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Mitt Romney quotes 'Friday Night Lights': 'Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose' -- VIDEO

Ann Romney is a big fan of Modern Family — but it seems like her husband’s more of a Friday Night Lights kind of guy. The former governor of Massachusetts quoted the TV series’ Coach Taylor in a speech today, though he didn’t single out Kyle Chandler’s character by name.

After telling an audience about a cancer-stricken boy named David Oparowski, Romney slipped in the money quote: “I saw some years later a phrase that seemed to capture my memory of David Oparowski: Clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose.” (On the show, the “hearts” were generally plural.)

And Romney didn’t stop there: “This is something that we share in this country,” he continued. “Men and women of clear eyes, full hearts, and America can’t lose.” Check out the video below:


Suffering from 'Downton' deprivation? Try Encore's 'Titanic: Blood and Steel'

You can be forgiven for rolling your eyes upon hearing that Encore — a movie channel best known as “the one that isn’t HBO, or Showtime, or Starz, or Cinemax” — is trying to get into the original programming game with a miniseries called Titanic: Blood and Steel. The 12-hour program premieres at 8 p.m.Monday and will air for two hours each night through Saturday, when it concludes with the legendary ship setting sail on its maiden voyage. (Everyone knows nothing interesting happens after that point.)

But though Titanic: Blood and Steel‘s very existence may seem unnecessary — especially so soon after Julian Fellowes’ ill-fated Titanic miniseries — the series itself doesn’t really invite a predictable, unflattering comparison to James Cameron’s canonical take on the Unsinkable Ship. Instead, Blood and Steel reminded me more of the drama that made Fellowes famous: Downton Abbey.


David Blaine gets electrified, but where are the sparks?

Image credit: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

Less than seven hours remain until the completion of magician David Blaine’s most electrifying feat.

Blaine has been balancing on a tiny, elevated platform surrounded by one million volts of electricity for the last three days. (This is the longest the illusionist has ever stayed awake during a stunt.) Power is generated by the public who use Ultrabook devices to control the direction and intensity of the light and sound emitted by Tesla coils.

With the exception of a few shocking moments of beauty and awe where Blaine was surrounded by a cloud of blue streaks of electricity, his stunt has yet to deliver any great wows. “Electrified” seems like more of a glorified corporate sponsorship with Ultrabook than a Blaine-worthy feat. READ FULL STORY

David Blaine to go electric -- Look back on his most memorable stunts

David Blaine has announced his next stunt and this one’s literally shocking.

The illusionist held a press conference on Tuesday to describe the challenge, which is called “Electrified: One Million Volts Always On.” Starting on Friday, Blaine will spend three days and three nights conducting a million volts of current channeled by Tesla coils in a stunt worthy of Jason Statham’s Crank character. (Hey studios, I’m thinking Crank 3: Tesla Ignition.) The illusion will take place on New York’s Pier 54, where spectators will be allowed to participate by writing messages to Blaine, manipulating the current around him and generally helping him stay awake. Here’s hoping David Bowie puts in an appearance.

“I don’t know how I could ever top this,” Blaine said. “This is an overly-ambitious idea, and I’m literally shocked that it came together. This is one of the craziest things that I ever dreamed up, and I don’t know how I could go beyond it.”

In honor of Friday’s stunt, we’ve put together a list of his most memorable feats thus far. Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

'Gangnam Style' video without music: Is it art?

Youtube user Moto2h has done what any enterprising fan would do in our digital age: replace the backing music from the Korean pop hit “Gangnam Style” with found sound that replicates the setting. But is it art? Of course that depends on what you consider art. But if Damien Hirst can convince the world a stuffed shark is worth millions of dollars, then this clever little video belongs in the Louvre.

In the reimagined version of “Gangnam Style,” we’re left with Psy, the world’s flavor of the split-second, rapping a cappella and doing his pony dance without the contextual benefit of throbbing synthesizers. So instead of being cheeky and fun, now it’s got the jarring hyper-realism of a Lars Von Trier flick.

Granted, any music video without the music would make the artist look insane. But in the spirit of relevance – “Gangnam Style” has approximately 13 kajillion likes on Youtube – it’s poking fun at what is truly a cultural phenomenon.

Check out the video after the jump, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.


'The X Factor': Trevor Moran needs an ambulance; Fox needs to stop it with the lame ambulance cliffhangers

Fox continues to use minor tragedies and ambulances to shamelessly promote its musical reality competitions. Earlier this year, during American Idol auditions, we got our first auditions episode CLIFFHANGER when Symone Black fell off the stage during Hollywood Week. This time it’s 13-year-old YouTube sensation Trevor Moran, the little kid who danced around the Apple Store. READ FULL STORY

Rihanna tweets prayers, 'best wishes' to Chris Brown before his court date

Image credit: Scott Gries/Getty Images

Rihanna continues to evolve into hip-hop’s version of Tammy Wynette. Before yesterday’s court date to determine whether Chris Brown violated the terms of his probation for assaulting Rihanna in 2009, the songstress tweeted “Praying for you baby, my best wishes are with you today! Remember that whatever God does in our lives, it is WELL DONE!!! #1Love.”

For fear that her “baby” didn’t get the first message, she tweeted directly at his handle again four hours later. “I’m praying for you and wishing u the best today!”

“Thank u so much,” he responded. She must have just forgotten why he’s on probation. These things happen. READ FULL STORY

Seahawks win, NFL loses, Twitter explodes

If the best sports officials are the ones you never notice, then the zebras who worked the Green Bay versus Seattle football game last night will live in infamy. With the National Football League at a labor impasse with their regular on-field officials, the league has been using replacement refs so far this season — to less than stellar reviews. Last night, though, things hit rock bottom, as the fill-ins made a mockery of the rules, were openly derided by the ESPN announcing crew, and handed the game to Seattle by ruling a touchdown on the last play of the game. Confusion erupted in Seattle after one referee credited Seattle’s Golden Tate with the game-winning catch — despite the fact that he clearly shoved a defender in the back and didn’t really have sole possession. Another referee seemed poised to call the play an interception, but after reviewing the play on instant replay, the officials double-downed on their error and ruled touchdown, giving Seattle a 14-12 victory.

Twitter immediately exploded, and not just from the sports world. (ESPN reports that the bad call impacted at least $150 million in bets — the Packers were favored by 3.5.)

Watch the play below and read some choice tweets: READ FULL STORY

Emmy Awards Parties: What EW saw last night

The California sun is like a mythical creature that sucks the soul out of you. And after three hours on an outdoor red carpet and another three hours sitting through a largely predictable Emmy ceremony, the celebs and all their friends were ready for a little fun last night. EW hit up two of the hottest spots in town: Fox’s post-Emmys soirée and the legendary HBO afterparty.

First stop: Fox post-Emmys bash, held at Soleto

Located just minutes from the site of the Emmys — but a trek still worthy of a car ride, especially in heels — word is that this Fox bash was the first major event to be held at Soleto, a 3,000+ square foot space that opened this summer. By day it’s a pizza bar; by night, it’s a swanky maze of a venue that provided a nice mix of larger open spaces and slightly darkened corners for more intimate socializing. Spotted in a cranny? The pint-sized half of Modern Family‘s cast, who were all generally spotted in pairs. There was no breaking up that Emmy-adorned family. READ FULL STORY

'Glee' Britney tribute -- Silly or mean? POLL

You want a piece of her?

Britney Spears was the name of the hour last night on Glee, with the show performing eight more of her songs, after a first “tribute” episode for the singer aired during the show’s second season.

Quality-wise, the episode was enjoyable with well-produced numbers throughout. But on Access Hollywood today, host Billy Bush reported that he’d spoken with Britney’s manager this morning, and her team was livid over the portrayal, which they had no idea was coming. (EW reached out to Spears’ publicist, who has yet to respond.)

If true, I can definitely see where the anger comes from. While the first Britney episode was about overcoming challenges, this tribute episode seemed to focus on the darkest periods of her life and make jokes about it. Everything from shaving her head and fighting with the paparazzi to her disastrous 2007 VMA performance was referenced in some way. On the show, Brittany was going through a similar breakdown that mirrored Spears’. I’m not sure “tribute” was necessarily the right word for this hour of television. It’s a part of her legacy, sure, but it’s not the part we need to celebrate.


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