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Jon Stewart hates Chatroulette!

On last night’s Daily Show, in an effort to take a satirical look at how the mainstream media is all over social media networking trend Chatroulette, Jon Stewart went all over social media networking trend Chatroulette. While Jason Jones masturbated. Watch Stewart get “nexted” by Diane Sawyer, Keith Olbermann, Katie Couric, and Brian Williams, below.

I also liked this segment when Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 did it 10 days ago. R.I.P., Chatroulette…if you were ever alive.

Jon Hamm: 'It's not called The Wheel. It's called...The Mercedes S400 Hybrid'

Mercedes-Benz USA has hired Jon Hamm as the voice of its new ad campaign for the S400 Hybrid. According to the New York Times, Hamm will replace the actor Richard Thomas, best known as John-Boy on the former CBS series The Waltons. Ha! I wonder if Mercedes will just go all-out and include the Mad Men theme song in the background, like Dodge did with Dexter and Michael C. Hall. “But don’t, that sounds stupid.”


Jin is never going to leave the Island

He doesn’t look too thrilled about it. We, on the other hand, couldn’t be happier that Daniel Dae Kim has been cast in CBS’ remake of Hawaii Five-O. He’ll play state police officer Chin Ho Kelly alongside an yet-to-be-cast Detective Steve McGarrett. Maybe the creepy new temple people on Lost can play the people they pull over. Speaking of which…

A close inspection of the Hawaii Five-O opening credits reveals that Hawaii Five-O and Lost are practically the same show already, sharing similar themes of airplanes, fire, binoculars, creepy statues, guns, and attractive people running on the beach. In fact, Lost was probably based on Hawaii Five-O. For irrefutable proof, please see below:

And duh:

Who else should star with Daniel Dae Kim in the Hawaii Five-O remake a.k.a. Lost II?

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

Here's the Situation: Abs, abs everywhere

Are six-pack abs having a moment? I mean, they’re always having a moment, but seems they’re having a particular moment right now. The Jersey Shore‘s Situation has built an entire identity (right down to his moniker) around his rippling torso. And now the new issue of Men’s Health features shirtless actor Sean Faris on the cover, talking about getting ripped for his upcoming role as Mystic Grill’s new bartender on The CW’s Vampire Diaries. Considering that Men’s Health‘s last cover featured Taylor Lautner next to the line “Six-Pack Abs,” and considering New Moon made a somewhat ridiculous fetish of its slow-motion shirt-doffing male stars, does this mean we’re entering a new phase of completely unrealistic body ideals for men? Or perhaps, this is just a moment where something that’s around us all the time just feels really in our faces. Tell me readers: How’s your situation?

Photo Credit: Mike: Scott Gries/PictureGroup/MTV

ShePop: 'CSI' and 'Family Guy' find common ground: Violence against women

csi-victim_lWomen are being beaten, tortured, and brutally murdered more than ever on network TV: A new study by the Parents Television Council shows violence against women on television is up a stunning 120 percent in the past five years. Violence overall in the same period increased only 2 percent, which seems to indicate there’s very little guy-on-guy combat happening, relatively speaking. Those stats also seem to implicate procedural dramas, which have taken over the airwaves ever since CSI became a hit nearly 10 years ago.

There’s definitely an arms-race mentality when it comes to making one team of whip-smart crime-solvers stand out from another — and one way to do that is with increasingly gory, baroque crimes, often against women. (You know, dudes just shoot or knife each other, but oh, the things that can happen to poor, innocent women…all the better to make the clues ever more twisted, the heroes ever more heroic.) And brutality specifically against teen girls has risen a whopping 400 percent, mostly in crime-solving shows as well — CSI is cited in the report as a repeat offender — which indicates perhaps that pretty, young victims grab more eyeballs than any others. (CBS hasn’t yet responded to EW’s request for comment.) One of the bigger surprises from the report comes courtesy of Fox animated comedies, which are apparently using more violent acts against females — say, shooting a woman as part of standard 18th century divorce procedure on Family Guy — as a punchline. (Though, to be fair, those shows are just plain chock full of intentionally shocking stuff.)

ABC was the only network not to see a significant increase in female victimhood — no surprise from the home of Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives (though even the latter is basing this entire season on the strangling of a young girl, Susan’s daughter Julie). We’re not asking that every network dedicate itself entirely to post-feminist hospital staffs and empowered ladies of a certain age, but it wouldn’t hurt to lay off the gruesome playbooks for committing intricately heinous acts against women.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Is there too much violence against women on network television? Have you noticed more of it in the last few years? Does it turn you off to certain shows?

Photo Credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Bell Biv DeVoe's 'Poison' getting Fall TV love: What other '90s song deserves a comeback?

On last week’s Glee, the Acafellas tackled Bell Biv DeVoe’s 1990 hit, “Poison.” Then last night on 90210, Dixon’s new squeeze, Sasha, spun the track at a high school yacht party. You know what that means, PopWatchers. We are just one play button away from a “Poison” trend! So where’s the track going to show up next? Not sure, but I can easily see Chef Gordon Ramsay doing his own cover when one of his inexperienced chefs serve an undercooked meal. (“You donkey! That raw chicken is…poisoooon!”)

Of course, this has me going back to the good ol’ days, otherwise known as the 1990s. The days in which I snapped butterfly clips in my hair as a junior high student, and flipped pogs on the elementary school blacktops. A huge fan of everything 1990s, I even have a playlist on my iPod dedicated to the decade. Which makes me wonder: What other ’90s tune needs a serious pop culture comeback? I vote Shawn Mullins’ “Lullaby,” Del Amitri’s “Roll to Me,” or my karaoke favorite, Merril Bainbridge’s “Mouth.” Of course, there’s always the choice slow dance song for late-’90s Bar/Bat Mitzvahs nationwide, Allure’s “All Cried Out.”

How about you, PopWatchers? What ’90s song do you continue to bop your head to today?

'Hair' goes dark for gay marriage: What's stopping the rest of the Great White Way?

Hair_l The cast and crew of Hair clearly knows who makes up a huge portion of their audience. Or maybe they're just good people. Or both. Why? The Broadway production announced yesterday that it plans to cancel its Oct. 11 performance so that the cast can be in Washington, D.C. and participate in the National Equality March for gay marriage. Yes, gays love Hair, gays want equality, and such a move only endears we gays to Hair even more. Smart! See what I mean about knowing their audience? Let the sun shine in, indeed! Woohoo!

According to a Hair producer, the fight for gay marriage has become a company passion after activist efforts were spearheaded by star Gavin Creel, who is openly gay and plays Claude. What's great about this particular move, however, is that it's not like the announcement out of the Hair camp was that Creel will be taking a day off from the show so he can go down to D.C. by himself and fight a personal fight. No, the entire cast (and, although it doesn't say it explicitly in the Variety story, the crew, too?) will be going. It's inspiring to see Creel be supported by the entire cast, whether they're gay or straight.

My one question, in light of this news: How are the rest of the casts on the Great White Way going to react? You all gonna ante up and make the trip, too? Just because Hair encompasses themes of sexual freedom doesn't mean that it's the only Broadway show loved by gays. Hell, gays love most of Broadway! We watch it, work for it, write about it (ahem), etc. So I think the challenge should be for more productions than just Hairto take Oct. 11 off and head down to D.C. to march for equal rights. Wouldn't you agree, PopWatchers? Shouldn't shows like Wicked and Billy Elliot follow the lead of Hair?

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addCredit("Joan Marcus")

Attack of the all-star casts: Is more always merrier?

Carrellfeymark_lThe recession has already coughed up great deals like double coupons, half-off clothes, and free chicken dinners. And now it looks like the discount craze is headed for our local theaters with a crop of movies that might as well save a few more bucks by splitting a single tagline: "Buy one movie, get six stars, free!"

Whether it’s an actual phenomenon or just a coincidence, the list of celebs packed into three upcoming releases — the musical Nine, and the comedies Valentine’s Day and Date Night (three cast members pictured) — reads like the seating chart at the Academy Awards (in Nine alone the cast members have a whopping 20 Oscar nods between them). I won’t bother rattling off all the actors for you (click on the links above for cast info), but it seems like we’ve got about 60 percent of Hollywood’s A-List packed into three pics.

It’s easy to come up with examples of times when the all-star strategy worked (Ocean’s Eleven) and didn’t (All the King’s Men, anyone?). But overall, I subscribe to a more-is-better philosophy when it comes to movies. Why should the "best friend" be played by some One Tree Gossip Night Lights thing if Jennifer Garner is up for the job?

What do you think, PopWatchers? Which of these movies are you looking forward to most? Is more always merrier? Or is there such a thing as star-overload? (And why wasn’t Star Overload ever the name of a synth-pop duo?)

Bacon Explosion guys get a book deal. Wait, I thought bacon was over?

Bacon_lYou know what bacon and blogging will get you? A book deal. The BBQ Addict bloggers behind the Bacon Explosion — four pounds of bacon and sausage wrapped in more bacon and slathered with BBQ sauce — confirmed to Kansas City’s The Pitch that they’re now working on a book for Scribner’s called Barbecue Makes Everything Better. The news comes in the wake of January’s NY Times piece about their bacon creation.

I’m always happy to hear about bloggers striking it big with a new idea, but here’s my problem: I’ve recently been informed that the whole bacon boomlet is officially over. It’s true. Slate has a whole video up about it. (A video which, by the way, pointedly notes that when the NY Times notices a trend, then it usually means said trend has run it’s course.) What do you think? Has a book from the bacon bloggers missed the boat? How about a blog post about a book from the bacon bloggers?

Cam'ron's 'I Hate My Job' is 2009's first recession-rap banger

As the economic crisis grinds on, I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot more of what I call “recession rap” — a sub-genre where artists rhyme about struggling to make rent instead of buying out the bar. Case in point: Cam’ron’s best single in years, “I Hate My Job,” which premiered last night at ihiphop.com. (Check it out below; some NSFW language.) Last time we heard from Cam, he was bragging about the sparkly jewels on his wrist. And now? “I woke up late, didn’t even have a shower/Lunch break? Gimme a break: A damn half an hour/All this bulls— for 12 bucks an hour!” All of a sudden, the Harlem hustler sounds like one of the drones from Office Space. Love it.

“I Hate My Job” is recession rap at its finest: relatable, fun, and refreshingly free of materialistic posturing. I know it struck a chord with me, even though I am a pop-culture blogger who personally couldn’t hate my job less at the moment. How about you? As far as I’m concerned, the more tracks we get like “I Hate My Job” — or Rugged N Raw’s “I’m Broke and Proud,” or Young Jeezy’s “Vacation” — the better.

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