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'The Voice' winner Danielle Bradbery takes The EW Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


Last week, 16-year-old aspiring pop-country singer Danielle Bradbery won The Voice. Shortly after, she received a new guitar from her finale duet partner Hunter Hayes on Today (“I need to learn how to play the guitar more,” she told EW, “and then I’ll carry it around”), and it became one of her answers to our EW Pop Culture Personality Test. Watch the video below:

'Transformers 4' sets up reality TV competition to cast extras and curry favor in China

With Iron Man 3 setting opening-day records in China, it’s become imperative for every Hollywood tentpole to pay homage to the world’s second-biggest movie market. At last month’s Beijing Film Festival, Paramount and Transformers 4 went decidedly all-in with their own China strategy. Not only will Michael Bay shoot scenes in China for the next installment in his robot franchise, now starring Mark Wahlberg, but the sure-blockbuster announced that it will also include speaking roles for the four Chinese actors who survive a new TV reality show.

The competition has already begun online and organizers expect approximately 80,000 contestants will enter for the chance to play a Kung Fu fighter, sexy lady, computer geek, or precocious Lolita-type. Correctly titled the Transformers 4 Chinese Actors Talent Search Reality Show and scheduled to air on Chinese television in June, the show will feature a panel of six judges led by former AMPAS president Sid Ganis and Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura.

But what exactly is the panel going to be judging? A story in the Hollywood Reporter hinted that the enormous field of candidates would be winnowed down by online voting after “auditions and testing.” What will the criteria be? And how will the judges articulate what they want and don’t want to see from the finalists? READ FULL STORY

'Transformers: Legends': The Robots in Disguise go mobile! -- EXCLUSIVE TRAILER

After battling it out on the big and small screens in various blockbuster films and thumb-blistering videogames, the Transformers are taking their epic fight to smart-phones. Combining the addictive, strategy-focused play of a collectible card game with the ability to crush giant robots like empty beer cans, Transformers: Legends is aiming to put a fresh spin on the towering titans’ familiar sci-fi saga.

Siding with the Autobots or Decepticons, players can unleash hell behind hundreds of upgradeable metallic menaces when Legends hits like a pavement-buckling punch this holiday season. Before deciding to defend or decimate all mankind from behind your customizable deck though, check out the exclusive trailer below:  READ FULL STORY

Your party is a wonderland: 'Vanity Fair' Paramount portrait is an A-list playground

Image credit: Art Streiber, exclusively for Vanity Fair

Well, I just lost my afternoon. In honor of Paramount’s 100th anniversary, Vanity Fair has “assembled 116 of the greatest talents ever to work at the studio.” That means Leo, Bob, and Marty, some icons of the studio’s golden age (hello, Eva Marie Saint, Jerry Lewis, and Michael York!), almost the entire casts of Transformers and Star Trek, and even that Canadian whippersnapper Justin Bieber, whom you might remember from a little indie film called Never Say Never. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg (Titanic zing, hey-yo!).

Because Vanity Fair knows you want to see every one of those 116 faces up close and personal, they’ve installed a zoom function on their site. Fair warning, PopWatchers: This thing is addictive. Click through at your own risk. Below, we scope out a few of the famous faces and hand out our portrait honors. READ FULL STORY

'Transformers the Ride 3-D' at Universal Studios Hollywood: Just like the movies, but better -- VIDEO

Whether you love the Transformers movies or you spend hours online composing detailed take-downs of its many perceived flaws, you’ve likely said the following words regarding them: “It was just like a theme park ride!” Well, starting Friday, you can experience first hand what a Transformers theme park ride is actually like, when the imaginatively titled Transformers the Ride 3-D officially opens to the public at Universal Studios Hollywood. I got a chance to preview the ride already, though, let me just spoil things for you right now (UNNECESSARY SPOILER ALERT): In every way that matters, riding the Transformers ride is exactly like watching a Transformers movie, but better.  READ FULL STORY

'Phantom Menace' will eclipse 'Dark Knight' grosses -- Is Top 10 quality going down like the 'Titanic'?

News broke today that Star Wars: Episode 1 — The Phantom Menace, thanks to its recent 3-D re-release, is on track to surpass 2008′s The Dark Knight in box office grosses. This infusion of money will make Phantom Menace the 10th highest-grossing film of all time. Many would argue that Christopher Nolan’s twisty Batman Begins sequel is far superior to George Lucas’ uncontrollable exercise in CGI, and it got us thinking: Are the newest crop of movies to join the top 10 (six since Avatar kick-started a box office frenzy in 2009) demonstrably worse than their chart-mates? Well… yes and no. See the new top 10 list below. READ FULL STORY

Rated Arrrrr! Top 10 most pirated movies of all time

In response to Netflix’s recently released list of the “Top 10 Movie Rentals of All Time,” BitTorrent has release its own — albeit utterly illegal — list of the “Top 10 Most Pirated Movies” of all time. The usual suspects were there, with Avatar (21 million downloads) taking top (dis?)honors, and The Dark Knight tying for second place with Transformers at 19 million downloads apiece. And, yes, of course there’s a Pirates of the Caribbean installment on there. It’s only right.

Still, there is surprisingly little overlap between the lists (only Inception and The Departed). Apparently Netflix users favor Oscar bait while Internet thieves go for tentpole popcorn movies, with the Venn Diagram overlap between those two strangely being Leonardo DiCaprio. So what other movies made the list, and which were the most head scratch-inducing? See the full list after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Kenny Loggins performs spoof songs for 'Transformers,' 'Dragon Tattoo,' and 'The Help' -- VIDEO

The mighty Kenny Loggins (the Logster!) follows fellow ex-mulleted pop star Michael Bolton down the path of musical self-parody in a new FunnyOrDie sketch that finds the Footloose icon singing tie-in songs for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Transformers, and The Help. (Sample lyric: “Black lady’s getting angry/Gonna take a dump in the pies.”)

None of it is quite as cute as Bolton crooning about Keira Knightley and a giant squid. But, hey, what is? And we do get to hear Mr. Loggins say “Motherf—er!,” which has made my bucket personal list just that little bit shorter. Plus, there’s a guest appearance by the dancing gopher from Caddyshack. So it’s got that going for it. READ FULL STORY

'Transformers 3' is the fourth-highest-grossing film ever

I’m a little bit inspired by the news that Transformers: Dark of the Moon has officially passed The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King on the list of highest-grossing films worldwide. After all, the Transformers threequel was created by a classic ragtag gang of outcasts and misfits. The film starred a self-loathing womanizer, a never-nude mannequin brought to life by science, and a bunch of robots whose character design was so fundamentally inexpressive that watching two Transformers talk to each other was about as much fun as watching two muddy snowmen in a marathon slam-poetry duel. The film’s supporting cast was populated by a group of excellent charactor actors who had to struggle through horrible dialogue and a complete lack of believable character motivation. The whole thing was helmed by Michael Bay, whose directorial style seems to indicate that he carries an existential hatred for the physical world we inhabit. To top it all off, Dark of the Moon was a threequel. Most franchises go downhill with their third film… which was proven yet again throughout the running time of Dark of the Moon, most specifically when Ken Jeong attacked Shia LaBeouf in the men’s bathroom in an extended sequence that would have been offensive to gay people and Asian people if it didn’t manage to just be offensive to humanity. READ FULL STORY

Summer Movie Body Count: 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' proves that the PG-13 rating has failed

Week 9 of EW’s 2011 Summer Movie Body Count continues with Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which features no bloodshed and yet somehow also some of the most gruesome deaths yet this summer. Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is the movie that proves once and for all that the PG-13 rating is the single worst thing to ever happen to the American cinema. Imagine pulling aside your average John and Jane Q. Moviegoer back in the very early 1980s and describing the film’s plot to them: “Well, the vast majority of the population of Chicago is massacred. Dozens of fleeing citizens are simply disintegrated right in front of your eyes. Several characters get sliced or bodily torn apart. And at the climax of the movie, the film’s sociopathic protagonist rips off one villain’s face and shoots the other villain in the back of his head, execution-style.” READ FULL STORY

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