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'Supernatural' recap: Abaddon is Aba-done

A war is brewing. Crowley is on the loose. Dean’s going nuts. And Sam’s hair is as luscious as ever. Yup, it’s almost time for a Supernatural season finale!

With two episodes left, though, our ride to what’s sure to be a crazy season ender took a sharp turn in Tuesday night’s episode — thanks to the death of major baddie Abaddon, who said hello to the pointy end of Cain’s blade after trying to lure the Winchesters into a trap. READ FULL STORY

'New Girl' season 3 finale recap: Did Nick and Jess 'Cruise' the Sea of Love?

If you haven’t seen New Girl‘s season 3 finale yet, SPOILER ALERT! Stop reading now. If you have, click through for the full recap, and don’t forget to check out what Zooey Deschanel, Lamorne Morris, and EP Dave Finkel had to say about “Cruise.” READ FULL STORY

'Reign' recap: Bromance on the battlefield, romance at the castle

Can we talk about Julien for a moment? He’s like this show’s little Henry Cavill, and I’m so in love with him. Yes, he’s super hot — hence the Cavill comparison — but he’s also so sweet and sincere. Now that Henry’s gone crazy, I think Julien would have to be the Reign man I’d want to marry, followed closely by Leith, obviously. But enough about me, let’s talk about royal stuff! READ FULL STORY

'Arrow' recap: Orange is the new black

And here we go.

After last week’s shocking episode, Slade Wilson has only just begun to take down Starling, and this week was all about his minions and their leader, Sebastian Blood. Also, tears. This week was all about the tears (both the characters’ and my own). Let’s do this! READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' spin-off: What did you think of 'Bloodlines'? -- POLL

The anticipation leading up to Supernatural: Bloodlines was undeniable. With the mothership show heading into its tenth season next year, the idea that a new era could be on the horizon was an exciting prospect for fans of the fleshed-out world of Supernatural.

So how’d this backdoor pilot fare? If I’m being honest, the episode was very much not a normal episode of the show we watch every week together. (SPNBFFs4EVER…or something less awkward.) So instead of your regular, more in-depth recap, which will return next week, here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know: READ FULL STORY

'New Girl' recap: 'Dance' like nobody's watching

Did the latest New Girl feel like the penultimate episode of a season? Nope. Did I enjoy it? Absolutely. I’ve gotten some heat (not of the Winston variety) this year for being a demanding recapper. Apparently wanting forward momentum from a sitcom is too much to ask. Well, “Dance” didn’t really advance the plot, but I still found it charming. It had solid one-liners and independent, yet appropriate antics for each character. All that plus a song about eatin’ ‘nanas in the dark and plenty of dance-ready tunes. That’s enough for me! But was it enough for you? Read on… READ FULL STORY

'The Originals' recap: Heeeere's Mikael!

Mikael Mikaelson. Believe it or not, that man’s name is not my favorite thing about him. Honestly, I would watch a Mikael Mikaelson spin-off in which he just walked around threatening people all day. That’s how much I love him. And I have to say, Mikael’s greatness aside, I thought this episode was an improvement from the last few weeks. This show is back on its game, and hopefully that’s a sign of things to come in the final two episodes. Also, ELIJAH AND HAYLEY FINALLY KISSED, so you know we’re going to talk about that! Let’s dig in! READ FULL STORY

'Reign' recap: Brrr, it's cold in here

Another week of Reign, another week that I’m incredibly grateful that I’m a twenty-something who lives in 2014 and doesn’t have to worry about an entire country when picking out a male suitor. And notice I said “suitor” and not “husband,” because like I said, it’s 2014 people, and I love it! You know what else I love? Watching a television show about 15 year olds who have to marry each other and balance falling in love with having children, civic duty, protecting a nation and so much more. So before I go on another rant of sorts, let’s talk about what just happened! READ FULL STORY

'Arrow' recap: Mama knows best

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the April 23 episode of Arrow, stop reading now! Seriously. Stop. You’ll regret it. Don’t even glance down a little bit. I mean it.

Wow. Just wow. For some reason, it never occurred to me that Slade would re-enact Ollie’s island choice with Thea and Moira, but it made perfect sense. That being said, his decision to do it with the world’s biggest sword — that appeared as if from nowhere — was interesting, but that doesn’t matter right now. No matter how it happened, Moira is dead, and I’m heartbroken. She sacrificed herself for her children, and my heart is still pounding. Before it stops beating altogether, let’s rehash what just happened: READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' recap: Killing things that need killing

On a normal day, the Winchesters would take the case of a girl who was abducted and imprisoned by a family of vampires pretty seriously. “Save the girl!” and all that jazz. But the case featured on Tuesday night’s episode was anything but straightforward.

Why? Because the girl at the center of the case was almost as bloodthirsty as the nest with which she’d spent the last few years. READ FULL STORY

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