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On the scene at Time To Play's toy fair: 'Cars 2,' 'Green Lantern,' 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' and more!

When I was assigned to cover yesterday’s Time To Play’s Spring Toy Showcase in New York, my brain immediately changed the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s “Boys Boys Boys.” As I walked from display to display, I couldn’t help but think, “Toys, toys, toys, we like toys from Cars.” One, because I was a little proud of my version, even if it lacked much creativity; and two, because the toys from Cars 2 were actually really awesome! I even got to take home a few things for myself. (Try not to be too jealous.) Here’s an on-the-scene look at the new toys coming to a playroom near you:

CARS 2 (June 24) The Cars franchise has continued to grow since Lightning McQueen won his first Piston Cup in 2006’s smash hit. Jim Silver, editor-in-chief of TimeToPlayMag.com, told reporters that he expects the Cars franchise to surpass the Toy Story franchise in terms of toys sold. (There’s irony at its finest.) One new character caught my eye — British master spy Finn McMissile (voiced by Michael Caine). I wasn’t completely impressed until I saw the Zero-Gravity McMissile in action. The car can drive on a flat surface, and then transition up a wall! (See below.) Color me impressed, along with everyone else who flocked to see the demonstration. The other new character on display was Francesco Bernoulli, the Italian race car voiced by John Turturro. READ FULL STORY

Who is this creepy doll supposed to be?

If only Our Gang was confronted with this doll, they’d never have briefly given up ownership of dear ol’ Petey. What? You say it’s not 1934? Okay, fine, then in modern terms, let’s just say this doll is extremely petrifying. But who is it? Michele Bachmann? Lynne from Real Housewives of Orange County? Someone who should get that purple growth checked out by a doctor? Answer after the jump! READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: 'Cars 2' toys are revving their engines, and I will hip-check you and your kid for first dibs

CARS-2Image Credit: DisneyDo you remember the thrill of anticipation when you raced through the aisles of a toy store to see if that one splendid piece of plastic you’d been obsessing over for weeks was waiting for you on a shelf? I certainly do, because I still feel it just about every time I’m in a toy store, a Target, or even the local food store. For I am, and have always been a collector — of Matchbox cars, of baseball cards, of music CDs, and now, as the father of a 5-year-old boy, of die-cast cars from the the Pixar film, Cars. I’m not certain how many little $3.99 vehicles we have in our home, but I can confirm that we have at least six different versions of Lightning McQueen. READ FULL STORY

'Green Lantern,' 'Twilight,' 'BioShock' action figures doll up Toy Fair 2011

toy-fair-2011Image Credit: Tonner Doll CompanyToys, toys, toys everywhere! This year’s Toy Fair kicked off yesterday, introducing a gaggle of action figures built around new movie franchises, upcoming videogames, and attractive vampire teenagers. Tons of photos from the event have shown up online, but I’d like to direct your attention to freakishly real-looking toys in particular. The “Jasper” figure (see left) from Twilight perfectly captures Jackson Rathbone’s elfen cheekbones — parents of 9-year-old girls, I present you with the only birthday present your daughter will really want this year. The Green Lantern action figure is also pretty spot-on — although Ryan Reynolds’ hair looks a little bit too Harry Osborn-esque — but what’s interesting is how organic-looking they’ve made the costume. It almost looks vaguely insectile. Check it out after the jump… READ FULL STORY

Clip du jour: Joy Division in Playmobil form

We’ve seen just about everything reimagined in Lego form, so now it’s a different European plastic toy’s turn. Joy Division as Playmobil! I can’t tell what’s better: the frantic drumming, or the idea that they make Playmobil dudes with scraggly hair. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: What's the best reaction you've ever had to a Christmas gift?

In attempt to get my mind off the video of the little boy who hates books the other day, I started thinking about my own reaction to Christmas presents as a kid. I recall wide, gap-tooth grins aplenty — especially when I’d unwrap a Fisher Price play food item or a new addition to my Playmobil collection — but I couldn’t remember ever witnessing or experiencing an especially strong positive or negative reaction to any present.

My dad, who I posed this question to, had a different story — and the best part was that it wasn’t about me. It was about my sister, Lucy (who I wish I could tell you was named after the Peanuts character, but she wasn’t). “Mija had heart attacks. I was always afraid of giving her something and killing her,” dad quipped.

The best reaction, he claims, was to her purple-haired Rio doll she got Christmas in ’86. My sister, the biggest Jem fan of the era, had begged and pleaded for the powerfully ugly doll for a while, so she blew my parents’ ears out with excited shrieks (by dad’s recount) when the plastic love of her life was revealed under the tree, ’80s sportscoat and all.

She subsequently lost her wits again a few months later, when Rio’s head unceremoniously popped off and couldn’t be fixed. Luckily, my ridiculously dedicated parents, victims of the pre-eBay era, packed up their station wagon the next weekend and drove the family (then minus me) two hours to Corpus Christi, Texas to get her a new one from an out-of-the-way toy store rumored to be carrying them. Now, that’s love.

Your turn, PopWatchers. What is the best reaction to a toy you’ve seen on Christmas? And most importantly, what toy was it?

Last but not least, a PopWatch PSA: Remember to donate one toy for every evil deed you’ve done this year. The $100 I just dropped at Target says my slate is clean until Jan. 1. Well, it’s at least half-way clean, which is good enough for me.

Kid scolds parents for gifting him books for Christmas. I run to hug my ‘Goodnight Moon.’
Which toy from your childhood do you miss the most?

Watch Funny or Die's 'Human Centipede' sketch: It's 100 percent medically accurate AND 100 percent NSFW

In the months since Tom Six unleashed his freakish horror film Human Centipede — in which a crazy German surgeon stitches together three unfortunate souls to make (bingo!) a human centipede — we’ve seen all manner of unauthorized spin-offs and items of general weirdness. There’s been the Human Centipede video game, the Human Centipede foot tattoo (well, technically, “feet tattoo,” I guess), the House/Human Centipede 2 parody poster, the Human Centipede cat toy, and of course, the inevitable Human Centipede sock monkey.

In fact, it is tempting to accuse the team over at Funny or Die of outrageous slow-pokery, given that they’ve only just gotten around to delivering a Centipede-oriented sketch. But I’m not going to do so, because the skit — which you can watch below — is too darned funny. But be warned: It’s also pretty darned disgusting.

Check it out and tell us what you think. Does it have you in, uh, stitches? And are you looking forward to Six’s sequel, The Human Centipede (Full Sequence), which he has said will make the original look like My Little Pony (and which IFC recently picked up for distribution)?


'Glee' crafts: For the Gleek who wants a Brittany rag doll

brittany-dollGlee is a rerun tonight, so rather than perform my typical pre-show ablutions, I instead turned my attention to the wondrous powers of the Internet. And behold, the Internet smiled upon me. Check out all these fun Glee crafts! I’m particularly taken with this Brittany doll. If only you could pull a string and hear one of her amazing one-liners. I couldn’t find a Rachel doll, but I did find this American Girl doll outfit, so…yeah.

On the more grown-up side of things, this Gleek necklace is a mere $15, and understated enough that you could probably wear it in normal life and not feel like a total choochbag.

Finally, if you’re more into the decor side of things, this meticulously cross-stitched “Who is Josh Groban? Kill yourself!” sampler is the bee’s knees.

Admit, Gleeks: You have some Glee stuff. Right?

Children reenact 'Inception' trailer with household items and their dog

Remember how awesome the Inception trailer was? Then remember when everyone decided they needed to make their own spoof version? (Dora’s Incepcion, anyone?) Everyone wanted in on summer’s blockbuster hit. The people over at MakerBaker (they make and bake things, hence the name) are a little late to the game, but I think it was well worth the wait.

They decided to reenact the trailer using things they found around the house. I have to say they do a pretty good job. For a refresher, take a look at the original Inception trailer here. Then, watch the MakerBaker’s version after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Hurricane Earl preparation: Which pop culture board game will you be dusting off?

hurricane-earlA storms a-brewin’, PopWatchers! The Category 4 unsexy beast goes by the name Earl, and he’s headed to a coast hopefully not near you. The latest projected path has the little bastard ruining weekends along the coast from North Carolina to Maine, according to reports.

For our Boredom Forecast, I’ll toss to, well, me again. Unfortunately, most people will have to nix all planned outdoor activities (sans hurricane streaking!) due to the weather. Conditions are looking even worse if you end up being among the unlucky without power. As you’re probably well aware, no TV and no computer make PopWatchers go something something. That’s why proper precautions must be taken.

I recommend keeping the Friends Ultimate Trivia Game next to your batteries, canned goods, first aid supplies, and tequila. If you do not like Friends, get out of here now try the Saved By the Bell game. I don’t own it, but the tagline says: “Go on a different perfect date every time you play.” I like those odds. Just don’t waste your time trying to save the Backstreet Boys Around the World game from any rising waters. I own two (one for playing, one for preserving, duh!), and I wish I hadn’t lost my receipt in 2006.

Your turn. When the power goes out, all the books are read, and you need a pop culture fix, what pop culture-themed board game are you reaching for? Which ones do you own but are so bad they’re not worth selling on eBay?

This has been your PopWatch Weather report. For more, follow @EWSandra. And, in all seriousness, be safe.

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