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Tom Hiddleston. Singing karaoke. In a car. -- VIDEO


Another day, another video of Tom Hiddleston doing something adorable on an overseas TV show.

The affable actor, currently starring in Thor: The Dark World, has been promoting the movie all over the world (check out his charming appearances on Korean TV here and here), and this latest clip has him singing car karaoke on German TV.

Check out his passenger’s-seat performance of Ben E. King’s “Stand by Me” below:

Zachary Levi schools you on the art of karaoke -- VIDEO


As Zachary Levi is currently starring in the Broadway musical First Date (through Jan. 5), it’s no surprise that he had a very thorough answer when we asked him to name his go-to karaoke song during our EW Pop Culture Personality Test (watch the video below) — or that he and his Thor: The Dark World costar Tom Hiddleston were known to rock the hair and makeup trailer. “The two of us were probably singin’ more than anybody else. Elton John, Stevie Wonder, you name it,” he says.

Levi claims memories, such as how the pain of accidentally slamming his finger in his trailer door hurt more than possibly dislocating a rib during a fight scene, are the only thing he took  home from the Thor shoot. “Ray Stevenson and I were on set one day, and there was an armory of swords and daggers and shields, and I was like, ‘Dude, I want one of those,'” he says. “And then I didn’t take any of them, partly because I don’t think Marvel would have been super cool about it, and partly because honestly, I don’t know how the hell I’d bring it back through customs anyway. ‘Do you have anything to declare?’ ‘Yeah, I have an Asgardian blade.’ You get arrested for that kind of stuff.”


PopWatch Planner: Award shows galore, 'Parks and Recreation,' the 'Best Man Holiday,' and more

What’s worthy of PopWatching this week? Let’s start off with a double-dose of award shows tonight: One features an overexposed pop star and the other features Benedict Cumberbatch. Your choice. Then we take a scary sojourn with Sleepy Hollow and American Horror Story: Coven. The Voice live eliminations air between those two, which is fitting because watching dreams get crushed is also a kind of horror. Speaking of eliminations, Park and Rec‘s Leslie Knope faces a recall election arrives on Thursday. You can then cap off the week with an early Best Man’s Holiday and a Revenge stand-off in the Hamptons.

All times listed are Eastern.

'Thor: The Dark World': Explaining the ending (and what happens after the ending) -- SPOILERS


So you’ve just seen Thor: The Dark World. Unless you’re extremely well-versed with comic book lore, you are probably a little bit confused. Marvel Studios has spent the last half-decade training you to stay through the credits. The post-credits scene of Iron Man featured Samuel L. Jackson and the first utterance of the word “Avengers.” The teaser trend continued through Marvel’s Phase One. Then Avengers changed the game: In addition to a playful post-credits shawarma scene, there was a mid-credits scene, with a franchise-imploding first peek at cosmic supervillain Thanos.

Now comes Thor: The Dark World, which might actually one-up Avengers for pure closing-sequence WTFery and post-credits kablammo. Let’s throw up a SPOILER WARNING and explain what we all saw, shall we? READ FULL STORY

Jimmy Kimmel revamps 'Thor' as a romantic comedy: 'Jane Foster was looking for love in all the wrong places'


Is Thor: The Dark World really just a sweet romantic comedy hidden beneath all that armor and Fabio hair?

Well that’s the new marketing campaign Jimmy Kimmel thinks Marvel ought to adopt, in order to get more women into the theaters when the Thor sequel opens Friday. On Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, he showed a trailer highlighting the plight of poor astrophysicist Jane Foster as “looking for love in all the wrong places” cut with Harlequin romance novel shots of Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) sculpted back. The best part? Kimmel changes the title to something Hugh Grant would surely approve of – Thor Actually.

Maybe Kimmel is onto something. Girl geeks want to find love too. At least highlighting the Marvel movie’s romantic stuff gives new meaning to “hammertime.”

Watch Kimmel’s fake Thor Actually trailer here: READ FULL STORY

Chinese theater accidentally features homoerotic 'Thor' poster


Fans of psychosexual subtext in comic book movies got an early Christmas present this week, when a movie theater in Shanghai advertised the new superhero spinoff-sequel Thor: The Dark World with a poster that was actually a fan-made Photoshop job. The fan poster — a familiar image for anyone who has recently google-imaged “Thor Loki poster” and scrolled down a couple rows — shows the Asgardian god of thunder tenderly embracing his nemesis brother Loki. See image below: READ FULL STORY

Join us for a Google hangout with 'Thor: The Dark World' star Zachary Levi!

He’s the mastermind behind Nerd HQ, a budding Broadway star in First Date, and now making his mark on the big screen as Fandral in Thor: The Dark World — what will Zachary Levi do next? Join us for a Google+ hangout, of course! The actor formerly known as Chuck will sit down with EW and a few lucky fans for a chat this Friday, Nov. 8, at 2:30 p.m. ET. If you’d like to apply to be in the hangout with Zach, fill out this form.

You can submit your questions in the comments below, on the Google+ event page, or tweet us @EW! Use #EWtalksThor to be part of the conversation.

Click through to watch live: READ FULL STORY

'Thor: The Dark World' premieres in Hollywood to screaming crowd

The gods of fruitfulness rained down upon the sons of Asgard — good and evil — as buzz from overseas ticket sales lit the Thor: The Dark World premiere afire with excitement. The movie comes out Friday, but the sequel to the 2011 hit has already scored over $100 million in foreign sales a week before its domestic release. Slam!

The god of thunder, a.k.a. Chris Hemsworth, was treated no less than a deity to screaming fans who lined Hollywood Boulevard Monday evening in the drizzle to catch a glimpse of the superhero heartthrob. He showed up rocking a crisp gray suit, although a bit intimidated by his own face and red cape in a 20-foot poster on the Hollywood walk-of-fame.

Tom Hiddleston reveals he wanted to play Thor, not Loki -- VIDEO

Would a Loki played by any other English actor be as dark and dastardly?

Tom Hiddleston revealed that Loki, nemesis of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, wasn’t his first choice. He originally auditioned for the role of Thor, he told Chelsea Handler on last night’s Chelsea Lately. Hiddleston even beefed up for the Thor try-outs, bulking up from 180 lbs. to 198 lbs., to which Handler replied, “I mean it was pretty stupid to do that before the audition.”

But try as he might, the hammer-wielding, prince of Asgard role just wasn’t meant to be. “They were always looking for Loki as well, and I think — the closer I got, they were like, ‘Actually, you should play the bad guy,'” he said.

Handler seemed more concerned with the actor’s bodily transformation and physical stats. Her assessment? “You’re good, everything’s good.” We concur.

Watch Hiddleston on Chelsea Lately below: READ FULL STORY

'Thor: The Dark World' comedy exclusive: Loki argues with kids -- VIDEO


Thor: The Dark World hits theaters this week, and now Comedy Central has made a video featuring your boyfriend Tom Hiddleston as Thor’s fraternal nemesis Loki. The short clip finds the trickster god having a frank exchange of ideas with some adorable children. The spot debuts tomorrow, but you can watch it in all its cute-kid-despising glory below:

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