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'Top Chef' recap: The problem with peas

For all his “alpha male” talk, Kenny really is just a cuddly teddy bear. Whether he’s scrunched up in bed, pondering his low rank in last week’s episode or strutting around the house in his cozy bathrobe, he’s just a big lug.

Angelo, on the other hand, is as deceiving as they get. I mean how can you expect us to believe you’re actually sad to see Tamesha gone when you’re wearing neon green?

And that’s how the episode pretty much opened, because the only interesting aspect of this season is watching Kenny and Angelo duke it out. (Though I’m also rooting for Kevin to pull through.) READ FULL STORY

'Top Chef' recap: The competition is getting ugly

recap-top-chefImage Credit: David Giesbrecht/BravoThings got positively nasty on last night’s Top Chef, and I’m not just talking about the lying, strategizing, and former foes showing up.

To kick things off, the episode opened with duck testicles – and Angelo in a backwards hat that looked more like a surgery cap. And then it dawned on me that Angelo bears somewhat of a resemblance to Dr. Robert Rey from E!’s Dr. 90210, and we all know that if Angelo was any kind of doctor, he’d be a plastic surgeon. READ FULL STORY

'Top Chef' recap: Love is in the air

Top-Chef-PadmaImage Credit: David Giesbrecht/BravoLast night’s Top Chef was all about love, but not the fuzzy, melt-your-heart kind. No, yesterday we saw the less attractive side of love with everything from predator behavior (Angelo) to venereal disease (crabs). The latter may have been just a way to segue to a quickfire about crabs, but when Angelo said, “I had crabs, so it just brought back bad memories,” I couldn’t tell if he was serious. There’s a good chance he was trying to make a joke, which as we all could’ve guessed, means he doesn’t know how to. READ FULL STORY

Lunchtime Poll: What the hell was Padma wearing?

padma-shirt-top-chefImage Credit: David Giesbrecht/BravoI’m sure it’s like an expensive designer top or whatever, but this does not change the fact that during the Quickfire Challenge on last night’s Top Chef, Padma Lakshmi looked like a very fancy turtle.

Or maybe the black stuff is a shield with which she can keep Angelo’s honey-tinged baby food away from her newborn or fend off physical advances from Alex in heat during his “Make Baby, Not Food” crusade, though if that were the case the shield should really be lower.

Vote in today’s more-poignant-than usual Lunchtime Poll, below.

'Top Chef' recap: This kitchen ain't big enough for the both of you

Top-Chef-Brian-SpikeWe’re back at the Top Chef headquarters where, after last week’s doozy of a grilling challenge (seriously, why did so many of the chef’testants not know how to grill?), Arnold was positively bursting with joy having managed to grill well enough to win and not clog his pores. Meanwhile, Andrea lamented Tracey’s elimination, telling us that they became buds. Did they share a bond of being really forgettable?

But all of the emotions came to a halt when they saw baby toys in the TC kitchen. Alphabet blocks and really, really adorable rubber duckies cluttered the counter. But, as usual, the show managed to turn something beloved into something so sinister with a fairly tough challenge in which the chef’testants had to create an adult dish that could be pureed for a baby as well. You see, Tom and Padma are new parents and, apparently, Gerber just ain’t cuttin’ it in the households Colicchio and Lakshmi. READ FULL STORY

'Top Chef' recap: Life's not always a picnic

Top-Chef-PadmaTop Chef contestants have been through some pretty tough challenges like, say, cooking for Joel Roubuchon a.k.a. “Chef of the Century.” Yet somehow when Padma announced this week’s quickfire, the expression on their faces looked as though she had said something atrocious, something in the vein of, “Toby Young is back.”

Thankfully, it was less frightening; they had to make pies for Padma and “pastry god” and Cry-Baby extra Johnny Iuzzini, the head pastry chef at Jean Georges.

But, you see, making a dessert is a fast way to end up like the dreadlocks on Jon-we-hardly-knew-ye: dead and kind of smelly. And the excitement in the room was palpable: READ FULL STORY

'Top Chef' recap: Cooking for the kids and Kass

Top-Chef-Stephen-JacqThere’s a place called Washington, D.C. where there are fat cats, along with bulls and bears, and people saying things like “senate majority” and “sexual relations.” In this land, things are blue and red, and there are a lot of white buildings, where famous stuff happened.

Oh? What’s that? You’ve heard of this place? It’s where who lives?

Well, I’m with you, but apparently the Bravo producers are not because they want you to know that their new home turf is all politics and bad puns like “bipartisandwich,” which elicited a collective groan in the Top Chef kitchen. But I’ll leave the filibusters to Padma. READ FULL STORY

'Top Chef' premiere recap: Washington D.C., it's paradise to me

Top-Chef-PadmaImage Credit: David Giesbrecht/BravoWelcome back, Top Chef fans! It’s been a while since we last spoke (Padma had a baby, if you hadn’t heard), but season seven kicked off last night and with it, we met a crop of new cheftestants eager to take home the prize and achieve reality show fame. Branded non-stick pans and barbecue sauce await!

Last season in Vegas, TC was all about gambling and casinos, so naturally with this season set in the nation’s capital, we can expect plenty of flags and Yankee Doodle music. Best of all, though, Eric Ripert has joined the panel as a permanent judge. Can I get a double amen? He was one of my favorite guest judges, thanks to his focused opinions and clearly prolific resume. READ FULL STORY

'Top Chef' adds Eric Ripert to the judges' table

Eric-RipertImage Credit: Rob Kim/Retna LtdI know that Top Chef: Masters is currently airing on Bravo, but, in my opinion, it just doesn’t compare to the original. (I’d much rather see someone who could actually benefit from winning the competition than someone who has already established him or herself in the food world.) For those of you who have been conducting your own quickfire challenges each morning to make up for the lack of Top Chef, the wait will soon be over: Top Chef: Washington D.C. premieres on June 16!

Accomplished chef Eric Ripert will be joining Padma, Gail, and recent James Beard Award-winner Tom Colicchio at the judges’ table for seventh season. No stranger to the nation’s capital, Ripert got his start in the States at Jean Louis at the Watergate Hotel, before moving on to Le Bernardin in New York City (where he would become a mentor to season six finalist Jen “bitch in the kitchen” Carroll). A frequent guest judge, Ripert is a more than deserving choice, but I have to say I’ll miss Toby Young’s snark when eating something particularly repugnant.

According to Bravo, season seven “captures the varied tastes of Washington D.C.” and will feature appearances by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Aaron Schock, Senator Mark Warner, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, and Buzz Aldrin (who is certainly having a great 2010!). READ FULL STORY

'Marcel's Quantum Kitchen': Is this what we want from 'Top Chef' contestants?

marcelImage Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/BravoMarcel from Top Chef is getting his own show on Syfy, and yet my dream of a Kevin Gillespie show called “First We Cook, Then We Cuddle” goes unfulfilled. The world is pretty unfair, you guys.

Here’s Syfy’s description of Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen: “In each episode, Marcel and his new catering and event company will be hired by a demanding client to produce an extraordinary celebration or event. Based on the client’s requests, Marcel will dream up a theme and cuisine…” So it’s Ace of Cakes, minus the charm (and Charm City).

I wish MQK was going to be a hardcore kitchen chemistry series that explored and explained crazy techniques. But a personality-driven, feat-of-the-week Food Network Lite show? Unappetizing.

Okay, PopWatchers, you’re in charge: What kind of show would you create for your favorite former Top Chef contestant?

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