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Jimmy Fallon, Amy Schumer, & Miranda Sings show up in new trailer for 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the show that turns a basic premise into an outrageous display of hijinks, released a new trailer for season five, and yes, there is an episode with Miranda Sings.


'Halo 2' shows revamped cinematics in new trailer


You’ve never seen Master Chief look this good before.


50 Cent parodies 'Maleficent' in faux Disney trailer -- VIDEO

Maleficent, 50 Cent — it’s a match made in pun heaven.

The rapper stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to premiere a trailer for what he jokingly called his latest project, a spoof on Disney film Maleficent featuring 50 Cent as the title villain. “This one ain’t going to no Redbox,” 50 told Kimmel.

50 Cent replaces Angelina Jolie in the clip as Maleficent — sorry, Malefiftycent — and, of course, makes sure to mention his biggest claim to fame: “I’ve been shot nine times, I’m not afraid of no little white girl.”

Check out the clip below: READ FULL STORY

'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee' trailer: Jerry Seinfeld and Robert Klein visit a prison -- VIDEO


You can’t take comedian George Wallace anywhere.

In the new trailer for the next season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Seinfeld and Wallace share a table at a neon-lit establishment where Seinfeld wonders aloud whether the fellow patrons are tourists or locals — inspiring Wallace to shout “hey, where’s everybody from?” (Mostly Vegas, it turns out.)


'Workaholics' need babysitters too: Watch the 'Idiotsitter' trailer -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


When Billie (Charlotte Newhouse) applies for a babysitting job, she imagines changing diapers and filling baby bottles. But instead she’s stuck with Gene (Jillian Bell), a filthy rich grown woman under house arrest who needs adult supervision.

This is the premise of the new web series Idiotsitter, which premieres next Wednesday, Feb. 26, on Comedy Central’s CC:Studios. Below, we have the first trailer for the series, starring Workaholics standout Bell and her fellow Groundlings alum Newhouse. Stephen Root (Office Space) stars as Gene’s dad, and T.J. Miller (The Goodwin Games) is Gene’s “forever friend” Chet. READ FULL STORY

New 'Wolverine' trailer: Another deep dive

“Eternity can be a curse. A franchise can run out of things to do.” That’s paraphrasing a line in the new trailer for The Wolverine, a.k.a. The Bad News Mutants Go to Japan. Between this and X-Men: Days of Future Past, Hugh Jackman will be snikt-ing out the adamantium digits for both a reboot of a spinoff of a threequel and a sequel to a prequel to said threequel. Is it any wonder the main theme of James Mangold’s film seems to be the painful burden of going on forever and ever without end? The first trailer definitely made clear that Wolverine’s mortality is central here—along with the whole Black Rain vibe—but the latest gets into a little more detail and features a longer look at some of the film’s villains. Let’s take a gander. READ FULL STORY

Milo Ventimiglia is 'Chosen' in new series -- EXCLUSIVE TRAILER

Heroes alum Milo Ventimiglia plays an antihero in the new Crackle series Chosen.

The show follows Ian Mitchell (Ventimiglia), a lawyer who wakes up one day to find a mysterious box on his doorstep containing a loaded gun, a photo of a stranger he’s instructed to kill, and a ticking timer set to three days. Oh, and a shooter waiting across the street to kill him if he doesn’t meet their demands. In the exclusive extended trailer, the family man tries to resist “playing the game” until his wife is dragged into the mess and his young daughter is kidnapped.

Ventimiglia, who also executive produces the drama, has worked on several other web series, including Ultradome and It’s a Mall World.

Sony’s digital platform Crackle has ordered six half-hour episodes of the thriller from creators Ben Ketai (30 Days of Night: Dark Days) and Ryan Lewis (High School). Office Space‘s Diedrich Bader, Hall Pass‘ Nicky Whelan, Awkward‘s Brett Davern, and Spartacus: Vengeance‘s Katrina Law also star in the show, which will premiere across all Crackle digital platforms on Jan. 17.

Watch the trailer below: READ FULL STORY

Let our powers combine to make this fake 'Captain Planet' movie a reality

The earth’s temperature is rising. Our ice caps are melting. About a third of America’s honeybees has died every single winter since 2007. Entire flocks of birds are frickin’ falling from the sky, people. It’s clear that the planet is in trouble — and there’s only one blue-skinned dude who can save us from ourselves. That’s right: I’m talking about Papa Smurf Captain Planet, sky-colored protector of all things great, small, and made of dirt.

A trio of neo-Planeteers has produced a live-action trailer for a fake Captain Planet movie. Although it’s missing a very important monkey, everything else about the clip is spot-on — especially the villain’s devious dialogue (“When the world sees chaos, war despair — I see dollar signs”) and its impressive special effects. Check it out:


Shakespeare's Globe Theatre plays set to screen in U.S. movie theaters -- EXCLUSIVE TRAILER AND POSTER

In a twist on Jacques’ declaration in As You Like It that “all the world’s a stage,” Shakespeare’s stage is now coming to the world.

Three plays performed last year in London’s Globe Theatre, a reconstruction of the home of William Shakespeare’s plays in the latter half of his career, will be screened in movie theaters in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. starting this fall.

EW has the exclusive trailer and poster for this year’s “Globe on Screen” season, which features productions of two comedies by the Bard, All’s Well That Ends Well and Much Ado About Nothing, and the hellish tragedy by one of his contemporaries, Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus. READ FULL STORY

'L.A. Noire': Watch the killer new trailer. Has gaming become as emotional as movies?

Videogames have always trended toward outlandish visions. The history of the medium is top-heavy with monster-infested fantasy worlds, outer-space battles, and racetracks that feature a perhaps-unrealistic amount of exploding cars. But the makers of the upcoming LA Noire are trying to capture the most spectacular image of all: The human face. The look and narrative of the game is taken from the noir-detective genre — lots of shadows and moral ambiguity — but the real draw of L.A. Noire is the photo-realistic technology that makes the characters look far more humanlike than, say, the mannequin-people of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Check out the new trailer for the videogame, due in May 2011. READ FULL STORY

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