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This kid is in for a rude awakening when his next cubicle isn't flanked by a fun wraparound bench

I suppose this Young Explorer (just like Dora, but you don’t have to move!) playset from Little Tikes is a more realistic toy for developing useful life skills than, say, the Hannah Montana FM Wireless Microphone. Twenty years from now, Striped Shirt is probably more likely to man a systems hub of animated slot machines than become an ego-straddling pop star. But it’s really too soon to say. [Gizmodo]

I’m just jealous. Kid! Trade lives with me!

Who’s cube is better — yours or Striped Shirt’s? (If only he was wearing a denim vest.)

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'Masters of the Universe' movie hires screenwriters

By the power of Grayskull, a new screenwriting team has been hired for the Masters of the Universe movie! Mike Finch and Alex Litvak are the scribes in question, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which says their addition “signals the project is being rebuilt from the ground up.” Apparently, Mattel took Masters of the Universe away from its last studio home due to creative differences.

I was a big He-Man guy once — when I was, like, three years old. Had the action figures and everything. Now, though, when I hear “By the power of Grayskull,” my first thought is Hot Fuzz. A feature-length motion picture about those toys I used to play with in the ’80s? Frankly, we’ve been dubious since this was first announced a year ago. Then again, I guess I’m not the target demo for this movie anymore. How about you?

iPad first-weekend sales: 700,000?

ipad-salesImage Credit: Brian Kersey/UPI /LandovApple might have sold as many as 700,000 iPads this past weekend, according to one analyst interviewed by Bloomberg News. That’s a big improvement over the estimates Bloomberg previously had assembled, which generally fell well below the 500,000 mark.

So that’s 700,000 people (maybe) walking around toting Apple’s new wonder machine. No doubt they are all very happy with their purchase. Well, at least 699,999 of them: “Dont know if i like my new ipad :(“, producer Swizz Beatz tweeted last night. When it comes to super-hyped high-tech consumer products, I guess Swizz is already on to the next one. On the other hand, the nifty “it” gadget certainly brought a smile to Jake Gyllenhaal‘s face, and Entourage star Adrian Grenier tweeted over the weekend that he loves being one of the “nerds” in San Francisco who ran out to pick one up.

iPad fever reaches new highs: Are you getting one?

The first reviews of the iPad are making the rounds this morning, and the overall impression is super positive. Come Saturday, the Internet will probably melt due to all the buzzing, so we’ll ask right now:

And if you bought one, what appeals most to you? Share in comments below.

Which other celebrity pinball machines should exist?

Some nerd named Ben Heckendorn created a pinball machine based on the collective works of Bill Paxton. Genius! Check out more photos, video demonstrations, and “Bill Paxton Pinball Evolution” on Ben’s blog; meanwhile, here are my Top Five Dream Celebrity Pinball Machines. I bet this guy gets commissioned for thousands of these things. [via Kotaku]

5. Belinda Carlisle
4. Tom Bergeron
3. Wendie Malick
2. Big Bird, with focus on his Asian travels
1. Jessica Walter

What are yours?

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'Mad Men' characters don't just look like Barbies...

They will be Barbies! Mattel is planning versions of Barbie and Ken modeled after Mad Men‘s Joan, Roger, Don, and Betty. If you can afford one of the 7,000 to 10,000 copies — they’re $74.95 each! — it will surely be your “statement doll.” According to the New York Times, in the interest of maintaining that wholesome Barbie image we all know and maybe have weird nightmares about as adults, “The dolls come with period accessories like hats, overcoats, pearls and padded undergarments, but no cigarettes, ashtrays, martini glasses or cocktail shakers.” What?! How will I make mine act out typical scenes like Draper dinner party, 11 a.m. in the Sterling-Cooper office, or working lunch? READ FULL STORY

'Plants vs. Zombies' (App review): Tower Defense gameplay...undead!

Surviving the zombie apocalypse is far from a fresh video game concept. But even within the overcrowded graveyard, PopCap’s wildly addictive and endlessly charming Plants vs. Zombies has managed to stick out like a decaying appendage from under a tombstone.

The folks who previously siphoned untold hours from our lives with can’t-put-‘em-down entries Bejeweled and Peggle now bring this latest pick-up-and-play hit to the iPhone. Like its PC predecessor, the App borrows the tried-and-true Tower Defense gameplay formula that’s been taxing our thumbs and brains for years, but injects it with fresh accessibility and appeal. The simple concept has players planting a variety of zombie-slaying seeds in their yard to keep the shuffling corpses from reaching their home — it’s easy to learn, but difficult to master. Over 40 types of seeds spawn an agricultural arsenal of pea shooters, undead-stomping squash, and butter-flinging corn on the cob; the aggressive parade of undead crazies use pogo sticks, ride dolphins, and even dance like Michael Jackson in “Thriller.” PvZ’s engaging style perfectly complements its strategy-driven play.

While the iPhone version does drop a few of the modes from the PC original, the content is still piled as high as the zombie corpses. And at just $2.99, you’d be as brain-less as the game’s flesh-craving freaks if you passed this one up.
Grade: A

Google Buzz logo has me a little bummed out

As a followup to Margaret’s more extensive post about Google Buzz from yesterday…is anyone else getting kind of annoyed by its adorable four-colored logo in Gmail? Every time I look at it, I’m less likely to want to use Google Buzz (for now) and more disappointed that clicking on the thingie will not let me play a Gmail-based game of Simon. (I realize you can play Simon on the internet already, but I don’t want to open a 14th tab. I’m too busy deciding which of my 231 Drafts to flesh out into a real live message!)

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Super Bowl ads: Five best and worst

Super Bowl XLIV is in the books, and while New Orleans’ come-from-behind triumph over Indianapolis was a thriller, Kim Kardashian’s team of choice was not the only winner on the evening. Indeed, the Super Bowl telecast featured more than 50 national advertisements — and at CBS’ premium prices for a 30-second spot, the need to get positive attention was more pronounced than you’d see in a week-long marathon of SuperNanny episodes. Some ads succeeded, some floundered, and some made us feel the burn of bile in our throats (combined with the distinctive flavor or cream-cheese-n-chili dip)…so without further ado, my picks for the five best and worst ads of the night. READ FULL STORY

Best Pez dispenser you ever owned?

I just read the New York Times‘ obituary of Curtis Allina, the candy company executive who died at 87 on Dec. 15 and was instrumental in putting the heads on Pez dispensers. Here are a few pieces of Pez trivia that I found slightly more tantalizing than lemon-flavored Pez: (1) The first Pez, in 1927 Austria, were mint-flavored and the name came from the German word Pfefferminz; (2) Pez has inspired a museum, a movie, and this one guy to cover an entire car in dispensers; (3) Flip-top Pez dispensers were modeled after cigarette lighters in hopes that the candy would provide an alternative to smoking. I wonder which Pez dispenser Don Draper would use (WPDWDDU?) if he suddenly had to quit. I’m thinking either Lisa Simpson Pez or Donatello from TMNT Pez. Then again, a simple, black Darth Vader dispenser is classic and would go with all outfits from all decades, except these.

What’s been your favorite Pez dispenser over the years? You’re probably cool and own a retired Peanuts Pez or a vintage 1970s Fireman Pez – no feet. Mine was pretty boring: the Daisy Duck one I carried around during high school. Goofy would have been a more appropriate character for me, but I liked that Daisy had a purple base instead of orange. I was so much gayer in high school. I especially liked dispensing Pez once every seven minutes during AP U.S. History because it felt like I was methodically dosing myself with magic pills to get me through the hour. I thought strawberry Pez went very nicely with a can of Mountain Dew. I also had Yoshi but ended up giving him away to a girl who was better at Super Mario Land than me. Out of respect.

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