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A few thoughts on why the Three Stooges still matter

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When I was 4, my older brother, Keith, hit me on the head with a hammer. I was too young at the time to have any memory of the incident (getting bonked on the melon couldn’t have helped my recall), but occasionally I’m reminded of this episode when it’s brought up at Thanksgiving. When it is, Keith has a good laugh. Now, before you jump to any conclusions — that my brother was some sort of 7-year-old sadist — I should mention that we’d been watching the Three Stooges. After cracking up when Moe brained Larry on the noggin, Keith, in a textbook case of Monkey See Monkey Do, marched to the closet, returned with a hammer, and…well, such is the cross that younger brothers have borne since the days of Cain and Abel.


Wucha gonna do? Stooges-mania runs (not so) wild on WWE

Remember that classic Three Stooges episode where Curley dressed up as Hulk Hogan? No? Well, neither did the fans at the Verizon Center in Washington for WWE’s Monday Night Raw. The new Stooges got slap-happy for the crowd, but the audience response was one of general perplexity. Even when Curly (Will Sasso) came out dressed as Hulk Hogan and the Hulkster himself became a huckster for the film, which opens this weekend, there seemed to be little connection. In fact, the only excitement to the bit was when Kane choke-slammed the wannabe Hulk. Watch below: READ FULL STORY

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