypaddington, the best image mash-up game since sad Kanye. Twitter users put the affable bear into horror scenes and spectacles, somehow managing to make him even more creepy. See our favorites below. (Warning: gore; bears.) READ FULL STORY

Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold's drawn-out Twitter spat: Here's how it went down

Ah, social media — how did we ever stalk our exes without it?

Of course, checking in on a former love carries big risks — as Roseanne Barr discovered a few days ago, when someone informed her that her ex-husband Tom Arnold had recently tweeted about getting rid of some old wedding videos.

Though Barr and Arnold divorced nearly 20 years ago — and both have been married at least once since — there still seem to be some raw feelings between them. So when Barr responded to Arnold’s message with a tart tweet of her own, he replied in kind, leading to a drawn-out sparring match filled with spiteful accusations (“You sold my grandmother’s sewing machine”), dismissive condescension (“Yes mother dear”), and outright hostile insults (“For christ sakes. I remember when you used to be a comedian”).

Don’t worry, though — it all ends on a positive note, with Roseanne congratulating Tom on the recent birth of his son Jax, and even doing the kid’s star charts, or something. Good; to paraphrase comedian Morgan Murphy, I hate it when Mom and Dad fight.


Royal baby begets a royal flood of tweets: Read our favorites so far

It’s a boy! More importantly — it’s a meme!

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, welcomed a baby boy this afternoon — and naturally, Twitter hasn’t been able to shut up about it since. Don’t feel like wading through a sea of groaners to find the gems? Don’t worry — we’ve done all the work for you.

From the Department of General Jokes:


'Bachelorette': One viewer gets tweet revenge

Though it’s pretty much irrefutable that Desiree and the suitors’ horrific rap video was the most embarrassing part of last night’s Bachelorette, ABC’s decision to flash live tweets at the bottom of the televised broadcast didn’t sit very well with some fans either. READ FULL STORY

Stephen Colbert sets up Twitter account for Bill Clinton, has former prez dictate very first tweet

Tonight’s Colbert Report featured a suave, handsome icon beloved by millions for his political leadership and activism… as well as William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States.

Though the conversation between Clinton and Colbert — filmed at this year’s Clinton Global Initiative University, an annual meeting for college students and youth organizations — was certainly entertaining, it was also fairly predictable. Clinton was chatty and charming as always, while Colbert kept struggling valiantly not to be taken in by his guest’s charisma.

Near the end of the talk, though, Colbert had an actual surprise for Clinton: He had taken the liberty of setting up a brand-new Twitter account for the former president, who generally steers clear of social media. And while most of the monikers Colbert tried to snag were already taken, “@PrezBillyJeff” just happened to be free. (Who woulda thunk it?) Clinton, ever the good sport, proceeded to dictate his first-ever tweet to Colbert from the stage; you’ll find that special message below. READ FULL STORY

Twitter celebrates 7th birthday with a 'greatest hits' highlight reel -- VIDEO

On March 21, 2006, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey sent the microblogging site’s very first tweet: “just setting up my twttr.” (The “i” and the “e” would come in time.)

Seven years later, it’s tough to imagine a world without hashtags, @-replies, and the Fail Whale — not to mention the major news events in which Twitter has played a vital role, from the Arab Spring to the downfall of Congressman Anthony Weiner. The site charts several of those highlights in this charming anniversary video, which starts with Twitter’s humble beginnings as a sketch on a legal pad and ends with the future, a.k.a. Vine. US Airways Flight 1549, Barack Obama, and even Oprah (“HI TWITTERS”) pop up along the way as well.


Damon Lindelof goes on hours-long Twitter spree about Justin Bieber's hat

Justin Bieber wore a yellow hat with spikes out in public this week. That is the only background you need to enjoy Damon Lindelof’s hours-long Twitter one-liner spree. (Warning: NSFW language to follow):


Chad Lowe liked Lena Dunham's Golden Globes shout-out as much as you did

The funniest thing about Lena Dunham thanking Chad Lowe during her second Golden Globes acceptance speech last night? The people in Dunham’s demographic — 26 and younger — probably had no idea why she was giving a shout-out to Chris Traeger‘s brother.

Awards buffs, of course, know that Dunham was making a reference to Hilary Swank’s Best Actress acceptance speech at the 2000 Oscars. After receiving her award, the Boys Don’t Cry star neglected to thank her then-husband Lowe — even as the ceremony’s camerapeople kept cutting to a teary Chad sitting in the audience. Swank and Lowe eventually got divorced, though not until seven years had passed (and Swank had snagged another Best Actress statuette. That time, Lowe was one of the first people she thanked).

What those same buffs may not know, though, is that Dunham actually pledged to thank Lowe if she ever won an award way back in August.  READ FULL STORY

'Modern Seinfeld' Twitter account imagines Jerry and co. in the digital age

It’s a show about nothing… and the Internet!

Our new favorite Twitter feed is Modern Seinfeld, an account that posts loglines for imaginary, 21st century-appropriate episodes of the classic Must-See TV sitcom. The joke works because it’s not just a matter of name-dropping Reddit and Grindr — whoever runs this feed clearly knows a lot about the show, and uses that knowledge to perfectly match each of Seinfeld‘s core four with the modern phenomena that would fascinate and vex them. (Of course George would go nuts “trying to decipher the fact that a pretty woman ‘liked’ his Facebook status.”) Take note, budding young Larry Davids: This is what your pilot should look like.

Though it first tweeted only about 19 hours ago, Modern Seinfeld has already racked up over 13,000 followers as of this post’s publication. Here are a few of the feed’s best tweets:


Anderson Cooper finds time to shut down Twitter critics even when embedded in Gaza

Anderson Cooper has had it up to here with random Twitter users questioning his reporting and accusing him of being biased. Though CNN’s silveriest fox is currently dodging bombs in explosion-ravaged Gaza, he’s still finding time to write sassy replies to those who have been tweeting criticisms at him — users like self-professed “social butterfly” and “chocololic” Pamela Weiss, who asked Cooper why he hasn’t been “report[ing] facts” about “the rockets being fired FROM Gaza?!?”:


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