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The 20 Best Summer Blockbusters of All Time: 'The Avengers'

Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, the Black Widow, and Hawkeye joined forces to battle evil (otherwise known as Loki) in this 2012 Marvel film that incited mixed reaction from fans and critics alike. Could director Joss Whedon convincingly weave multiple superhero storylines? Would the ensemble cast of heroes conjure up bad memories of bicker-filled family reunions? Or would it be a feel-good film about the fantastic nature of the good guys? READ FULL STORY

'Star-Crossed' reminds us of pop culture's greatest breakup line: The 'different worlds' excuse

It only took two episodes of Star-Crossed for someone to utter the line we’d all been waiting for (and secretly hoping would kick off the pilot): “We’re from two different worlds.” To be fair, in Star-Crossed‘s case, that is an accurate statement. Emery is from Earth and Roman is from Atria, a planet we know little about other than that it’s dying and yet somehow superior to Mars. Intergalactic drama, amirite?

But in watching Roman pull the “different worlds” card, I couldn’t help but be transported back to the second episode of The O.C. Fans of the show will remember the moment well. It was the first time Ryan and Marissa confessed that they had any sort of feelings for each other. She showed up at the model home on his last night asking to stay, and he told her, “We’re from different worlds.” She tried to deny it, but he followed it up with, “I’m not like you.” Basically, he was comparing her privileged, party-filled upbringing to his grainy, misdemeanor-filled life in Chino.

Long story short, this got me thinking: How many times have I heard some version of this “different worlds” crap, and what does it even mean?! This is what I came up with: READ FULL STORY

'Thor 3' wish list: What we want to see in the Thunder God threequel


Thor: The Dark World grossed $632 million at the global box office. Those aren’t Iron Man 3 numbers: Robert Downey Jr.’s post-Avengers outing grossed almost twice as much last year. But the Thorquel earned the third-highest box office tally in Marvel Studios history. So, yes, there will be a sequel. Marvel announced that Craig Kyle (a producer on the first two Thors) will co-write the next Thunder God movie with Christopher Yost (who co-wrote The Dark World.) There’s no release date yet, but given what we know about Marvel’s future plans and the general 2+ year turnaround between sequels, it’s likely that Thor 3 won’t hit until 2016.

The Thor series has seen the most creative turnover of Marvel’s various franchises. Thor 1 has five credited screenwriters, and only one of them — the late Don Payne — did any work on The Dark World. Four other screenwriters were credited with The Dark World, including Captain America franchise scribes Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. (Joss Whedon also rewrote a couple scenes.) A lot of cooks in the kitchen, which maybe explains why the Thor movies were all over the place. Some things (Loki!) worked great; other things were a bit fuzzy. I feel like I have a personal stake in the advancement of this franchise, partially because I love Norse mythology but mainly because this is the first comic book I ever purchased, so I’m a ride-or-die Thor fan for life. Forthwith, my wish list for Thor 3: Ragnarok (working title.) READ FULL STORY

'Thor' gets an Honest Trailer: Revisit 'the idiot demigod prince' -- VIDEO

As Thor: The Dark World draws near, it’s time to start preparing for everything the long-haired god of thunder has to offer. And thanks to Screen Junkies, we don’t have to rewatch the first film to refresh our memories. Instead, they’ve prepared an Honest Trailer all about the “film that only exists so non-nerds will recognize the blond guy in The Avengers.”

The trailer sums up the not-terrible-but-not-great film about a beautiful man who hails from a place “where everyone gets a pointy hat, the gods live inside a CGI pipe organ, and the only way in or out is through the Rainbow Road level from Mario Kart.” But the film isn’t just about the “least relatable Marvel hero since Dr. Strange.” It’s also about his brother, countless daddy issues, and a handful of “rejects from Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Xena: Warrior Princess.” And let’s not forget Jane, the “brilliant astrophysicist with supermodel good looks” who falls for Thor‘s abs.

Watch the hilarious Honest Trailer for Thor’s Obligatory Movie below:

Tom Hiddleston fans petition for Loki film


Loki has an army (of fans, not destructive alien beings, thankfully), and that army wants a Loki movie.

Launched in July following an overwhelmingly popular appearance by the character at Comic Con, the “Free Loki” Change.org petition is nearing its goal for 20,000 signatures in support of a film starring Tom Hiddleston as Loki, the villain he portrayed in ThorThe Avengers and the upcoming Thor: The Dark World. READ FULL STORY

'Thor: The Dark World' trailer: A deep dive

Thor was always the wild card in Marvel’s big multi-spinoff gamble. A character drawn out of myth who has spent half his comic-book history fighting monsters with unpronounceable Nordic names, Thor doesn’t have much in common with other superheroes. Casting then-unknown Chris Hemsworth in the lead only added to the uncertainty. But then Thor hit theaters in 2011 and wound up grossing $450 million globally. The character got another boost when his personal nemesis, Loki, became the Big Bad in Avengers. (Meanwhile, Hemsworth kept busy with Snow White and the Huntsman, a lucrative side-franchise where he basically plays Muddy Thor.) Today, the first trailer for November’s sequel Thor: The Dark World appeared online, featuring an expanded look at the Asgardian’s fantasy realm. You can watch it here — and now, let’s dive in, shall we? READ FULL STORY

How much does Thor's hammer actually weigh? Scientist answers pressing question

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson set out to answer a truly perplexing scientific question Thursday on his Twitter feed: How much does Thor’s hammer weigh?

If Thor’s hammer is indeed made of a star, like the Marvel comic book says, it would weigh as much as 300 billion elephants. Assuming the average weight of an elephant, this equates to approximately 4.5 quadrillion pounds, according to a Slate report (we’ll trust their math).

Tyson even posted a photo of himself holding the hammer, to provide some proof of the accuracy of his report. He is one of pop culture’s favorite scientists, having hosted NOVA ScienceNow on PBS for five seasons and appearing frequently on The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He has hosted three of Reddit’s top 10 Ask Me Anything Q&A’s. He’s also no stranger to comic books — Tyson was featured in an issue of Action Comics in 2012, where he helped determine the location of Superman’s home planet, Krypton.

This offbeat way of imagining just how heavy the legendary hammer Mjölnir is gives me a renewed sense of pride for my personal favorite Avenger. It explains why only Iron Man’s exoskeleton and The Hulk can put up a fight against the king from Asgard. Alien or no, the guy is super, super strong. Really, how many elephants can you lift?

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Superhero Showdown, Round 2: Superman vs. Thor! Spider-Man vs. Hulk! And more!

Today, we begin Round 2 of our Superhero Showdown bracket game, moving one step closer to deciding which costumed crimefighter is the greatest superhero ever. The Round of 16 kicks off today with four agonizing big-ticket match-ups. Superman and Thor enter the arena, representing the dead planet Krypton and the heavenly realm of Asgard. Fresh from an upset victory over Ghost Rider, Hellboy will battle Captain Marvel for supernatural supremacy. Green Lantern and Invisible Woman will hurl energy at each other, some of it green, some of it invisible. And in the final bout, Marvel icons Spider-Man and the Hulk will decide once and for all whether it’s better to get your power from a radioactive spider or a gamma bomb.

Click on the image above for a printable bracket. Check out our pocket biographies of each superhero, and scroll to the bottom of each page to register your vote. Voting will conclude in exactly 48 hours, at 12:30 PM EST on August 15. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the other half of Round 2: Batman vs. The Punisher, Wolverine vs. Jean Grey, Wonder Woman vs. Captain America, and Iron Man vs. Deadpool. READ FULL STORY

Doctor Who is playing the villain in 'Thor 2,' and that villain is...

Christopher Eccleston already has infinite geek cred thanks to his shortlived-but-memorable role as The Doctor on the 2005 comeback season of Doctor Who. Since then, he’s popped up on television (he played an invisible man back when Heroes was good) and in movies (as the baddie in the unfortunate G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.) But now he’s bought a ticket on the Marvel Express, toot-tooot! As originally reported by Deadline, Eccleston is officially joining next year’s Asgardian sequel Thor: The Dark World. And as Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige hinted back in May, Eccleston will be playing a new villain drawn from Thor‘s comic book mythology: Malekith the Accursed. READ FULL STORY

Who is the villain in 'Thor 2'? Marvel Studios head says...


We know that Mads Mikkelsen is in serious talks to play the villain in Thor 2. So the question becomes: Just which villain will he be playing? Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige has ruled out at least one serious possibility. (SPOILER ALERT for anyone who still hasn’t seen Avengers.) In a new interview, Brit film magazine Empire asks Feige about the possibility of a Thor 2 appearance by Thanos, the death-obsessed demigod who was pulling Loki’s strings in The Avengers. After indicating that Thanos will be saved for the future (Avengers 2, perhaps), he promised: “There will be a major new villain [in Thor 2]. A major, major new antagonist…”

In the comic books, Thor has typically faced three species of villains: evil Asgardians, earthlings infected by Loki’s magic, or near-omnipotent superbeings. Feige hinted at the nature of that antagonist by talking a bit about the overall feel of the sequel: “We’re going to see the other side of Asgard. It’s not all polished and golden in this film.” Feige’s hint about the movie’s setting implies that the baddie in Thor 2 will be from the “other side of Asgard.” When reached by EW, Marvel Studios declined further comment on the nature of Thor 2‘s villain or setting. But speaking as a Thor scholar, I think there’s only one character that Mads Mikkelsen could possibly be playing…(Theory Alert!) READ FULL STORY

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