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A sequel to 'TRON: Legacy' is in development. Is this a good idea?

The following is a conversation between EW staffers Adam B. Vary and Darren Franich about the potential for a TRON sequel. 

ADAM B. VARY: DARREN! Being as you’re already on the record with your feelings about a sequel to TRON: Legacy, I wanted to check back in with you given the news that an actual sequel to TRON: Legacy looks like it’s gaining traction at Disney. A new screenwriter’s been hired, and director Joseph Kosinski is attached to helm again — but are you still excited by the idea of returning to The Grid?

DARREN FRANICH: I wanna make something clear off the bat, Adam: I am right now listening to Daft Punk’s TRON: Legacy soundtrack for maybe the 5,000th time. So yes, I am excited about the idea of a new movie. Legacy had problems — Jeff Bridges, God love him, gave two bad performances in the same movie — but I got the vibe that it could be a warm-up for something great, a la Spider-Man 1 leading into Spider-Man 2.

ADAM: [Fires up TRON: Legacy soundtrack on phone.] Ah, Daft Punk. Every time I hear that score, I keep thinking, “Man, whatever movie this is for has gotta be mind-melting.” And then I catch 10 minutes of TRON: Legacy on pay cable, and my mind remains stubbornly non-melty. Which is my way of saying, any new TRON movie has got to use Daft Punk again. Obviously.  READ FULL STORY

What 'Star Wars: Episode VII' could learn from 'Star Trek,' 'Mission: Impossible,' and... 'Blues Brothers 2000'?

If all goes as planned, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill will reunite on the silver screen in 2015 for Star Wars: Episode VII, a movie set in the hours, days, years, decades or eons after Darth Vader’s torchlight funeral near the piney stomping grounds of the Ewoks. But when they reach the set next year, the actors will be 30 years removed from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. A new generation of heroes and villains will clearly be needed to move the franchise on to Episode VIII and beyond, but how to accomplish that?

We’ve zeroed in on 10 movies that found themselves dealing with a similar generational predicament, and how their respective approaches could inform the future of the Star Wars saga.

'TRON 3': How to make it better than 'TRON: Legacy'

When TRON: Legacy hits Blu-Ray early next month, it will arrive with a ten-minute long bonus video which teases a potential TRON threequel. The video has hit the Internet, and it’s mostly a feast for mythology-heads, taking the form of a pseudo-documentary which traces the fall of ENCOM, the rise of a Banksy-esque band of rebel hackers, and a cameo appearance by one of the cast members of the original TRON. (Check out the full video below.) The teaser, titled “The Next Day,” is definitely intended as a soft set-up for TRON 3.0.

Now, Legacy wasn’t exactly the box office bonanza that Disney was expecting, but it did well enough to possibly justify a sequel. From a qualitative standpoint, the movie was far from perfect — EW’s Owen Gleiberman gave the film a B — but to me, that’s an opportunity. READ FULL STORY

Great Music, Bad Movie: What soundtracks rise above their films?

daft-punk-pressImage Credit: Kevin LynchTRON: Legacy left me feeling pretty underwhelmed when I saw it opening night in December. (I wasn’t alone: EW’s Owen Gleiberman gave the film a B, and it currently has an unhealthy 49 rating over on Metacritic.) However, I am positively addicted to the TRON: Legacy soundtrack by French techno-gods Daft Punk. It’s a fine addition to an intriguing cinematic canon: Soundtracks that are much, much better than their own movies. Can you think of any others? READ FULL STORY

Clip du jour: 'Star Wars' and 'TRON: Legacy,' together at last

It’s the Star Wars/TRON: Legacy mash-up I always dreamed of! And thought already existed kind of? I guess not. I like that no matter what, Luke still seems like a petulant whiner. Anyway, I’m not your father, Sam: READ FULL STORY

'TRON: Legacy': Hints of '2001' and Ziggy Stardust. What was your favorite homage?

Tron-Michael-SheenImage Credit: DisneyAs a sequel to a 28-year-old cult movie, it’s to be expected that TRON: Legacy would have a nod or two to that other film, and sure enough, a movie poster for the original shows up pretty much in the first scene. But there were a few other surprise tilts of the cap to pop culture phenomena that popped up as the film progressed. First, Flynn’s not-so-humble abode, with its floor of light panels and its future-baroque furnishings (did he hire an interior design program?), was a clear wink at the Jupiter room from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Then, Michael Sheen’s batty performance as the albino backstabber Zuse channeled none other than Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie, even so far as having that weird circle-y thing on his forehead. But easily my favorite homage of the movie, whether intentional or not, was Jeff Bridges’ occasional Dude-isms, like “You’re messing with my Zen thing,” or the ten or so zonked-sounding lines that ended with “man.” What about you guys? Any other little tributes you caught that you liked? Did the arrows that made the light-bikes speed up remind anyone else of the boost pads from Super Mario Kart?

TRON: Legacy opened on Dec. 17. For more December releases, check out our events calendar here.

'TRON' before it had a legacy: PopWatch Rewind plugs into the original model

TRON is either the first brilliant cinematic exploration of the digital world … or the silliest. Released by Disney in 1982 — over a year before the Apple Macintosh brought the graphical user interface home to consumers — TRON fascinated some, but confused most. You could argue that, alongside works like Neuromancer and Snow Crash, it ingeniously predicted a whole interconnected world behind the computer screen. You could also argue that — by portraying that world as a pseudo-Oz where people wear neon skintight bodysuits and say like “Who do you calculate you are?” — TRON got everything completely wrong. But you can’t argue with one thing: TRON is one of the strangest movies ever made. As the long-awaited sequel TRON: Legacy is released in lavish IMAX 3-D, we look back to the film that started a digital effects revolution.

Keith Staskiewicz: I’m pretty sure we both enjoyed this movie a lot more than we were expecting, seeing as it pretty much perfectly fits the mold of a movie that you wouldn’t think would age well, i.e. special effects-driven, about technology, made in the Eighties. Yet somehow the special effects and set design are still so distinct even today that it feels fresher than some movies made 10-15 years later, which helps to make up for the fact that the story is basically nonexistent and the filmmakers appear to have about as much knowledge of computers as my 86-year-old grandmother who thinks she needs a stamp for an e-mail.

Darren Franich: I think when we look at the history of digital effects in the last 30 years, there is a tendency to assume that they’ve been consistently getting better, and that thinking usually comes from the fact that most things that once looked incredible now look silly. But honestly, even though the effects in TRON are much less “realistic” than, say, Gollum in Lord of the Rings, they’re still remarkably effective. Yes, there are chase scenes where the evil flying blocks are chasing the brave bike-blocks, and the effects’ quality is roughly the equivalent of a 12-year-old’s computer-animation YouTube project. But they work: I felt totally invested in every brave blue block, and totally despised every evil red block.

KS: The whole movie is essentially an abstraction. The fact that they go for the blue-and-neon color scheme helps it from feeling hopelessly Eighties. They smartly avoided the deadly temptation of pastels. READ FULL STORY

'TRON: Legacy,' 'Yogi Bear,' 'How Do You Know'? Which will you see? (Box Office poll)

If Reese Witherspoon starred as a young professional lady who gets sucked into a battle to save the digital world while romancing a tie-loving, picnic basket-stealing cartoon bear, you’d probably want to see that movie, right? Well, that will never happen. But you if you see TRON: Legacy, Yogi Bear, and How Do You Know in one marathon moviegoing session this weekend, you might get a feel for what that’d be like. EW’s box office seer John Young thinks TRON will take the weekend by storm, with a total of $45 million, followed by Yogi Bear, the newly-expanded The Fighter, last weekend’s No. 1 The Chronicles of Whatsit: Voyage of the Y’know, and James L. Brooks’ How Do You Know, with the also-expanding Black Swan as a possible spoiler. (People do seem to be all about ballet now.)

But what do we know? PopWatchers, what will you be watching this weekend at the multiplex? Will you be catching TRON in glorious IMAX 3-D? Excited to see some artsier fare expanding to a wide release? Tell us what you’ll be seeing in the poll, and if you feel like it, tell us why in the comments!

Justin Bieber, Google king: The most searched terms of 2010

justin-bieberImage Credit: Pamela LittkeyAs 2010 draws to a close, it’s time to turn to the Google Zeitgeist — because we are what we search, no? In addition to searches about major political events and humanitarian crises, there was, of course, the celebrigoogling. This year’s most searched person in the United States: Justin Bieber. Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift, Eminem, and Megan Fox rounded out the top 10.

On the film front, Batman and Star Wars were the most searched for movies, which is kind of wild considering neither Batman nor Star Wars movies came out this year. (Of course, we can’t rule out Clone Wars as being responsible for the surge in searches.) Or even last year! But they are pretty awesome. Toy Story 3, Dear John, Tron, Percy Jackson, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Avatar, and Inception were among the most-searched films as well. READ FULL STORY

The new 'Tron' trailer is up: cool or creepy?

A new trailer for TRON: Legacy has surfaced and I have to say it looks pretty damn cool. For the most part, anyway. I was a little skeptical about the idea of rebooting a franchise that tanked so epically the first time around, but after seeing all the gee-whiz glow-in-the-dark f/x and hints at a plausible father-son story, I think I might be won over. The big-budget Disney flick doesn’t open until Dec. 17, but the new trailer should be enough to satisfy the nerd-herd for the next month or so — thanks especially to the film’s Star Wars-y action scenes and ominous lines like: “The Grid: a place of infinite possibility.” Give the clip a ride after the jump. READ FULL STORY

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