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'Titanic,' 'Seinfeld' top best of '90s poll

Ahh, nostalgia. Between VH1’s I Love the 2000s and National Geographic’s The ’90s: The Last Great Decade?, it appears that there’s been a whole lot of looking back at our fairly recent history. But how do people really feel about the turn of the century?

Through a survey, Nat Geo gauged America’s attitudes toward the ’90s specifically, asking whether it really was “The Last Great Decade.” Here are the pop culture results: READ FULL STORY

Leonardo DiCaprio on 'Titanic': 'I'm incredibly proud of it'

Remember that time when Leonardo DiCaprio starred in that one movie about that one boat? Titanic, it might have been called? Just kidding. We know it’s Titanic because we’ve watched it a million times, and DiCaprio appreciates that. READ FULL STORY

SNL: Here are two GIFs of Leo and Jonah's 'Titanic' hug

Admit it, your favorite part of Saturday’s SNL was Leonardo DiCaprio’s surprise cameo during Jonah Hill’s monologue. Below, find two GIFs of Leo and Jonah reenacting a famous scene from Titanic. READ FULL STORY

Netflix Instant: Five movies to stream before they expire


It’s out with the old and in with the new on Netflix. Come New Year’s Day, more than 80 titles will expire and no longer be available for instant streaming.

Here are five great movies you should stream one more time before they vanish from Netflix’s instant streaming lineup come Jan. 1:

That crazy 'World War Z' alternate ending: How does it compare to these gems? -- VIDEO

How does a simple zombie movie rack up a $200 million budget? Three words: Reshoots, reshoots, reshoots.

As EW’s Geoff Boucher reported in his World War Z cover story this past March, the film originally built to a climactic zombie battle that was to be shot in Budapest. But after filming was underway, Paramount decided to bring in a pair of new screenwriters — ex-Lostie Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard of The Cabin in the Woods — to reshape the movie’s third act.

The Budapest sequence was largely left on the cutting room floor– but thanks to Movies.com, we now know what would have happened in it if the studio hadn’t changed directions: READ FULL STORY

From 'Jurassic Park' to 'Back to the Future': Movies meant to be seen on the big screen

Lightning strikes the clock tower in Back to the Future. Panoramic helicopter shots sweep over the hills of Middle-earth in Lord of the Rings. Jack and Rose hold each other on the bow of the Titanic. These are images that we may see over and over again on our living room TVs, but there’s nothing like seeing them on the big screen.

King of the world – or at least the box office – James Cameron has said that watching movies like Avatar on an iPhone “is dumb.” While I won’t totally discount the value of being able to consume entertainment on the go on a portable device, I do agree a massive screen and a quality sound system – not to mention viewing with an audience – is key to the full experience of epic blockbusters like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars.

So as Jurassic Park heads back to theaters for its 20th anniversary this weekend (with an added dimension), let’s take a moment to celebrate a few of the movies built for a big screen and a big audience, starting with the 1993 dinosaur epic now playing in 3-D.


Titanic II is happening, but it's not the Kate Winslet/Leo DiCaprio reunion you were hoping for

Your decade-old “King of the World” fantasies with Leonardo DiCaprio just got one step closer to reality.

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer announced yesterday that he planned to build Titanic II, a “full-scale recreation” of the doomed ship that sank in 1912. Showing the above computer-generated blueprint, Palmer said the ship will have its maiden voyage in 2016, and will travel from Shanghai to Southampton, England, and then on to New York. Once it is up and running, Palmer plans to have the Titanic II — which, in keeping with the original, won’t have television or Internet — in business constantly.


PopWatch Confessional: Do you cry at all the wrong movies?

After seeing Safe Haven this weekend and not shedding a tear, I realized I don’t cry at Nicholas Sparks movies — even though they pull out all the stops: war, cancer, the beauty of nature, Alzheimer’s … sometimes all in the same film. Although this fills me with pride, it also makes me think about when I do cry at movies, and it turns out, the issue might be with me. So here goes my confession: I cry at all the wrong movies. READ FULL STORY

Suffering from 'Downton' deprivation? Try Encore's 'Titanic: Blood and Steel'

You can be forgiven for rolling your eyes upon hearing that Encore — a movie channel best known as “the one that isn’t HBO, or Showtime, or Starz, or Cinemax” — is trying to get into the original programming game with a miniseries called Titanic: Blood and Steel. The 12-hour program premieres at 8 p.m.Monday and will air for two hours each night through Saturday, when it concludes with the legendary ship setting sail on its maiden voyage. (Everyone knows nothing interesting happens after that point.)

But though Titanic: Blood and Steel‘s very existence may seem unnecessary — especially so soon after Julian Fellowes’ ill-fated Titanic miniseries — the series itself doesn’t really invite a predictable, unflattering comparison to James Cameron’s canonical take on the Unsinkable Ship. Instead, Blood and Steel reminded me more of the drama that made Fellowes famous: Downton Abbey.


'MythBusters' settles 'Titanic' debate! Could Jack and Rose both have survived? The answer...

Spoiler alert! Sunday night on Discovery’s MythBusters, hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman took on the most requested myth in the show’s history: Did Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) needlessly die in James Cameron’s Titanic, or could he and Rose (Kate Winslet) have both survived on that wooden board? Cameron himself appeared in the episode, explaining that the film’s rerelease in 3D reignited the debate and he needs to know whether the movie got it right, or, as he says fans put it to him in dozens of emails every day, “Rose is a selfish so-and-so and Jack’s an idiot.” The answer… READ FULL STORY

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