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'Dirty Dancing' remake: EW.com reader outrage heroically captured in 15 Baby faces

Within minutes of our announcement that Kenny Ortega has signed on to directDirty Dancing reboot, many of you had already echoed my own reaction to the news. (EWWWWW.com.) It struck me violently in the face that perhaps the horror of this situation can best be expressed by the original Baby, Jennifer Grey herself.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” –Sarah  READ FULL STORY

EW Rage Box: Don't make everything widescreen just because you have a nice widescreen TV, you uncultured pagan oafs

We should be living in a movie-watching golden era. High-definition Blu-ray DVDs, ever-more-precise methods for digitally cleaning up faded old movie prints, the promise that genuine HD video streaming is just a few turns of the scientific-advancement wonder wheel away… it all sounds very utopian. But the truth is quite the opposite. In fact, I have begun to suspect that humanity is slowly devolving into a post-apocalyptic landscape where our doltish descendants will simply be too dimwitted to understand the wealth of knowledge accumulated over the last few millennia of human history. Because, my friends, even after all this time, I still know far, far, far too many people — some of them close friends, some of them beloved members of my immediate family — who haven’t learned the first fricking rule of owning a widescreen television: Not everything was meant to be viewed in widescreen. READ FULL STORY

Kelsey Grammer talks running for office. How would he fare against Alec Baldwin?

Frasier vs. 30 Rock. Dr. Crane vs. Jack Donaghy. In pop-culture geekdom, this would stir the most heated of debates, so imagine what it would be like if Kelsey Grammer and Alec Baldwin were to actually face-off against one another in the political world?

It could happen, considering Grammer, a staunch Republican, recently told The New York Post he plans to get in to politics post-acting. “I have had a great career and extraordinary opportunities. But I look at my political aspirations as that last piece of my life — where I hope to do something good for people and pay back a little,” the star told The Post. Grammer’s rep reiterated to EW, “Running for office is something Kelsey has always considered down the road.”

Grammer also told The Post he’d likely stay in New York and run for office in the Big Apple, in which case he could find himself up against the more-liberal Alec Baldwin,  who has also expressed his aspirations to become mayor. READ FULL STORY

Olivia Wilde will have fake CGI nipples in 'The Change-Up.' Oh, for the days before digital nudity...

You can blame digital effects for many strange and terrible things. Thanks to CGI, great Hollywood trades like production design, makeup, and old-school practical visual effects have begun to slowly fade away, with smiling teams of faceless engineers doing the same work for cheaper, Gooback-style. Thanks to CGI, 2-D feature animation has entered a period of eternal decline. Thanks to CGI, every freaking movie and a lot of freaking TV shows are shot in front of greenscreens. Thanks to CGI, Jar Jar Binks exists, and Green Lantern exists, and in the fourth Die Hard movie John McClane fought a freaking fighter jet, because why not?

But if you ask me, the single greatest crime of the Digital Effects Era is more subtle, and yet also more profound. I’m talking about fake movie nudity, which first made headlines last year with Jessica Alba’s shower scene in Machete. READ FULL STORY

Don't go outside! Sit here and name the saddest part of this frame from NBC's 'It's Worth What?'

I finally set up DirecTV in my new apartment last night, and within just a few seconds of flipping through network television’s 9 p.m. Tuesday lineup was able to achieve a stunning sense of overwhelming dread, horror, and hopelessness. Hooray!

Here’s the Saddest Thing I saw on Summer TV Last Night:

Three sad women posed onstage as Madonna, Paris Hilton, and Scarlett Johansson (though my first guesses were a deranged doll, a chronic nose-picker, and a Debbie Downer who’s unsatisfied with her recent shopping spree at The Limited). The show: It’s Worth What? on NBC.  It doesn’t really matter why this tragic arrangement of humanity occurred; suffice it to say that the whole point of It’s Worth What? on NBC seems to be that host Cedric the Entertainer gets to say “It’s worth WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?” before commercials.

It’s scary in there, you guys.

If you see other Things That Make You Die Inside on summer TV and want to make others share your pain, leave ‘em in the comments or send ‘em to me @EWAnnieBarrett on Twitter. It’ll be like the opposite of my hidden gems initiative, just for summer. Pellets of misery? Oh, I love it! Include an exact timestamp so I don’t have to watch the whole show. Do my job for me!

So what’s the saddest part of this frame? I say “DOG FOOD CAN” placard. You?

Annie on Twitter

Can you guess the identity of this young star?

When not dressed in her usual garb, this young starlet becomes almost unrecognizable. And gorgeous. Can you guess who it is? Hint: She was one person who likely enjoyed the series finale of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. READ FULL STORY

Jeff from 'Big Brother' rants about Dumbledore's homosexuality: 'He's in a school with little kids! You don't want to make that guy gay.'

I don’t typically watch the 24-hour Big Brother feeds, partially because I believe the editors who create the thrice-weekly Big Brother episodes are idiot-savant geniuses and I don’t want to spoil my enjoyment of their work, partially because if I wanted to watch a microscopic examination of the chaotically banal meaningfulness of human existence, I could just go see The Tree of Life again. But this news is too good to wait: Yesterday, returning fan favorite Jeff suddenly discovered, to his horror, that Professor Dumbledore from the Harry Potter franchise was gay, which led the lovable lunkhead into a delirious rant that served as a handy reminder that the problem with lovable lunkheads is that they are, ultimately, lunkheads. READ FULL STORY

Why, Rob Lowe? Why?!

Oh no! Rob Lowe is totally going through with playing accused wife-killer Drew Peterson in an upcoming Lifetime thriller, and look at what they’ve done to him! The Parks and Rec star lit-ruh-lly looks like a cross between Sam Elliott and my dad. I mean, I love my dad. I might love Rob Lowe even more. But our overall analysis of People.com‘s exclusive photo of “Drew” from Untouchable? EWWWWWW.com. Plus, the 47-year-old (or 42 on TV, much to Chris Traeger’s dismay) is not quite pulling off age 57. Good for him?

You guys. What if Rob Lowe WAS YOUR DAD? Stew on that for the weekend.

Read more:
Rob Lowe to play Drew Peterson in Lifetime movie. Can this work?

Annie on Twitter

Happy Independence Day! Let 'John Adams' provide the ceremonial reading

To celebrate our nation’s independence, it’s a tradition for local leaders or family members to read aloud the Declaration of Independence, beginning with the famous words, “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

The words still have weight, though it’s sometimes difficult to appreciate the magnitude of their meaning when they’re being read at the family barbecue by your uncle who’s wearing a Kiss the Chef apron. Instead, I recommend re-watching the moment of independence from HBO’s 2008 miniseries, John Adams. As the representatives of the original colonies ponder separation from Great Britain, the political fire-breathing is over and the celebration is a long way’s off. As Adams (Paul Giamatti) tells Thomas Jefferson (Stephen Dillane) in an earlier scene, “We’re about to take a leap in the dark.” READ FULL STORY

'Transformers 3': In which Michael Bay turns Optimus Prime into a sociopathic idiot douchebag


Even by the surprisingly flimsy standards of ’80s action cartoons, Transformers was not a good show. The toys were fun — this was back in more innocent days, when talking cars didn’t have tongues — but the cartoon was a parade of random robots with colorful names and zero personality. The one exception — really, the only reason why Transformers has become so iconic — was Optimus Prime. Designed like a cross between a medieval knight and a robo-Captain America, Prime had a surprising amount of character depth, especially considering that he was a tall robot machine that transforms into a truck. For one thing, he seemed to be the only Transformer who actually cared that they were, you know, the last of their race. There was a weird streak of melancholy in Prime — imagine Jack on Lost, except without the ability to cry all the time. He had compassion. He was not, in short, a homicidal war junkie who seems to get a delicious thrill from forcefully tearing his enemies in half. READ FULL STORY

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