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'New Girl' season finale: Always a Bridesmaid!

It’s closing time, Newbies. Hard to believe 25 episodes have come and gone this quickly. But as a wise man once said, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” What that means for Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston, Cece, Schivrang, and… Taylor Swift? Well, you’ll just have to click through. Fair warning for everyone who hasn’t seen tonight’s episode: Stop now because there are SPOILERS AHEAD! READ FULL STORY

'Once Upon a Time' finale: Wait, [SPOILER] is the Big Bad?!

[Warning: Do not read if you haven't seen tonight's Once Upon a Time finale yet. Do we have a deal?]


'Community' season (series?) finale two-way react: Choose your own timeline

As season 4 wraps up, Community fans are left in limbo, wondering whether or not we’ll get to see more of our favorite study group.

Granted, we’re used to this kind of treatment, although this season the cries for #sixseasonsandamovie are not as loud. Perhaps you are of the opinion that it’s best to leave the show where it is, and remember the somewhat less uneven days of seasons past. Or, maybe you’re willing to stay with the show another season to see if it will get its sea legs.

In order to appease both parties, tonight’s finale react will be told from two different timelines — the perspective on light and dark is up to you. READ FULL STORY

'Two and a Half Men' season finale: A quiet defense of a decently bad show

I’ve never liked Two and a Half Men, but I’ve never hated it. Among the elitist TV blogerati, the show has become a defining example of ridiculously popular claptrap: A show built on a thin all-there-in-the-title premise which has been reheating more or less the same jokes for a decade of high ratings. But watching the finale of the show’s tenth season, I found myself admiring certain elements of the Chuck Lorre man-com. I can’t think of too many shows on TV which could survive the departure of its most interesting character, but Two and a Half Men replaced Charlie Sheen (who, say what you will, has charisma) with Ashton Kutcher (who, say what you will, does not), and it keeps on chugging along. READ FULL STORY

Four things to know before the 'Vikings' season finale

Vikings concludes its first season on History tonight at 10 PM and has packed a whole lot of Norse adventure-drama into just a handful of episodes. So far, we’ve followed our hero, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), as he’s successfully raided England, overthrown Earl Haraldson (Gabriel Byrne), and protected his family from a constant stream of threats and intrigue.

There’s a whole lot of story to resolve in tonight’s season finale, so catch up on the four big things you need to know before you watch below.


'Dallas' reveals J.R.'s killer

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched Dallas’ season finale and intend to, stop reading now. If you just want to know who killed J.R. Ewing, continue… READ FULL STORY

'The Voice' season 3 finale: Who will win? UPDATED

In the meantime, though, we’ll enjoy a night of star-studded duets — word on the street is that Cassadee Pope will sing a number with her soundalike idol Avril Lavigne, while Terry McDermott will do a tune with British rocker Peter Frampton and Nicholas David will meet his match in the iconic Smokey Robinson — and big-name performances by the likes of Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, and the Killers. Hopefully, a full hour will also be devoted to Voice Confessionals and dispatches from Christina Milian in the Sprint Skybox™.

So come, Voice fans, and unleash your finale thoughts below. I’ll update the post once a winner has been crowned — and don’t forget to check back even later for a full recap of the whole shebang.


5 things we'd like to see in tonight's 'Newsroom' finale

Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Sorkinite or a scoffing hater, one thing’s for certain: You have a strong opinion about The Newsroom. It’s impossible to let this series play in the background as you fill in a crossword puzzle or cook dinner; The Newsroom demands attention and engagement, even if that engagement comes in the form of snarky tweets or incredulous blog posts.

And regardless of how you feel about Aaron Sorkin’s creation, you have to admit that its ability to provoke a reaction is impressive. That’s why even haters couldn’t help feeling pleased when they — okay, fine, we — saw that The Newsroom will return for a second season. Sorkin clearly has a complicated relationship with both his viewers and his critics, and it’ll be fascinating to see what effect, if any, their comments have on News Night 2.0 2.0. (News Night 4.0?)

Of course, none of these comments could have had any effect on The Newsroom‘s finale, which airs tonight at 10pm ET; the show’s first 10 episodes were in the can long before critics had a chance to sink their teeth in. Still, I can’t help but hope that the episode, ominously titled “The Greater Fool,” incorporates a few elements from my finale wish list. Here’s what I’d love to see:


'Mad Men': What did you think of the season finale?

(UPDATE: Adam B. Vary’s recap is live!) It’s been an understandable complaint issued by even some of Mad Men‘s most ardent fans (including EW’s Ken Tucker) that the last few episodes of season 5 have traded subtle character shifts for sledgehammer shocks. Not to mention that every new installment threatened to spin its plot threads a little bit more obviously around a central unifying theme. So you would have guessed that the finale, titled “The Phantom,” would have saved the most jarring reveals for the end. But not so! By my reckoning at least, ‘The Phantom” was a welcome return — maybe even a payoff – to season 5′s early potential as a prismatic character study and not an inventory of “shocking twists.”


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