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'True Detective' creator had 'no idea' about Matthew McConaughey's eerie 'Unsolved Mysteries' gig -- VIDEO


A long, long time ago, when the star of Dallas Buyers Club was just a slip of a McConaughey, he made his onscreen debut in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

McConaughey played Larry Dickens, a heroic young man who confronts a pedophile and ends up being shot 14 times for his trouble. Also, his character’s mother is called Dorothy Lang. Hmm — McConaughey going up against a sex offender, a name that’s thisclose to Dora Lange… sounds a lot like HBO’s True Detective, doesn’t it? There’s even a red pickup truck! (And, yes, strategic shirtlessness; once a McConaughey, always a McConaughey.) READ FULL STORY

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