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'Homeland' poll: Are you on board with Season 3?

[Spoiler alert!]

Sunday night’s Homeland revealed a shocking twist that seemingly solved all of season 3’s problems: By revealing that Saul and Carrie are working together to hunt Javadi, the show not only explained Saul’s motive for tossing Carrie under the bus but also outlined why Carrie has been trapped in a mental hospital for the past several episodes. By the end of “Game On,” Saul and Carrie looked ready to make their next move.


Dear 'Revenge': What is a love rhombus? PopWatch investigates!

When a colleague came over earlier today and asked if I’d seen last night’s Revenge promos teasing a “love rumpus,” I thought to myself, “That’s ridiculous and brilliant, and I have no idea what it means. Also, people don’t use the word ‘rumpus’ enough.” But after re-watching the promos, I realized what they were getting at: Emily Thorne is deciding amongst (not between — that implies two) three elligible men, including her fiance, her ex, and her true love. Spoiler: They’re all smokin’ hot.

I went back to my colleague and explained my discovery, which caused us to watch the promo for a third time. That’s when we finally understood that it wasn’t talking about “the Hamptons’ hottest love rumpus” — it was talking about “the Hamptons’ hottest love rhombus.”


Battle of the Fitzest: The Fitzes of 'Pretty Little Liars,' 'Scandal,' and 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' face off

Fitz is a name that almost never escaped my lips growing up. I’ve never known someone named Fitz, and my favorite TV characters tended to go by Ryan, Cohen, Chandler, or Riggins. So when I recently started watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and was introduced to a rocket scientist named Fitz, I stopped to think: There’s another Fitz in my life?! I’m already in love with two of them (and a little skeptical of one). I’ve got Ezra Fitz from Pretty Little Liars, who’s my favorite character on the show … or was. I’m still not really sure what’s up with him. And then there’s the incredibly sexy President Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal. How did my life become so Fitz-filled? I have no idea, but I’m not complaining.

So here’s the thing about my Fitzes. Not only do they all have great names, but they’re all pretty powerful in their own way, which is why I thought it’d be fun to compare their skills in an epic battle. After all, with a name as unusual as Fitz, surely there isn’t enough room for all of them (except in my heart). In no particular order, here’s a quick run down of everyone’s battle-ready traits: READ FULL STORY

'Fifty Shades of Grey': Who should take over for Charlie Hunnam?

Well, ain’t that a kick in the head with an over-the-knee vinyl stiletto fetish boot?

Just when everyone had finally started to accept that Charlie Hunnam would play Christian Grey — millionaire, dominant, lip-bite enthusiast — in the film version of E.L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey, the Sons of Anarchy star went and dropped out of the movie. (Blame “scheduling conflicts,” though plenty of conspiracy theorists aren’t buying that excuse.)

Now your mom’s most highly anticipated movie of 2014 is in flux once more, which means we’re in for another flurry of casting rumors — as well as another wave of actors saying they will definitely, definitely not be taking on Christian. So before the cycle begins anew, let’s take a moment to consider who might step into Hunnam’s motorcycle boots. Calling all blue-eyed Adonises — finally, it’s your time to shine!

Matt Bomer
The people’s choice for Christian Grey could be back in the running now, provided he’s actually interested in the part — though that small detail won’t matter much to the mastermind behind this petition. As she wrote this weekend when the news about Hunnam’s exit broke: “I’M SO FREAKING OUT LIKE YOU GUYS I CANT BELIEVE THIS I’M SO HAPPY AND I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY IT’S LIKE A MIRACLE I DONT KNOW GUYS.”


Banksy watch: The street artist's latest works -- and defacements

Street artist Banksy continued his tour of New York this week with stencils, mobile installations, including a delivery truck converted into a garden, and a video called “Rebel rocket attack” the artist claims stopped him from posting new art because of its “shocking footage.”

Like last week’s work, New York’s graffiti artists refused to leave the U.K. import’s pieces alone by tagging multiple stencils. One exhibit — Banksy’s Day 10 piece in East New York depicting his signature rat stencil — prompted four local residents to cover the artwork with garbage bags and cardboard and charging viewers to see the piece underneath.

The elusive Banksy hasn’t commented about the frequent taggings and manipulations of his work on his site or his Instagram, but the artist did post a photo of a tracking device he found under his mobile garden along with the comment, “If you’re the person who stuck a tracking device on the garden truck you’re now following a car service in Queens.” Don’t mess with Banksy, New York.

We’ve compiled his work below, and you can revisit last week’s pieces here. READ FULL STORY

Marilyn Monroe's X-rays are being auctioned off

Yes, you read that headline right. We now have proof that Marilyn Monroe was the sexiest woman to ever walk the earth: More than 50 years after her death, people are still willing to spend money on her facial X-rays, which are being auctioned off at Julien’s Auctions.

According to Vanity Fair, six facial X-rays of Monroe’s have surfaced. Dated June 7, 1962, they hit just one week after her 36th birthday and two months before her death. So why was she getting X-rays? Monroe had complained of “tenderness” in her nose, so she was taken to see plastic surgeon Michael Gurdin. Although he didn’t claim to see any breaks at the time, a medical professional for Julien’s Auctions thinks there could have been a hairline fracture.

Theater, bitch! 'Breaking Bad' mini-opera in the works

Breaking Bad musical? Eh, we’ve seen that before. But a Breaking Bad opera? Now that’s something we didn’t expect.

One World Symphony’s artistic director and conductor Sung Jin Hong has confirmed that he’s working on composing Breaking Bad — Ozymandias, a mini-opera based on both the show itself and the Percy Bysshe Shelley’s sonnet (titled “Ozymandias”). Although specifics are yet to be released, Hong wrote a blog explaining that the mini-opera hopes to “explore the question that the drama obsessively and hauntingly asked: ‘are we all breaking bad?'”


Ellen Pompeo talks Isaiah Washington, Katherine Heigl leaving 'Grey's Anatomy'

It’s been a while since Grey’s Anatomy fans have seen Izzie Stevens’ blonde locks bouncing down the hallway, and it’s been even longer since we’ve even heard mention of that Harper Avery-winning cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Preston Burke. Unlike many others, Burke and Izzie were two characters who managed to make it out of Seattle alive. Their real-life counterparts, however, didn’t slip away so quietly.

When Isaiah Washington left Grey’s after season 3, there were rumors about a dispute between Washington and co-star T.R. Knight (George O’Malley) during which Washington supposedly used a homophobic slur. Washington left the show that same season, with Knight following two years later. However, now that the show is in its tenth season, original cast member Ellen Pompeo, who has been there all along, is talking about the show’s most controversial departures.

Pompeo told the NY Post that originally, Washington was up for the role of McDreamy. “You know they wanted Isaiah Washington to be my boyfriend,” Pompeo said. “Shonda [Rhimes] really wanted to put a black man in the mix. I didn’t think they were really going to put an interracial couple on the show and I didn’t want him. It was too close to home.” (Editorial note: Pompeo is married to African-American music producer Chris Ivery.) “I said I wanted that Dempsey kid. I think that once Isaiah did not get the role it backfired.”

Miley Cyrus takes over 'Saturday Night Live' tonight: Talk about it here!

Oh boy. Where do we even begin?

When Miley Cyrus first hosted SNL in 2011, she was a fresh-faced teenager with Disney Princess hair and middling name recognition among the over-18 set. (Hannah Montana‘s finale had aired just two months before.)

Sure, Cyrus’s reputation wasn’t exactly squeaky clean — not after her Teen Choice Awards pole dance, or that videotaped bong rip. But when Cyrus addressed her growing pains in a cheeky musical monologue, she seemed no different from countless former child stars who had followed similar rebellious trajectories. Plus, as she reminded us in song, it’s not like she had ever done anything illegal or truly harmful: “I never stole a necklace or got a DUI/Never cheated on my wife like that golfer guy/So what, you can see a little boob from the side?/I’m sorry that I’m not perfect.”


Banksy hits New York with daily street art

Welcome to New York, Banksy.

Or not.

The notorious U.K. street artist (and Exit Through the Gift Shop subject) hit the walls of NYC this week with a new month-long “exhibit,” his first work in the city since 2010. After announcing the show Tuesday, his first piece — a stencil depicting a boy grabbing a can of spray paint from a sign saying “Graffiti Is A Crime” while standing on another boy’s back — appeared in the Lower East Side and was painted over less than a day later. The second has also been removed.

So far, the disappearances haven’t deterred the artist, who continues to post a piece a day along with an accompanying audio clip on his website that’s meant to “enhance your enjoyment.”

While we’re waiting for his next pieces to appear, we’re keeping track of what he’s done so far. Below are the images Banksy has posted, and tell us, PopWatchers, will you be following the elusive artist along for his show? READ FULL STORY

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