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Sarah Palin, wordsmith: 'Refudiate' named Oxford American Dictionary Word of the Year

Sarah-Palin-oilImage Credit: Palin: Fox NewsTake a look at the images on the left. What do they both have in common? (Besides, of course, the fact that they’re both catalysts for major firestorms.) Give up? Well, both have inspired two separate vocabulary-minded companies to crown their Words of the Year: “Refudiate,” a non-existent word used by Sarah Palin in a tweet back in July, has been named Word of the Year by the Oxford American Dictionary, while the Global Language Monitor has recognized “Spillcam” the top word of 2010. (“Vuvuzela,” the overbearingly loud horn used at the World Cup, finished second to spillca-BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.)

Interestingly enough, “refudiate” placed fourth on Global Language Monitor’s list — behind the aforementioned vuvuzela at No. 2, and “the narrative” at No. 3 — which means one thing: Between this and Palin’s ratings domination on TLC last night, the ex-governor of Alaska is back in vogue like it’s September 2008. Personally, as someone who appreciates the proper English language (but, yes, hypocritically championed the placement of “truthiness” in the dictionary a few years back), I have to refudiate OAD’s decision to recognize Palin’s gaffe, even if there are (thankfully) no plans to include the word in the dictionary. (But am I using it correctly? I refudiately honestly don’t know!) Let’s only reward non-words when they’re awesome, like Baconnaise, ‘mkay?

Billy Ray Cyrus is the Benjamin Button of real life

billy-ray-cyrus-mulletImage Credit: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images; Ron Galella, Ltd./WireGuess which photo of Billy Ray Cyrus is current! It’s tough, right? The former ballroom dancer has seemingly aged 20 years backwards. What’s his secret? Divorce? That’s him on the left, sprouting a mid-life crisis mullet at last night’s Country Music Awards. The teased mop on top, George Michael-esque triangle beard, and wacky background colors scream “early ’90s” … but I guess not quite as loudly as the denim shirt on the right.

Mid-life Mullet: Is it James Dean or Jason Priestley, PopWatchers?

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Trend Watch: It's a bad/good week to play a stripper on TV

The week is young, and already we’ve counted three stripper plots on TV: Last night, on ABC’s Castle, a male stripper (Officer McNaughty, pictured) was murdered after he left his gig at a bachelorette party. Esposito and Ryan questioned the guy’s booker, who, before he knew they were cops, told Esposito he had too many A-Rods but wanted to see Ryan in a thong because the Edward Cullen look is in demand. (Do you think women are actually asking for Twilight stripteases?) Castle and Beckett went to the club where the guy danced and talked to his rival. I don’t know whether to applaud or slap the show’s writers for doing a male stripper storyline and not having Nathan Fillion somehow end up shirtless.

Also last night, on Showtime’s The Big C, Cathy (Laura Linney) won a lapdance at a strip club. I missed it, but a colleague (Dalton Ross) tells me, “The stripper was dressed like Tom Cruise from Top Gun. Pretty sweet.” (That reminds of how at my sister’s bachelorette party in Vegas in 2001, she was given a lapdance onstage by a cowboy named Maverick. Two fantasies for the price of one, really.)

If, like me, you weren’t watching The Big C because your DVR was busy recording CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 so you could later admire the writers’ decision to have Alex O’Loughlin shirtless for what felt like pages of dialogue before he actually swam out to a ship to deal with a hostage situation, you may have caught an ad for this Wednesday’s Criminal Minds. The episode description: “When bodies begin turning up in the cornfields of Indiana, the BAU team must catch a pack of serial killers targeting exotic dancers.” Bonus: Guiding Light’s Robert Newman guest stars as a local sheriff who aids in the investigation, while All My Children‘s Melissa Claire Egan appears as a stripper named Tara Dice. Watch a promo below. I’d say this has the best chance of keeping someone off the pole (and inducing nightmares).  READ FULL STORY

If you like Ed Hardy, cross Stonnington, Australia off your vacation destination list

Jon-Gosselin-Ed-HardyImage Credit: Splash PicturesIt’s time to add Stonnington, Australia to the list of world cities I am tremendously interested in visiting. It also might be time for TLC to consider filming an episode of Kate Plus 8 down under, because the city of Stonnington has just banned all Ed Hardy clothing. If only American lawmakers would take note of this glorious signage and rid our city streets of glittering skeleton shirts once and for all. It may eliminate “T-shirt time!” from the cultural zeitgeist, but I can live with that.

The hilariously aggressive sign, which was posted on the door of an Ed Hardy shop that has recently gone out of business, rightly lambastes the brand for “contravening style and taste laws,” before it dropped the f-bomb, naturally insulted the Jersey Shore (even in Australia!) and made a few digs at the type of person who’d wear the bedazzled t-shirts in the first place. I know this sign is not ever going to be backed up in a court of law, but it’s not the first time Australians decided to ban the wearing of Ed Hardy at public events; just last year, an event in Perth, Australia banned Ed Hardy in an attempt to create “an environment where people can be comfortable and confident.”

What do you think, PopWatchers? Would you like to live in a town where t-shirt time doesn’t exist?

Robert De Niro, Sigourney Weaver sign up for paranormal activity. Hot Hollywood Trend: Psychics!

Sigourney-De-NiroImage Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos; Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesYes, moviegoers, Mr. Taxi Driver is talking to you — WITH HIS MIND. The two-time Oscar-winning actor has signed a deal to play a psychic in the movie Red Lights, directed by red-hot Buried helmer Rodrigo Cortés, Variety reports. The film — which will begin shooting in February — also stars Weaver as a shrink, who will no doubt be all skeptical and wet blanket-y about De Niro’s supernatural flair.

Psychics of all sorts seem to be pretty popular these days. Matt Damon is courting Oscar buzz with his turn as a spectral communicator in Clint Eastwood’s new movie Hereafter, opening tomorrow. Meanwhile, on the telly, Simon Baker plays a former fake psychic who uses his supreme mental powers to help solve crimes on CBS’ The Mentalist. And over on ABC, Kay Panabaker plays a teenaged mind-reader on the superhero family drama No Ordinary Family. Coming next year, my favorite comic book telepath — Professor Charles Xavier, leader of The X-Men — returns to the big screen in director Matthew Vaughn’s franchise prequel reboot (title: X-Men: First Class) starring James McAvoy as the mind-scanning mutant. Why so many psychics right now? It probably has something to do with our deep yearning for blah blah blah during these blah blah blah times. Actually, it’s probably a coincidence or just lazy Hollywood trend chasing. But feel free to overthink this and post an alternative suggestion below.

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Sesame Street spoofs Old Spice commercial. 'Moo!'

Sesame Street and Grover have gifted the universe with a spoof of Old Spice’s “I’m on a Horse” campaign — disguised as a lesson about the word “on”! Do stick around for the easy rider’s divine click-click-hair toss at the end. Don’t worry, I’m not going to turn this into an Isaiah Mustafa vs. Grover “Who’s Hotter?” poll. We all know Gladys would win as a write-in, anyway. That is a hot cow. READ FULL STORY

Justin Bieber launches nail polish line: Fun? Or sign of the apocalypse?

Justin-Bieber-polishImage Credit: Jeffrey Ufberg/WireImage.comSure, go ahead and complete that double-take, but you did read that headline correctly: This winter, Justin Bieber will launch his very own line of nail polishes, according to AOL’s Stylelist blog. The polishes will come via well-regarded brand Nicole for OPI and—shocker of all shockers—they’ll be both largely primary colors and filled with glitter! As far as we here at EW can tell, the polishes are intended for little girls, but little boys are welcome to try them, too. (In fact, we here at EW expressly encourage little boys to try them out.)

It may be hard to imagine, but this news gets better: The venture will play off his numerous hits, as the line is to be titled the One Less Lonely Girl collection (named after the song of the same name), with the colors similarly named, ranging from One Less Lonely Glitter (lavender) and Give Me The First Dance (silver) to Prized Possession Purple (grape) and Me + Blue (Dark Blue). Because of the ridiculousness of it all, it’s worth noting the final two colors: OMB! (bright red) and Step 2 the Beat of My Heart (heart-shaped glitter).

Is it possible that this news is just Bieber’s elaborate plan — as my colleague Clark Collis postulated last week — to laugh at us all when he launches his hosting gig on MTV’s revived Punk’d? We probably aren’t that lucky. This is real, folks—a teenage boy has launched a collection of nail polishes, solely to take financial advantage of his fanbase, which has a voracious appetite for anything emblazoned with his name. The line hits Wal-Mart come December—just in time for holiday shopping—and will spread like an infectious Bieber tune to Target and Sears by February.

PopWatchers, a few questions: Are you shocked by this news? Will you possibly purchase any of the One Less Lonely Girl collection for yourself or a tween that you know? Are you, like me, salivating at the possibility of spotting Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber sporting his signature polish? Sound off in the comments below!

Tanner on Twitter: @EWTanStransky

Ellen grills Lady Gaga about VMAs meat dress

Today’s season premiere of Ellen features a post-VMAs interview between vegan DeGeneres and carnivore-couture spokeswoman Lady Gaga. (Video’s embedded after the break.) PETA has already responded to the “meat dress” designed by Franc Fernandez that Gaga wore to accept the award for Video of the Year by issuing a statement including the rhetorical question: “What’s next: the family cat made into a hat?” Don’t think she won’t take you up on that, activists! Anything is possible.

Lady Gaga’s response to Ellen’s gentle prompt — “What is the purpose of the meat?” — was about as jam-packed with crazy as a Top Round London Broil is crammed with protein and other important nutrients. Behold:

“Well, it’s certainly no disrespect to anyone that’s vegan or vegetarian….I, as you know, am the most judgment-free human being on Earth. However, it has many interpretations — but for me this evening it’s that if we don’t stand up for what we believe in, if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re gonna have as much rights as the meat on our bones. AND, [holds up Japanese Vogue, on the cover of which Gaga appeared in a (real) meat bikini], I am not a piece of meat.”


Everyone reluctantly applauded! Then Ellen gifted Gaga a kale bikini (pictured, right). And they all lived happily ever after, except for the animals. READ FULL STORY

What women want: No starlets allowed at the grown-up table

Over-40-womenA story in today’s Hollywood Reporter celebrates the fact that three 40-something Hollywood actresses — Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, and Julia Roberts — will grace the coveted covers of ad-heavy September issues of three fashion magazines. Take that, dewy youth! Go get some life experience, Sienna and Scarlett! What women really want these magazines are betting is the familiar mug of a star they’ve admired and emulated — grown up with, the more sentimental might say — for decades now. This comes on the heels of news that Sandra Bullock is the highest paid Hollywood actress, followed by Reese Witherspoon (34), Cameron Diaz (38), Jennifer Aniston (41), and Sarah Jessica Parker (45). (Angelina Jolie would admittedly take a roundhouse kick to this whole list had she actually released a movie in 2009.)

Now, it’d be foolish to hope that Hollywood, to say nothing of the masses who consume it and the media that covers it, has become any less accepting of a woman’s weight or age or appearance. (Damned if you Botox, damned if you don’t.) But the women bringing in bank for the studios right now aren’t the successors to Julia Roberts. It’s Julia Roberts herself. READ FULL STORY

'Hansel and Gretel in 3D': Beyond product placement

hansel-and-gretel-in-3dLast week, it was announced that The Institute — a media company founded by Michael Bay and Scott Gardenhour that has been using its motto, “Where Brand Science Meets Great Storytelling,” in commercials until now — was set to produce its first feature film, the live-action Hansel and Gretel in 3D.

What exactly does that mean, and how is it different from product placement? “One of things that we say a lot of times here is, ‘You’ve almost got to be a marketer as well as a filmmaker these days,” Gardenhour tells EW. “A lot of times, brands will come to the table with hard dollars to help with the negative cost. But what’s almost become more valuable is brands being able to extend an entertainment project beyond the project itself, the extension that they provide through the promotion that they may develop specifically for a movie or TV show brings a tremendous amount of awareness to what we’re doing…. How we think about it is an extension of the content, as opposed to something that’s product placement. Granted, there may be things that will encompass that, but for the most part, what we really look to do is make them seamless so that part of the story could actually be worked in, say, a brand campaign that helps to create awareness for story elements and for social media games. It’s creating something that has a revenue stream like a FarmVille, where brands could participate in that game, which also helps to promote what the content’s going to be, which is obviously the most important for us — the more eyeballs the better.” READ FULL STORY

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