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'Supernatural' recap: Dog daze

What do Sam and Dean do when their best witness in a case is a big, fluffy German Shepherd named The Colonel? Well, in the past, they would have been up a creek. But, these days, they’re armed with all sorts of Men of Letters tricks so, naturally, they found a way to talk to the dog.

In this case, it was Dean who took the hit and drank a hairy potion so he could communicate with animals, and the side effects were nothing short of hilarious. READ FULL STORY

Should 'Scandal' incoporate Kerry Washington's pregnancy into the story? A pro/con list

Oh, Scandal, how are you going to #handle this one?

On Wednesday, Scandal leading lady/upcoming SNL host Kerry Washington announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Nnamdi Asomugha. As expected, Shondaland is being tight-lipped about how they’re going to deal with the situation on-screen, which means we’re going to have to quell our curiosities with speculation for now.

Will they do the How I Met Your Mother-style hide-the-belly? Pull a Bones? Who knows! But we certainly have some thoughts, organized in a very Type A personality-way, because we think Olivia Pope would appreciate that. READ FULL STORY

Have 'Vampire Diaries,' other supernatural shows made TV deaths boring?

(Spoilers ahead for a slew of television shows; proceed with caution!)

A television show represents a fictional world, an escape from the drama that surrounds us in our real lives. Instead of dealing with our relationship problems, we discuss which brother Elena Gilbert should choose on The Vampire Diaries. And instead of reflecting on our own issues, we get lost in Walter White’s downfall or Olivia Pope’s family drama. Typically, these fictional worlds represent a more extreme universe than the one in which we live, and therefore a more exciting one. Most of us don’t have a meth cartel breathing down our necks or a father who runs a secret government spy organization. So every week, we turn on our televisions, and we put aside our boring drama to see what’s going to happen next to our fictional best friends, many of whom we invest real emotion in. And that’s the very reason why killing a main character leaves such an impact on viewers, because in a very real way, we lose a best friend (or at the very least, a piece of eye candy), and we then have to watch as our other friends grieve.

No, it’s not comparable to losing someone in real life, but killing a main character is still the most upsetting, most powerful card a show can play. Character deaths and the impact they leave, if done right, can lead to some of the best moments in television history. And there’s a variety of ways a show can make that mark. It can catch you by surprise and have a schizophrenic patient take the life of a young doctor, like when E.R. lost its beloved Lucy, or it can have a car accident ruin everything, much like Downton Abbey did with Matthew or The O.C. did with Marissa. Or a character can be taken from us by force (see Game of Thrones‘ Red Wedding or The Sopranos‘ Adriana). Then you have the longer, more drawn-out goodbyes. The character who gets cancer and says farewell to everyone they love, much like Jen on Dawson’s Creek or Bobby’s hospital goodbye on NYPD Blue after his body rejected a heart transplant.

If none of those work, there’s the character who sacrifices their own life to save the life of another, much like Charlie on Lost or George on Grey’s Anatomy. And don’t forget the deaths that appear as if from nowhere — the bat to the back of the head that killed Southland‘s Nate or the grocery store robbery that took Simon on The West Wing. No matter how a character is killed, the event and its aftermath greatly affect the formula of the show, not to mention the viewers’ emotional state. So what happens when the element of death is eliminated? How is a show affected when it loses the greatest trick up its sleeve?

Battle of the in-flight safety videos: Virgin's hip-hop vs. Delta's holidays -- VIDEO


Okay, so in-flight airline safety video battles are a thing now.

Virgin America today released its new Jon Chu-directed safety video, a sleek and stylish (not to mention incredibly catchy) production number that stars Todrick Hall (the brilliant mind responsible for yesterday’s viral Disney villain mash-up) as a hoofing flight attendant who delivers safety tips — with flair! All your favorite emergency instructions are there, including Oxygen Mask, Flotation Device, and the ever-controversial Electronics Power-Down. Also included in Virgin’s great video: an insane child rapper, a belting nun, a contortionist in the middle seat, and enough choreography to make Adam Shankman cry.

Netflix to launch original movies -- but will they be successful?

After the success of its original series House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black, Netflix has now decided its next move. In the company’s Q3 Earnings Interview, CEO Reed Hastings, CFO David Wells, and Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos confirmed that the company will add original movies to its résumé, doubling its spending on original projects in 2014.

Netflix is already looking at several documentaries, but according to Sarandos, documentaries aren’t the only thing they’re interested in: “On the movie side, I’d keep my mind wide open to what those films would be and what they would look like,” Sarandos said. “And really the driver of it is, like we were able to break convention on television by offering all episodes at once, something that consumers have really loved, we’d like to do more of that in the movie space, in that today we’re held to the traditional pay television model, meaning the movies are not coming to Netflix until they hit pay television, almost a year after they are in theaters. Even though that window is moving, I don’t know that it’s moving aggressively enough for people who really do have experience more in a demand or more on-demand lifestyle around their content. So I think that the more we could be aggressive with windowing by taking more control over the content earlier in the process, that would be good for our members.”

But after launching two successful television series, is now the time for Netflix to be expanding into more original content? Will the formula that made House of Cards successful apply to films? We’re not sure.

'Homeland' poll: Are you on board with Season 3?

[Spoiler alert!]

Sunday night’s Homeland revealed a shocking twist that seemingly solved all of season 3’s problems: By revealing that Saul and Carrie are working together to hunt Javadi, the show not only explained Saul’s motive for tossing Carrie under the bus but also outlined why Carrie has been trapped in a mental hospital for the past several episodes. By the end of “Game On,” Saul and Carrie looked ready to make their next move.


Dear 'Revenge': What is a love rhombus? PopWatch investigates!

When a colleague came over earlier today and asked if I’d seen last night’s Revenge promos teasing a “love rumpus,” I thought to myself, “That’s ridiculous and brilliant, and I have no idea what it means. Also, people don’t use the word ‘rumpus’ enough.” But after re-watching the promos, I realized what they were getting at: Emily Thorne is deciding amongst (not between — that implies two) three elligible men, including her fiance, her ex, and her true love. Spoiler: They’re all smokin’ hot.

I went back to my colleague and explained my discovery, which caused us to watch the promo for a third time. That’s when we finally understood that it wasn’t talking about “the Hamptons’ hottest love rumpus” — it was talking about “the Hamptons’ hottest love rhombus.”


Battle of the Fitzest: The Fitzes of 'Pretty Little Liars,' 'Scandal,' and 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' face off

Fitz is a name that almost never escaped my lips growing up. I’ve never known someone named Fitz, and my favorite TV characters tended to go by Ryan, Cohen, Chandler, or Riggins. So when I recently started watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and was introduced to a rocket scientist named Fitz, I stopped to think: There’s another Fitz in my life?! I’m already in love with two of them (and a little skeptical of one). I’ve got Ezra Fitz from Pretty Little Liars, who’s my favorite character on the show … or was. I’m still not really sure what’s up with him. And then there’s the incredibly sexy President Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal. How did my life become so Fitz-filled? I have no idea, but I’m not complaining.

So here’s the thing about my Fitzes. Not only do they all have great names, but they’re all pretty powerful in their own way, which is why I thought it’d be fun to compare their skills in an epic battle. After all, with a name as unusual as Fitz, surely there isn’t enough room for all of them (except in my heart). In no particular order, here’s a quick run down of everyone’s battle-ready traits: READ FULL STORY

'Fifty Shades of Grey': Who should take over for Charlie Hunnam?

Well, ain’t that a kick in the head with an over-the-knee vinyl stiletto fetish boot?

Just when everyone had finally started to accept that Charlie Hunnam would play Christian Grey — millionaire, dominant, lip-bite enthusiast — in the film version of E.L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey, the Sons of Anarchy star went and dropped out of the movie. (Blame “scheduling conflicts,” though plenty of conspiracy theorists aren’t buying that excuse.)

Now your mom’s most highly anticipated movie of 2014 is in flux once more, which means we’re in for another flurry of casting rumors — as well as another wave of actors saying they will definitely, definitely not be taking on Christian. So before the cycle begins anew, let’s take a moment to consider who might step into Hunnam’s motorcycle boots. Calling all blue-eyed Adonises — finally, it’s your time to shine!

Matt Bomer
The people’s choice for Christian Grey could be back in the running now, provided he’s actually interested in the part — though that small detail won’t matter much to the mastermind behind this petition. As she wrote this weekend when the news about Hunnam’s exit broke: “I’M SO FREAKING OUT LIKE YOU GUYS I CANT BELIEVE THIS I’M SO HAPPY AND I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY IT’S LIKE A MIRACLE I DONT KNOW GUYS.”


Banksy watch: The street artist's latest works -- and defacements

Street artist Banksy continued his tour of New York this week with stencils, mobile installations, including a delivery truck converted into a garden, and a video called “Rebel rocket attack” the artist claims stopped him from posting new art because of its “shocking footage.”

Like last week’s work, New York’s graffiti artists refused to leave the U.K. import’s pieces alone by tagging multiple stencils. One exhibit — Banksy’s Day 10 piece in East New York depicting his signature rat stencil — prompted four local residents to cover the artwork with garbage bags and cardboard and charging viewers to see the piece underneath.

The elusive Banksy hasn’t commented about the frequent taggings and manipulations of his work on his site or his Instagram, but the artist did post a photo of a tracking device he found under his mobile garden along with the comment, “If you’re the person who stuck a tracking device on the garden truck you’re now following a car service in Queens.” Don’t mess with Banksy, New York.

We’ve compiled his work below, and you can revisit last week’s pieces here. READ FULL STORY

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