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Don't shave. It'll ruin everything.

Fox_lA lot of EW.com readers over at Doc Jensen’s Lost TV Watch have been wondering why the fur of the animal that died on Suicide Jack’s chin was bright brown — instead of the salt-and-pepper stubble he worked very hard to achieve on the Island. I don’t even want to touch that. Only fools are enslaved by time and space. They probably just did not realize using a skunk was an option. Instead, we present to you, via Thighs Wide Shut, a roundup of thicket-like pop-culture beards over the years. As one commenter already noted, Katie Holmes is missing, but you can’t win ‘em all. Go ahead. This is the only appropriate way to enter the long weekend. Have a good one, by the way. Aren’t we festive!? Beards!

I Got Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker

Sjp_lSarah Jessica Parker has joined the loooong list of celebs (Gwen Stefani, Eve, Hilary Duff, Mandy Moore, etc…) who have created their own clothing labels, and last night I got to attend the launch party at NYC’s Drive In Studios for her sportswear line — aptly titled Bitten — which will be sold exclusively at Steve & Barry’s stores.

I had hopes of talking to the Sex and The City goddess herself, but unfortunately, my plans were foiled because the fashionista showed up, well, fashionably late to her own soirée (and was practically mauled by everyone but the bartenders the minute she arrived).

I did get a sneak peek at the clothes — SJP was even sporting a pair of denim capris with ankle zippers from the line, too (they’re the ones in the pic on the right) — and I have to admit I’m impressed! Steve & Barry’s is a store I’ll go to for super cheap college sweatshirts (no joke, they’re about $7 there), not for cute, stylish outfits — so I wasn’t sure how SJP was going to pull it off, but it looks like she has.

addCredit(“Parker: Evan Agostini/Getty Images; Clothing: Lindsay Soll”)


What does Prince smell like?

Prince_lPrince is entering the perfume biz, debuting his women’s scent 3121 on July 7, both at Macy’s stores and online, where 7 percent of the first day’s sales will go to charity. (Yes, he could have gone with a catchier name, like Sign "Eau" the Times, but that four-digit number seems to be his moniker of choice these days. Or maybe it’s his ATM card PIN.)

According to the lyrical press release, "The fragrance was created in full concert with the artist, resulting in an enticing scent that captures the essence of his eclectic style and music genius." So what does music genius smell like? "3121 is a white floral scent that opens with a refreshing sparkle of crisp bergamot, opulent jasmine and gardenia. Orange flower and muguet sensually intertwine with tuberose and ylang ylang, creating a subtle, mysterious blend; evolving into notes of patchouli and creamy sandalwood. Precious cedarwood and luxurious musks complement this sexy scent with an almost surreal draw that tugs at all senses for total captivation."

Seriously now, who is buying these celebrity scents? Someone’s doing it. And you need to ‘fess up. I’ll admit that back in the day I wore Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth. And that I once made my mother bring me to New York on a bus trip just so I could purchase Mikhail Baryshnikov‘s Mischa. But unless you count my recently hording the tear-out ads for whatever cologne it is David Beckham‘s shilling — apparently, I do like him when he’s silent, Posh-less, and smelling vaguely like Drakkar Noir — I’m over this celeb scent craze. You?

But Slezak, Blake's tux tee was just a one-time aberration

Jael_lRemember Jael? We had to look at this thing for weeks! Next to that, Blake’s tux tee is just a momentary lapse in judgment.

As EW.com photo diva Katy Caldwell just IMed me during an angry rant about how we both have yet to receive any of the joy Jael spreads to the universe: "It’s like her life was Botoxed."

Awww. Miss her. Don’t miss the shirt — and yet I’m glad the shirt existed. Wrap your mind around THAT.

Regarding Blake Lewis' tuxedo t-shirt


addCredit(“American Idol: Frank Micelotta”)

Is the viral voyeurism party over?

Hassel_lYesterday, a judge suspended David Hasselhoff’s visitation rights with his two teenage daughters following the leak of a videotape that appeared to show the recovering alcoholic actor in an extremely intoxicated, shirtless state in front of one of his kids. This follows last week’s news that a leaked voice mail Alec Baldwin left for his daughter, in which he called her a "thoughtless little pig," among other things, has allegedly entered the heated custody battle between the actor and his ex-wife Kim Basinger.

Now, we enjoy a good train-wreck viral audio or video clip as much as anyone. But at the same time, reading that a judge specifically cited one such video in an official decision on Hasselhoff’s visitation of his children kind of let the fizz out of the cocktail. A celebrity supposedly recovering from substance abuse who allows him or herself to be taped falling off the wagon (Lindsay, is that you?) really only has himself or herself to blame. But when it spills over and has an impact on the star’s relationship with his or her children, well, maybe we’ve taken the fun too far. On the other hand, without these viral video sites bringing this behavior into the public sphere, a celebrity or other wealthy person would find it easier to quietly sweep under the rug actions that should be considered when determining something like his or her ability to care for a child.

What do you think, Pop Watchers? Have we gone too far by feeding off of train-wreck footage when it affects a person’s family, or is everything fair game in this age of viral video?

addCredit(“David Hasselhoff: Ethan Miller/Getty Images”)

Are we driving Keira Knightley out of showbiz?

Knightly_lKeira Knightley wants to quit acting, and not just because she had to wear this outfit (pictured). Frustrated by negative media attention and horrified to learn she’s a role model for anorexics, the Pirates 3 star told Elle, "I think I just have to move away or give it up altogether… I’m just not so hungry any more. I made a decision very recently that I wanted a life instead."

I think she should quit. I personally love looking at her face on a screen, but there are DVDs for that. The girl should do what she wants. Look at her face in this photo. She’s had it! One of these parties has to give up, and we know one of them never will. You may find Knightley’s comments bratty, or wonder why her entitled ass gets to complain. I say, kudos to her for showing some semblance of a brain. I wish there were more Hollywood puppets who don’t live to slut it up for the gross old guys running after them on the street. Besides, maybe there’s room for her naturally thin self on Johnny Depp’s private island, or in Dave Chappelle’s Ohio farmhouse. 

What do you think? With Alec Baldwin* and now Knightley threatening to quit acting because of media pressure, is this the only solution? Will the paparazzi ever let up even a little, or are they just doing fans’ bidding? And if so, isn’t the public’s own voyeuristic interest at least partly to blame for making stars want to chuck it all?

*Could anyone besides me not get through Baldwin’s voicemail out of sheer disgust that you were listening in on his voicemail?

Calling All Man-Whore Characters! CBS Has an Opening!

Manwhore_lWhoever is programming CBS’s Monday night line-up between the hours of 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. is on a sleazy man-whore roll! Every sitcom on that night currently has a sleazy man-whore as a mascot/breakout character — except for one, The Class, and that show aired what was most likely its series finale Monday night. How I Met Your Mother has the metrosexual horn-dog (and. in my opinion. the best of ‘em) Barney Stinson. (Neil Patrick Harris, upper left). Two and a Half Men has the sleazy man-whore who started the trend, Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen, upper right). And Rules of Engagement has the indiscriminate skirt-chaser Russell, who apparently can’t even commit to a last name (David Spade, lower left). Next week sees the return of The New Adventures of Old Christine; do we want to place bets on a new character showing up on Christine’s stoop? Perhaps a confirmed bachelor who is a bit full of himself, with great one-liners known as the town’s ladies man? And who should play this new man-whore?

Trend Watch: Falling is HOT!!!

155312__meredith_l(WARNING: This item contains possible spoilers from recent episodes of Heroes and Desperate Housewives.)

What is with the cliffhangers — literally — on ABC shows this past week?

First on Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo, pictured) got pushed over the edge of a dock by the convulsing man she was trying to treat at the scene of the ferry boat accident. And of course, we’re all left wondering if she’s going to drown to death or be saved by McDreamy and his hair.

Then, on Desperate Housewives, Mike and Orson threw fists at each other in a hospital parking garage, and their rumble eventually ended in Orson free falling out of what looked like the fifth level of the building. Cut to the end of the episode.

Finally on a random note, on Heroes (okay, so not an ABC show, but still), Matt was thrust through a window by Jessica — but luckily, we know he survived.

Which show do you think will be next to follow in this pattern? And are there any characters on TV (or even a reality show cast member) you wish would be sent for a flying lesson of their own?  I know I’d like to see Cecille on Beauty and The Geek be thrown off the balcony by Jennylee!

addCredit(“Ellen Pompeo: Ron Tom/ABC”)

Why Brandy's deadly crash may not be a career-ender

Pop Quiz, PopWatchers: If you were a crisis management publicist, would you rather take on a new client who:

A. Utters bigoted slurs.
B. Is accused of vehicular manslaughter.
C. Has an inability to keep on his or her pants.

Well, if you were looking for the easiest case to make go away, the answer would seem to be B. In today’s Hollywood, car accidents — even those that result in others’ deaths — don’t seem to negatively impact the offenders. (Gawker has compiled a list of the most notorious — we’re looking at you, Rebecca Gayheart and Matthew Broderick — here.) The latest celeb to enter the club is singer/actress Brandy, who has reportedly admitted to causing a multi-vehicle accident on Dec. 30 that has resulted in the death of one driver. Brandy herself was uninjured, but if she’s found to be "the party most at fault" for the accident, a misdemeanor for vehicular manslaughter (but no jail time) may be in her future. So the former Moesha star’s fans needn’t worry too much about her future prospects. She could even still become First Lady of the United States.

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