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Since when were female law enforcement officials the hottest commodity on TV?

Female-law-enforcementAmerican audiences have been taken into custody by a group of no-nonsense, tight-business-suit-wearing females in the justice department. This summer it seems like every channel you flip to features a high-profile show about an impossibly beautiful woman fighting crime. These girls are powerful and well-trained, with an uncanny ability to chase down their foes in heels, and whether they’re cops, spies, detectives, or judges, these women are taking down criminals — and arresting huge numbers of viewers. Could this be the new television trend? Just take a look at the evidence from the past week:

  • The season premiere of TNT’s smash hit The Closer, which features Kyra Sedgwick as Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson, found a huge 7.7 million viewers. READ FULL STORY

'Tosh.0' attracts 2.4 million viewers: The best pop culture clip show out there?

daniel-tosh-computerImage Credit: Ian White/Comedy CentralCould Comedy Central ever have known what a hit Tosh.0 would become when they launched it in June 2009? A web-clip show modeled after The Soup, Tosh.0 features comedian Daniel Tosh offering his spin on viral Internet videos, and in just one year, the program has grown from “3-year-old crying over Justin Bieber” levels of notoriety to “Charlie bit my finger — again!” levels of fame. Now, in its second season, Tosh.0‘s most recent episodes have garnered more than 2 million viewers, with the most recent airing achieving a huge 2.4 million. This is a far cry from the first season average, which came in at just above a million viewers, so it’s no surprise that Comedy Central has already renewed the program for a third season, set to debut in January 2011. Still, I’m wondering: In a television landscape inundated with pop-culture clip shows like The Soup, The Dish, and Web Soup, why is Tosh.0 blowing up?

Is it the host? Clearly, audiences are on board with Tosh’s brand of frat star/web geek humor, and while some write him off as obnoxious, he has a knack for making pop culture accessible to the uninitiated. READ FULL STORY

This is the week of Despicable Me

despicable-weekImage Credit: Universal; David Studarus/Showtime ; Mark Brendel /ABC; Bob Luckey/Greenwich Times/AP ImagesImagine our surprise to receive this doomsday iPhone missive from Doc Jensen during his summer vacation: “A DARK CLOUD OF DESPICABLE ME-NESS HAS DESCENDED UPON US! RUN FOR OUR LIVES!” We honestly had no idea he was camping in the middle of the jungle on The Island from Lost. But as usual, Doc is correct! This week’s main source of entertainment has come from people behaving badly. READ FULL STORY

Dessert Poll: Who wore it better?

I already did a Lunchtime Poll today, but that’s no reason to avoid pitting two really excited-looking EW writers against each other in a Black Plaid Shirt Battle for the ages. Here are Michael Ausiello and Adam Markovitz inadvertently imitating the creepy twins from The Shining.

Now, don’t rush to vote for that Smurf-obsessed freak on the left just because he’s the one you know. Take a good, long look at the individual plaids. Does one seem more connected with his look than the other? Does posture matter? What about pockets? Think about it really hard and then do what’s right.

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

New $100 bill: Watch the action-packed trailer!

I’ve been in the market for a new movie trailer to remind me of how rich I am not, so this latest “$100″ installment of the new Bills, Bills, Bills franchise co-produced by the U.S. Mint and Destiny’s Child is perfect. (Watch it after the jump.) The dramatic closeups of the 3-D SECURITY RIBBON and BELL IN THE INKWELL really speak to me. From now on, I will demand that the ATM pay me only in Franklins and I’ll walk around tripping everyone out with my COLOR-SHIFTING 100s. They’ll be like, “Am I in the Haunted Mansion?” and I’ll reply, “No, you’re in Annie Barrett’s House of Holograms.” And then they’ll snatch away the bill and flee, and since I have not-great reflexes and a damn near-daunting capacity for conflict avoidance, I’ll just let them. READ FULL STORY

Hipster kittens: hipster puppies have met their match

It was only a matter of time before the so-ironic-it’s-not-ironic Tumblr Hipster Puppies got some competition from its fellow home (or ramshackle apartment, by hipster standards) dweller, the cat.

Say hello the newest incarnation of animal aloofism: Hipster Kitten. These kitties are all about hoodies, demo tapes, and Wes Anderson, and when they’re not judging you for your mainstream interests, they’re wearing skinny pants and scoffing at your recent Doctors Without Borders donation because they donated to Haiti before the earthquake.

My personal favorite? “My favorite Pokemon is Diglett…because he is still underground.”

Which hipster pet do you fancy? Dogs, cats or neither because they both make you feel bad for liking Lady Gaga?

DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg thinks post-conversions could kill 3D

Jeffrey-KatzenbergImage Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage.comThe issue of 3D is being debated all over Hollywood in this post-Avatar world, where it seems every-other movie being released boasts a third dimension. In a lengthy interview with Variety, DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg says that decisions being made in the next 30-60 days will determine the future of the platform. In short, Katzenberg says 3D just for the sake of 3D is not a good decision, because “all 3D is not created equal.” In that regard, the DreamWorks exec had some strong words for the 2D-to-3D conversation of Warner Bros.’ Clash of the Titans. “We’ve seen the highest end of [3D] in Avatar and you have now witnessed the lowest end of it [in Titans],” he says. (Warner Bros. said it is not commenting on Katzenberg’s statements at this time.) READ FULL STORY

McDonald's in Germany launches New York City-themed cupcakes: The pop culture dessert trend continues

Can anyone tell me when cupcakes suddenly became the trendiest dessert around? Sure, we can blame Sex and the City, which helped turn Magnolia Bakery into a phenom following a season three episode that featured Miranda and Carrie indulging in the treat. (The Magnolia across the street is constantly filled with customers…or sad, lonely sugar fiends who simply want to watch through the window as the bakers frost their cakes each morning. Not that I would know what time that happens.) But now, cupcakes have traveled across the Atlantic, where McDonald’s in Germany is not only honoring the trendy treats, but an American city known for making them as well. Presenting straight from Deutschland: New York City-themed cupcakes! READ FULL STORY

French women do get respect with Forehead Tittaes

Academy Award winner and mermaid gown specialist Marion Cotillard has generously shared another lady-empowering secret from France: Forehead Tittaes. Wear them with confidence; pronounce them like Eric Cartman. As modeled by Taraji P. Henson and Leslie Ann Warren, these stunning face-boobs even come in multiple varieties such as African-American and Saggy!

Pick some up for the next time you want American men to almost look you in the eye. And someone tell that blonde freak of the-opposite-of-nature that this is how you do a celebrity endorsement on Funny or Die.

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

'Mad Men' characters don't just look like Barbies...

They will be Barbies! Mattel is planning versions of Barbie and Ken modeled after Mad Men‘s Joan, Roger, Don, and Betty. If you can afford one of the 7,000 to 10,000 copies — they’re $74.95 each! — it will surely be your “statement doll.” According to the New York Times, in the interest of maintaining that wholesome Barbie image we all know and maybe have weird nightmares about as adults, “The dolls come with period accessories like hats, overcoats, pearls and padded undergarments, but no cigarettes, ashtrays, martini glasses or cocktail shakers.” What?! How will I make mine act out typical scenes like Draper dinner party, 11 a.m. in the Sterling-Cooper office, or working lunch? READ FULL STORY

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