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'Community' react: Bon Troyage

Well, we all knew this was going to happen. The writing’s been on the wall for a while now, even if we didn’t want to read it. That’s right, sad as it is, it’s finally Troy’s last d—

But wait, the floor is lava! To put off the pain of saying goodbye to his best friend, Abed turns this week’s episode, “Geothermal Escapism,” into a schoolwide game of hot lava, with a prize worth $50,000 reserved for the winner. And thus commences Community‘s Water Lava World, a bleak, post-apocalyptic landscape where Mad Maxian gangs roam the halls — the Chair Walkers, Chang and his Locker Boyz (I’m assuming it’s with a z), the Floor Striders (who once had a truce with the Locker Boyz), the citizens of Shirley Island, Prof. Hickey — and everyone is one misstep away from lava death.

It’s a fun game for sure, and a fitting way to send off Troy, whose tenure at Greendale has included epically scaled activities such as zombie attacks, blanket forts, and, of course, paintball matches. But to Abed, it’s no game at all. The floor really is lava to him, because his mind can’t handle the pain of Troy’s imminent departure, and what was once a nifty diversion transforms into a touching goodbye between two best friends. READ FULL STORY

TV Recap: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' 'New Girl,' and 'Trophy Wife' -- VIDEO

Did you miss Tuesday night’s episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, or Trophy Wife? Catch up with our recap videos, below! READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' recap: Pain & Cain

A fact about most Supernatural fans: We love the Winchester Bros. most when they’re together, fighting baddies side-by-side. That’s their natural state and a magical formula for instant awesome. A fact about this Supernatural fan? I usually try not to throw around my praise like dollar bills in a ’90s rap video. But in this case, I have to make it rain: Tonight’s episode — which found Sam and Dean pursuing their own paths following a Brother Break-up at the end of the last new episode — was one of the best episodes of the season so far. And I’m saying that as someone who has really enjoyed the season thus far. But when you have an episode that shows Dean Winchester kicking some major demon ass, Castiel making a simple PB&J sandwich a metaphor for life, the introduction of Cain (of freaking Cain and Abel), and Sam learning a valuable lesson about himself after having a needle jammed in his neck — well, what can you give that other than high praises?

But I’ve gotten ahead of myself. I’ll start at the beginning… READ FULL STORY

'New Girl' recap: 'See You in Hell, Boomer!'

Now this is the episode that should have been positioned as the fall finale, don’t you think, Newbies? It had everything — a touching happy ending, misunderstandings and shenanigans, a glimpse of reconciliation between Cece and Schmidt, Ben Falcone (!), genuine Nick Miller chivalry (followed by the most passionate Nick-Jess smooch we’ve seen in months), something for Winston and Coach to do that resulted in actual character development, and Tran! “Birthday” was New Girl at its most elemental, easily ascending to best-of-season status. I might even put it as one of the top five episodes of the whole series. Agree or disagree?

With the Prince-centric post-Super Bowl episode queued up (next Tuesday’s ep is pre-empted by President Obama’s State of the Union address), I’m actually hopeful that my wild-eyed optimism in the preamble to “Clavado En Un Bar” might not have been that far afield. (And, speaking of fields, what could have possibly inspired Lamorne “Winston” Morris to neigh like a horse during this teaser interview about the next few eps? Hint: It’s kinda dirty.) So let’s not waste another minute before getting into it, Newbies!  READ FULL STORY

TV Recap: 'The Bachelor,' 'How I Met Your Mother,' 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' -VIDEO

Did you miss the Jan. 20 episodes of The Bachelor, How I Met Your Mother, or The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Catch up with our recap videos below! READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother' recap: [spoiler] revealed!

Last week, Craig Thomas told me that we’d learn the names of Ted’s children in Monday’s episode, and as promised, the mystery was solved! The twist? That’s not the only big reveal in “Unpause.”

And we have an extremely drunk Barney to thank for that…


TV Recap: 'American Idol,' 'Community,' and 'Parks and Recreation'

Did you miss the Jan. 16 episodes of American Idol, Community or Parks and Recreation? Catch up with our TV Recap below! READ FULL STORY

TV Recap: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' 'Cougar Town,' and 'The Goldbergs' -- VIDEO

Did you miss Tuesday night’s episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Cougar Town, or The Goldbergs? Catch up with our recap video below! READ FULL STORY

'NCIS' recap: Telling the truth

Last week’s NCIS left a lot of questions unanswered, particularly about the fate of McGee’s injured girlfriend Delilah, who was in rough condition after a bomb was detonated at a gala. This week, we got some resolution — and it was more tragic than I’d anticipated.

But let me start a the top of the episode… READ FULL STORY

'New Girl' recap: Sex Stand-Off

It’s interesting that this week was all about scoring because New Girl needs a win just about as bad as Coach’s beloved Pistons. Did it get one? Well, let’s just say this week probably could have used more overtime. To mix metaphors à la Schmidt, the show stuck the landing — which saw Jess and Nick in sports jerseys that symbolized compromise — but the episode overall left me wondering, Did I really need to go through all that just for thisI guess any game, or relationship, sees phases of exciting conflict followed by plenty o’ same-old-same-old… unfortunately, the relationship in which we’re truly invested (Jess and Nick) is mostly static for the time being, while the attempt to create conflict occurred between Jess and… Coach? Let me explain. READ FULL STORY

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