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Who is the coolest 'G.I. Joe' character?

The G.I. Joe franchise was invented back in the pre-Revolutionary era of Colonial America, when Li’l Tommy Jefferson spent the best summer vacation of his life at sleepover parties with Li’l Georgie Washington and Li’l Johnny Adams, where they would re-enact famous battles from the French and Indian War using wooden figurines cut into human form. Johnny, predictably, would always ruin the fun by accusing Georgie and Tommy of sedition, at which point their cool older cousin Ben Franklin would give Johnny a wedgie. (Kids: This is all true history, as far as you know.) Since then, G.I. Joe has lived on as toys, comic books, breakfast cereal, and even a movie. But most people remember the franchise for one reason: The ’80s cartoon series, which featured an iconic song and inspired an incredible series of fake PSAs.

It also starred about one million people, with colorful names like Dial Tone and Beach Head and Barbecue and Burpalurp. For the purposes of keeping this poll short, we’re just focusing on the most clearly cool GI Joes, although if you don’t see your favorite in the list below, tell us about it in the comments! READ FULL STORY

The 'Celebrity Rehab' season premiere reaffirms Dr. Drew's devotion to making you squirm

If there is one semi-intelligent thing about Celebrity Rehab, Dr. Drew Pinsky’s den-of-misery reality show that began its fifth season of self-righteous wallowing last night, it’s the perhaps-accidental thesis that hovers over every interaction on the show: That, when you put aside the alcohol and the cocaine and the prescription meds and every other drug under the southern California sun, the show’s participants are addicted most of all to fame.

On last night’s premiere, former Baywatch kid Jeremy Jackson explained how he started using a whole galaxy of steroids in order to get fit for a comeback. ’80s movie icon Sean Young simply noted that she was an actor, and “Actors drink.” And then there’s Michael Lohan, a man who has created a curious career for himself as a pop culture bête noire, perpetually present at the scene of a tabloid train-wreck. (Remember when he was planning a show with best buddy Jon Gosselin called Divorced Dads Club?) READ FULL STORY

Would you watch 'Jersey Shore' without the original cast?

My obsession with Jersey Shore is unfortunately well-documented, so you can imagine the explosive mix of emotions I felt earlier today, when rumors started circulating that MTV was planning to replace the original Shore cast — whose paychecks are swelling at roughly the same rate as their pectorals — with a new crew of tandroid gym-freaks with colorful nicknames and self-esteem issues. MTV has since denied the recasting; the network told EW, “We love the present cast, and their summer adventures have just begun.” The original cast has already filmed the upcoming fourth season in Italy, and is currently filming a fifth season back in Jersey. READ FULL STORY

Ron Howard is working on the 'Spy vs. Spy' movie. Let's pitch him some ideas!


Spy vs. Spy was created by a Cuban exile in the middle of the Cold War, but the appeal of the iconic MAD magazine strip is universal. Two enemies — one dressed all in black, the other all in white — eternally fight each other, using bombs and booby traps. It doesn’t initially seem like film material… but by George, this is Hollywood, and anything is possible! Thus: EW has confirmed that Warner Bros. is currently developing a film adaptation of Spy vs. Spy, to be produced by David Koepp, Brian Grazer, and Ron Howard, with Howard also set to direct. The film has not been officially greenlit, although with those names behind the project, Spy vs. Spy is probably just waiting on a finished script.

Here’s the thing: the “story” of Spy vs. Spy is so basic that the film could literally be about anything. It could be a lighthearted comedy, or a darkhearted comedy, or a gritty look at the Cold War, or a movie about aliens for some reason, or even a documentary about the life of Kim Philby. Screenwriter John Kamps (Zathura, Ghost Town) is currently on the project, but to help him along, let’s hear some solid elevator pitches for Spy vs. Spy. Here’s a few to get you started from your pals at EW: READ FULL STORY

Train launches their own 'Drops of Jupiter' wine. Other business venture ideas for bands!


Had you asked me to come up with a product based on Train’s 2001 smash “Drops of Jupiter,” I likely would have said shampoo. You know, to go in your “haaa-aaaa-iiir.”

But, as it turns out, the members of Train — in addition to writing some seriously baffling, yet undeniably huge hit songs (I still demand an explanation for “Hey, Soul Sister“!) — are something of wine enthusiasts who have launched their own wine club. (I had no idea either, PopWatchers, or believe me I would have joined out of sheer curiosity long ago.) And now, they have just announced they are making “Drops of Jupiter” into a 2009 Petite Sirah. Oh, if only we had talked to Geddy Lee this year! READ FULL STORY

Tom Hanks finds his groove on Univision with weather mambo

No, this is not a Saturday Night Live skit. Nor is it an homage to the game-show scene in Lost in Translation. This is simply Tom Hanks promoting his new movie, July 1’s Larry Crowne, by dancing with a Spanish-language weather girl on Univision’s wake-up show, Despierta América.

But that’s not all: He also stayed for the show’s cooking segment and sat for an extensive interview to discuss his new film. But the dancing… Oh, the dancing. If only he’d thrown in a little “Disco, disco, good, good!READ FULL STORY

Where will 'The Death of Spider-Man' rank compared to the great superhero deaths?

Spider-Man is going to die tomorrow. Marvel confirmed today in a press release that the iconic web-headed superhero will bite the bullet in Ultimate Spider-Man #160, which hits stores tomorrow. There are two reasons that this news should not necessarily freak you out. First, tomorrow’s issue is the conclusion of an eight-issue story arc called “The Death of Spider-Man,” which follows in the great the-spoiler-is-in-the-title tradition of “The Death of Superman.” Secondly, even though Spider-Man will be dying, it’s not quite Spider-Man Spider-Man, if you get my meaning. READ FULL STORY

Is 'The Killing' the new 'Heroes'?

Hopes were high when The Killing debuted on AMC back in April. AMC had a near-perfect track record — Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and no need to mention Rubicon — and The Killing felt like the next step in the network’s rise to glory. It was to be an “anti-cop show” cop show, tracing one murder case over the course of an entire season in sharp contrast to the typical procedural structure. Early episodes earned accolades, high ratings, and comparisons to Twin Peaks. But the show lost a broad swath of its viewership and declined in quality in the red herring-laden second half of its season. (It’s never a good thing when one of the best episodes in a long time essentially ignores most of the characters and the main plot.)

But The Killing must have still had some devoted fans. How else to explain the near-rabid reaction to last night’s finale, which pointedly did not answer the central question of the season: “Who killed Rosie Larsen?” If critical reaction has been mixed, fan reaction has been vehemently negative — there’s already a site called f—thekilling.com, which says simple, “Dear ‘The Killing: F— You!!! Sincerely, Everyone Who Used To Watch Your Show.” READ FULL STORY

Hot Wheels might get made into a movie. Sure! Why not?

Automobiles of all shapes and sizes are invading the multiplex. Next week, you’ll thrill to cars that talk in Cars 2: Cruise Control. Then, you’ll be positively astounded by cars that talk and walk in Transformers 3: Back 2 The Hood. But how’s this for a hot idea: Cars that… well, are cars. That’s the can’t-miss concept behind Hot Wheels: The Movie, which is a joke you probably would have laughed about back in 1981, and also an actual movie which very powerful companies are currently desperate to make. According to Variety, Legendary Pictures is negotiating with Mattel to get the rights to Hot Wheels, the series of toys beloved by generations of children who are too young for toys with any discernible traits beyond car-ness. The project is said to be “edgy,” which is a word the kids sure are tossing around a lot today according to adults. READ FULL STORY

Hugh Hefner adds 'Runaway Bride' sticker to Crystal Harris' upcoming 'Playboy' cover

Playboy founder and girl-next-door wrangler Hugh Hefner has been openly tweeting his feelings about the end of his relationship with Crystal Harris — the woman he was all set to marry until a couple days ago. Last night, in a move which could either be interpreted as a lovably droll joke or a surprisingly vicious spurned-lover kiss-off, Hefner tweeted: “Recent events call for a special sticker on the July cover. Look for it on newsstands.” Y’see, Crystal is actually on the cover of the July issue of Playboy… with a headline that proclaims, “Introducing Mrs. Crystal Hefner.” Commence awkward collar pulls, America! READ FULL STORY

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