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Tim Tebow saves puppies, delivers a baby in T-Mobile Super Bowl ad -- VIDEO


Football player Tim Tebow delivers a baby, saves puppies from a burning building, captures Big Foot, rocks onstage, and rides a bull in T-Mobile’s two Super Bowl ads. He’s doing all these things, of course, because as a free agent, he doesn’t have a contract to bring him down. T-Mobile is promoting their contract-free agreements now, which explains the choice to have Tebow star in the ads. Watch the clips below: READ FULL STORY

Forbes names Tim Tebow America's Most Influential Athlete... proving that NFL teams don't read Forbes

A mathematical formula is only useful if it confirms what the observer knows to be empirically true, like two plus two is four. Applying that logic to something more complex, if I told you that I had a system that could quantify and rank the biggest movie stars of all time, you would be immediately skeptical if my calculations insisted the top 3 were Emilio Estevez, Burt Reynolds, and George Raft. All three actors were stars, of course, but clearly, my movie-star algorithm has a few kinks.

So when Forbes magazine announced that Tim Tebow is the Most Influential Athlete in America, I immediately questioned the whole premise. After all, even though Tebow achieved folk-hero status as quarterback of the Florida Gators and the Denver Broncos, he was recently cut by the the New York Jets after a humiliating season sitting on the bench of a losing team. No other NFL team has picked him up since. Is it really conceivable that an athlete who can’t even persuade an NFL team to give him a chance is sport’s most influential figure?

Yet there he is, ranked in front of the future Hall of Famer (and Saturday Night Live all-star) who displaced him in Denver, Peyton Manning, Derek Jeter, and LeBron James. What gives? Where are the athletes who I actually see on TV commercials, like Phil Mickelson, the Williams sisters, or Danica Patrick? Did the cool kids decide that “Influential” really meant “Overhyped” without telling me?

Click below for the Forbes Top 10 list, full of NFL QBs and Olympic stars basking in the glow of London. READ FULL STORY

Tim Tebow trademarks 'Tebowing'

Tebowmania has been absent so far from this NFL season. After leading the Denver Broncos on an improbable playoff run, quarterback Tim Tebow was traded during the offseason to be a back-up with the New York Jets. But there’s still plenty of football to be played and with the Jets’ starting QB Mark Sanchez struggling, there remain possible opportunities for the folk hero to resurrect his team’s playoff chances and strike his iconic pose.

If and when he does, Tebowing, as its called, will be officially trademarked. As of last week, according to Deadspin, the 25-year-old quarterback and his XV Enterprises marketing agency acquired the rights to his much imitated genuflection. He now owns the legal right to sell you Tebowing comic books, posters, bobble head dolls, jigsaw puzzles, and oodles of other nick-nacks.

But according to Jane McManus of ESPN, Tebow has no intention of profiting off his trend-setting pose. “[He just] doesn’t want other people to cash in,” she tweeted. “It is still a prayer to him.”

Wow. I have no snide comment to add.

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Annie Leibovitz shoots Tim Tebow for 'Vogue'

Photographer Annie Leibovitz took the time to shoot New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow for the upcoming issue of Vogue. Alas, it was a disappointment.

Hear me out, PopWatchers. Leibovitz is a wonderful photographer, but when you see her name, what do you think of? Nudity. After the Miley Cyrus debacle, I’ve come to expect lots of skin in any and all Leibovitz photographs. And not just nakedness, but shocking nakedness. With Tebow — the Christian crusader and potentially Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend — and Leibovitz, Vogue had the perfect chance to stage the most epic controversial nude pictures ever (well, aside from these and these) and they wasted it. READ FULL STORY

Who should be the mystery GOP convention speaker? Clint Eastwood? Tim Tebow? Hologram of Reagan?

The success of any tightly scripted, live event is certainly measured in ratings, ticket sales, buzz, and — with regard to quadrennial political nominating conventions — voting returns. But the real yardstick for any major pop-culture event comes down to one simple element: The surprise celebrity cameo. Recent examples include James Bond and Queen Elizabeth skydiving into the London Olympics Opening Ceremonies; Tupac Shakur’s hologram at Coachella; and when Jon Hamm popped up to say goodbye to Kristen Wiig on SNL.

Hoping to add itself to that storied list, apparently, is the 2012 Republican National Convention. The latest RNC schedule, released on Monday, notes that before presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is introduced by Sen. Marco Rubio, the convention will hear remarks from someone — or something — “To Be Announced.” That tantalizing clue lead FoxNews.com today to report via a single unnamed source that actor, filmmaker, and all-around American icon Clint Eastwood is indeed the surprise guest.

Unless it’s football player Tim Tebow.  READ FULL STORY

Paul Pierce wrecks Hawks with 36 points, celebrates with Tebow pose

Paul Pierce played inspired basketball last night, scoring 36 points to lead the Boston Celtics to an 87-80 victory over Atlanta. Playing without two of the team’s stars, the veteran carried the Celtics down the stretch, scoring 13 points in the final quarter. So when he drained a foul shot in the closing minutes to give Boston some breathing room, he thanked a higher power… TEBOW!

Well, no. He simply knelt at center court to appreciate the moment and to, as he later said, “thank God for putting you in these positions.” But the pose was pure Tim Tebow, no doubt about it. “I’ve seen it on TV,” Pierce said later. “I don’t know what inspired it. I don’t know why. I wasn’t thinking about it. It was instinctive.”

Watch it below.


Jimmy Fallon's Tebowie returns with Peyton Manning jam -- VIDEO

Tim Tebow’s career may be up in the air, but Tebowie’s is hitting its stride. The football farceur returned for another performance on Tuesday’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, this time addressing Peyton Manning’s move to the Denver Broncos.

“Tebow prayed to God, begging him to smite the Mannings and find him a job. Just not on the Lions, but maybe the Giants, have him and Eli switch, oh payback is a bitch,” sang Tebowie, a.k.a. Jimmy Fallon, in jaunty boots and a jersey.

Tebowie is one of the late-night host’s most popular singer characters. (He’s previously also spoofed Pearl Jam, Justin Bieber, and Neil Young). Channeling the Broncos quarterback and David Bowie, Fallon let loose with a Ziggy Stardust rip addressing Manning’s recent move to Denver, which will likely shake up Tebow’s future and push him out of town. Watch the performance (complete with fuzzy ’70s camera effects!) below:

UPDATE: Looks like New York (where Fallon’s show tapes) can expect to see a lot more of Tebow, as the quarterback has just been acquired by the Jets in exchange for a fourth-round draft pick. Does this mean we’ll get more Tebowie!?


Peyton Manning picks Denver, ousting Tim Tebow from the mountaintop

Remember that sweet No. 15 Denver Broncos Tim Tebow jersey you purchased last year right after the folk hero/Christian warrior/Cinderella story/viral sensation led the Broncos to a thrilling playoff victory over Pittsburgh? Well, it’s officially a throwback uniform. Peyton Manning will reportedly sign a five-year deal to become Denver’s new quarterback, putting the unconventional but effective Tebow on the trading block.

Manning sat out all of last season with neck injuries, and the Indianapolis Colts cut him earlier this month rather than pay him his $28 million option. Manning, 35, is 11 years older than Tebow, but if healthy, he offers the superior passing skillset that dominates the NFL these days. Broncos management had reluctantly embraced Tebow’s talents last season, when he came off the bench to lead Denver to six straight victories and a division title. Now, he’s destined for another uniform — perhaps the Jacksonville Jaguars. Tebow would be a major draw in northern Florida, near where he once starred for the Florida Gators.

Where do you think Tebow ends up? Is dumping him bad karma for Denver and Manning?

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