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Samuel L. Jackson to host Spike TV's Video Game Awards

Samuel L. Jackson can add another line to his already-lengthy 2012 to-do list: Host.

He’ll emcee the 2012 Spike TV Video Game Awards, according to Deadline, which he previously hosted from 2005-2007. The event will air December 7th.

It’s a big year for the actor, who will also serve as host for the BET Awards July 1. This is on top of his already blockbuster 2012, with his roles in a little movie called The Avengers and the upcoming Django Unchained.

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James Franco channels costar Selena Gomez in 'Love Song' cover -- VIDEO

Now that Selena Gomez has announced she’s taking a bit of a break from recording to focus on acting, the door is open for her Spring Breakers costar James Franco to hire himself for yet another job. The Oscar nominee recently released a candid car-jam video that proves he’s just as addicted to Gomez’s candy-coated hit “Love You Like a Love Song” as the rest of us.

From Franco’s soul-penetrating stare to his emotive… ummm… gestures, not to mention the cornrows for his Breakers character, I’m not sure whether to be amused, creeped out, impressed, or all of the above. I am sure, however, that this is one viral video on which you’ll keep hitting re-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat. READ FULL STORY

Zac Efron stayed protected at 'The Lorax' premiere/ Find out how, see it here!

Allegedly dropping a condom at the premiere of a Dr. Seuss movie!
Who would do this?
Why its Zac Efron, and boy, did he feel foolish.

He tried to be nimble, he tried to be slick.
After all, the guy has to think of the best interest of his… flick. (Gross, you guys.)
Inevitably upset parents, take a breath, relax.
Would you rather them be admiring a star from Teen Mom… or The Lorax?

Watch Zac Efron’s possible prophylactic drop on the orange carpet of The Lorax premiere here:

Your afternoon delight: Will Ferrell leads Mardi Gras parade -- PHOTO

By the beard of King Bacchus! Will Ferrell dressed as the Roman god of wine (surprisingly, not Ron Burgundy’s favorite Scotch) for New Orleans’ annual Mardi Gras parade. Joining him during Sunday’s festivities? Zach Galifianakis, who stars with Ferrell in The Campaign. So Ferrell and Galifianakis are currently in the Big Easy becoming co-people with the good folks in New Orleans, while we’re sitting in front of our computers with nothing to do but quote Anchorman. Son of a bee sting, that’s not fair.

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Today is the 10th anniversary of Britney Spears' film 'Crossroads'

In what may be the most deserving entry ever in our “This really only needs one sentence” blog category, today marks the 10th anniversary – literally, down to the day, February 15, 2002 – of the release of Britney Spears’ landmark crime saga drama Crossroads.

The movie starred Britney Spears in her first and only leading film role and featured Zoe Saldana and Taryn Manning as Britney’s two childhood friends – no, best friends – who roadtrip across the country and, according to IMDb, “find themselves and their friendship in the process.” READ FULL STORY

Nicki Minaj and the pope walk onto a red carpet...

I didn’t go to Sunday church today, but good news, guys! We all got a dose of religion at the Grammys, where the pope showed up on the red carpet! Well, sort of: Nicki Minaj, always known for her subtle fashion choices (sarcasm!), brought a pope look-a-like as her date, while she dressed as a Cardinal/Little Red Riding Hood hybrid. Take that, Lady Gaga’s egg!

Praising Minaj’s sacrilege, or Cardinal fashion sin, PopWatchers?

Follow Kate on Twitter @KateWardEW

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If you only consume one box of Oscar-themed cookies this year, pick these


New York bakery Eleni’s has just announced this year’s lineup of Academy Awards-themed cookies, and they are almost too amazing to eat.

The iced sugar cookies, which are available in Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress assortments, depict miniature edible versions of some of this year’s most recognizable props, costumes, and faces – animal and human.

Included in the Best Picture collection are: READ FULL STORY

Josh Hutcherson's ‘Hunger Games’ prank makes Jennifer Lawrence pee her pants, Capitol not pleased

At this point, we’ll take just about any Hunger Games news we can get, right?

In an interview with Vulture, Josh Hutcherson revealed that he pranked costar Jennifer Lawrence on the set of The Hunger Games – perhaps to an unfortunate degree. “I took a dummy, one that the tracker-jackers were supposed to have attacked, and I put it in Jennifer’s bathroom,” said Hutcherson, 19. “When she opened the door, she peed her pants. Or so I was told – she told me later. I did not get visual confirmation on that one.” READ FULL STORY

Holy Ron Swanson! First annual moustache film festival to be held in March

This spring… all hair will break loose.

The creators of Stache Pag (as in pageant) are inviting mustachioed filmmakers of all shapes and styles to participate in the world’s first film festival devoted entirely to facial hair, the 2012 Stache Film Fest.

The festival, which will be held at Port City Music Hall in Portland, Maine on March 30, is being organized by No Umbrella Media, which described itself as “a group of mustachioed men who… are constantly caressing our moustaches and daydreaming of ways to better celebrate moustaches and maximize the moustache man’s moment of expression.” And it’s no joke: the organization’s head, Nick Callanan, has been running Stache Pag for five years, where he’s seen the number of participants grow from 40 to just under 500.

“The response has been pretty incredible,” Callanan (who himself has a moustache every winter) told EW. “We’ve already gotten submissions from three continents, and the open call has only been ongoing for a few weeks. We’ve seen a good response so far – Norway, The Netherlands, Mexico, California.”

In January Callanan released a Call to Moustache Action, which features “American Moustache Institute representative and international moustache celebrity Dr. Lou Jacobs,” below: READ FULL STORY

Batman Mr. Potato Head is the toy Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now

It’s simple: We eat the Batman.

From the minds that brought you Darth Tater, Elvis the Spud King, and this hellish nightmare comes the newest in a long line of pop culture-themed Mr. Potato Heads: Batspud!

The defender of Gotham comes complete with batarang, utility belt, and a permanent Gilbert Gottfried facial expression. And because this model ties in to The Dark Knight Rises, the Batsuit is noticeably (and thankfully) sans nipples. READ FULL STORY

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