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The 20 Best Summer Blockbusters of All Time: 'Toy Story 3'


Pixar must have known what it was doing when it scheduled Toy Story 3 for Fathers’ Day weekend 2010, over a decade after the release of Toy Story 2. For as much as kids were eager to catch up with Woody and Buzz, it was the fathers who inevitably stayed in their seats during the film’s closing credits, trying to compose themselves before their children noticed dad’s cheeks were wet. Adult conversations about the film that summer often began with, “Sooo… Did you cry?” or rather, “How hard did you cry?” READ FULL STORY

Iron Man Mr. Potato Head? Must be Tony Starch! -- FIRST LOOK

Sure, the other spuds settle for tin foil but, as you can see yourself, there’s nothing typical about this tuber. Allow us to introduce a sleek new Iron Man Mr. Potato Head, a rocketing russet of red-and-gold who is making his world debut today both here on EW.com and at the 110th American International Toy Fair, which got underway Friday in New York despite some weather challenges.

The armored hero (we can call him Tony Starch!) joins two other heroic veggies — Wolverine Mr. Potato Head and Thor Mr. Potato Head — as the vanguard of a new Marvel line that will try to stir attention as a collector’s item. The product description from Hasbro: “The attention to detail, scale and consistent design elements … with a variety of fun components to mix and match, or collectors can proudly display them thanks to their compact size and design intricacy.”

Iron Man has been a Mr. Potato Head before but the other tough guys are newbies. All three of characters are returning to the big screen in 2013 and collectively (if you count cameos) they will finish the year with appearances in 14 feature films.

As Hollywood brands go, actually, Mr. Potato Head hasn’t exactly been sitting at home on the couch. Toy Story 3, his third movie, now stands as the highest-grossing animated film in international box office history with a take of more than $1 billion.The Pixar success is merely one chapter in the long, strange saga of a toy brand that was (appropriately) ground-breaking when it first came into view in 1952. To help you peel back the history, here are five fully baked facts about Mr. Potato Head.

1. He was alive once. Seriously, the first Mr. Potato Head’s were genuine potatoes that had been fashioned into “unique” playthings with a kit that came with 28 items (16 body parts, eight pieces of felt hair, three hats and a pipe). Check out a vintage commercial…



'Phantom Menace' will eclipse 'Dark Knight' grosses -- Is Top 10 quality going down like the 'Titanic'?

News broke today that Star Wars: Episode 1 — The Phantom Menace, thanks to its recent 3-D re-release, is on track to surpass 2008’s The Dark Knight in box office grosses. This infusion of money will make Phantom Menace the 10th highest-grossing film of all time. Many would argue that Christopher Nolan’s twisty Batman Begins sequel is far superior to George Lucas’ uncontrollable exercise in CGI, and it got us thinking: Are the newest crop of movies to join the top 10 (six since Avatar kick-started a box office frenzy in 2009) demonstrably worse than their chart-mates? Well… yes and no. See the new top 10 list below. READ FULL STORY

Libby Gelman-Waxner Answers Your Questions...about Fassbender, 3-D, and Fassbender in 3-D

First of all, I would just like to say that I am totally thrilled to be answering questions from my devoted readers, who are simply the most culturally aware, emotionally available, and physically attractive people on earth. I’m not claiming that people who read other critics are small, misshapen creatures with wasted lives, but only because, like my readers, I have perfect manners.

Hello Libby — I see every new release that comes into theaters, I love cinema, but for the life of me, I cannot understand the love of Hugo. Sure, it was shot beautifully, but I felt it was choppy, as if a multitude of stories were being told at once, with no single thread coming to an acceptable conclusion. Am I crazy?

Anthony Covino

Dear Anthony,

I enjoyed Hugo, especially because it was set in the most gorgeously art-directed, turn-of-the-century Parisian railroad station; it was like an enchanted French food court, from a time before Pinkberry. Hugo himself was such an adorably tousled waif that for a second I thought he was Amelie’s kid sister, but he got to live in the train station and keep all of the station’s clocks running on time, which is a perfect form of child labor for a cinematic fairy tale. Was the movie choppy? I would say the film was a touch leisurely, but even when the plot took a hairpin turn and began depicting the birth of cinema, I was happy, because I knew that the director, Martin Scorsese, was blissing out. READ FULL STORY

Tom Hanks says Pixar is working on 'Toy Story 4'; Should Woody and Buzz make sequels to infinity and beyond?

When a movie grosses more than a billion dollars at the global box-office, you better believe there’s going to be a sequel (or two). So I know I shouldn’t have been surprised when Tom Hanks, currently in England promoting Larry Crowne, let slip that the Toy Story gang was not about to be packed away in the Disney/Pixar attic. “Yeah, I think they’re working on it now,” he answered interviewer Tim Muffett when asked whether fans can expect another helping of Woody and Buzz. Disney didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment about any plans for a Toy Story 4, but after seeing them in the short that played before Cars 2, it’s clear these characters are still very much in play. READ FULL STORY

Oscar Twitter stats: James Franco feels the online love/wrath

James Franco may not have won the Best Actor Oscar, or the hearts of Oscar watchers (save our Ken Tucker), but according to Tweetbeat, which tracks the most talked about things on Twitter, he was by far the most tweeted about personality during last night’s Academy Awards. Of the estimated 400,000 Oscar-related tweets logged — half as many as the Super Bowl — 21,117 of them involved the actor/cohost. Anne Hathaway was the second most mentioned person with 14,530 tweets — though users were kinder to her than Franco. See the full Top 10 list below, along with other fun stats such as: the Top 3 most tweeted designers during the red carpet, the moments that caused “unexpected spikes of tweets” (hello, Melissa Leo!), which films were referenced the most (and whether those sentiments were positive or negative), and who Kirk Douglas bested… READ FULL STORY

This YouTube tribute to Pixar will leave you wanting a hug -- and a Pixar movie-night

In a choir of people who sing the praises of Pixar daily, a man named Leandro Copperfield has succeeded in distinguishing himself by producing a tribute to the animation studio that itself is worthy of laud — and maybe a few tears.

Admittedly the first song of three in the video, a new wave tune from the xx, is a strange fit. But I dare you to find a more appropriate sound to accompany the sight of the balloons flying out of the house from Up. (The intercutting with gazing Woody was also a nice touch).

Looking at Pixar’s greatest works (um, which is pretty much all of their works), it’s easy to see why the studio’s movies boast an impressive Rotten Tomatoes streak. Toy Story 3, in fact, was honored today with a Golden Tomato Award for being the site’s highest-rated movie of 2010. (EW’s Owen Gleiberman was among the stumpers.)

So watch this for yourself, PopWatchers — after work, of course, because it’s seven minutes long. And tell me what you think. READ FULL STORY

'Toy Story 3' tops Tarantino's list of fave films from 2010

Tarantino-Toy-Story-3Image Credit: C2C/Beth Wagner/PR Photos; Disney/PixarQuentin Tarantino has released the list of his 20 favorite films from 2010, with Toy Story 3 earning the top spot over The Social Network. We suspect this means Tarantino, like 87 percent of the 18,000 PopWatch readers who responded to a poll after TS3‘s release, cried watching it (perhaps as 57 percent of readers, more than once). Has his list inspired you to give any movie a try? I’ve been hanging on to free copies of Knight and Day and Robin Hood — perhaps I’ll finally press play. Though we haven’t been able to get the Tarantino Archives link to work, below is the list as reported. I enjoyed Tangled, but I’m surprised to see it at No. 5, above True Grit and The Town. Regardless of how your list matches up to Tarantino’s, you’ve got to a love a director (albeit one known as a massive movie fan) having the cojones to rank his peers’ work. READ FULL STORY

What were your favorite movie scenes of 2010?

toy-story-3Image Credit: Disney/PixarWhen I eventually look back at 2010, I’ll reflect upon the films that mattered, the films that dared to be different, and the films that made an impact on my heart and mind. But as time goes on, my impressions of many of my favorite films will inevitably be boiled down to a series of spectacular moments. For example, I revere The Silence of the Lambs, and I’ve seen it enough times to know it by heart. But there’s one scene that encapsulates my experience with those characters. You know the scene. Other times, that keystone scene isn’t so universal, and that makes it almost more special. There’s a scene in You’ve Got Mail (Yes, You’ve Got Mail!!!) where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan finally decide to meet in-person, and when he learns that his cyberpal is actually his sworn enemy, he pretends to just bump into her and then razzes her for being stood-up. Ryan’s character ends up snapping back at him, and his body absorbs every cruel verbal dart. (“That’s my cue.”) It always breaks my heart a little bit. When I choose to think of that movie, I think of that scene.

This year, like any other, had its share of classic scenes, but there are three in particular that stood out to me:

3. Natalie Portman’s transformation into the Black Swan. READ FULL STORY

Johnny Depp, 'Inception' top IMDb's year-end polls

wonderlandImage Credit: DisneyIMDb released its users “STARmeter” picks for the year, which are completely based on “search behavior.” And lo, we search for who we love. The top slot this year went to Johnny Depp, which marks his sixth win in the category. Kristen Stewart came in second, followed by Robert Pattinson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr., Christian Bale, Gerard Butler, Megan Fox and Zoë Saldana. Interesting!

IMDb users also rated movies all year, and at the top of that heap is Inception. The wisdom of crowds, you guys! Toy Story 3 was second, followed by The Social Network, How to Train Your Dragon, Tangled, Kick-Ass, Shutter Island, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and The Town. This list is actually a bit more surprising — I know people loved Dragon, but I didn’t know it was that popular.

Do either of these lists surprise you, PopWatchers?

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