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'One Tree Hill' renewed for ninth season? More like 'Old Tree Hill.' Yeah, I said it.

My word-for-word reaction when I heard One Tree Hill was renewed for a ninth season — presumably to be its last – was “Wait, no way that show is still on.” But it is.

I, like many of my high school ilk (or was that middle school? I’m too young to feel this old), used to worship the ground that Chad Michael Murray walked on. I used to live for the nights new episodes would air. (Tuesdays?) But of course this was back when it was on the nearly fully decomposed WB — or “the Dubs B,” as we in the suburban hood used to call it.

Over the years I lost touch with the One Tree Hill gang. Chad Michael Murray left, somebody apparently became a famous singer (it wasn’t Gavin DeGraw), and a whole lot of cross-pollination happened. OTH‘s rating are low but its fan base is high, and intense. Did I say intense? I meant crazy intense.  READ FULL STORY

Would you watch 'Law & Order: SVU' without Mariska Hargitay? (What if Jennifer Love Hewitt replaced her?)

With Law & Order: Los Angeles officially rebooted into oblivion and Law & Order: Criminal Intent halfway through its final season, we are fast approaching a cultural moment that once seemed unthinkable: a TV landscape with only one Law & Order series still in production. But Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has always been the impervious panzer tank of the franchise; while its brethren vacillated through various cast changes, the SVU team has essentially held steady since the show debuted in 1999. (There were more cast shake-ups in one miserable season of LOLA than in over a decade of SVU.)

Not even the SVU juggernaut is immune to the ravages of time, though, and it looks like series star Mariska Hargitay will be stepping back from the series in its upcoming 13th season. READ FULL STORY

Happy 25th birthday, Rob Pattinson! Here are 25 things that endeared you to me.


Ready to feel old? Today, Twilight star Robert Pattinson is 25 years old. That’s right: Though I’m still sticking by my theory that the guy has existed since the days of Easter Island (they have the same profile, guys!), Pattinson apparently just today turned a quarter-century years old. So, to celebrate this holiday, I’m going to slap on my beanie and list 25 things that endeared the coiffed-one to me. Without further ado:

25. As you see above, he can pull off the same jacket as Ron Burgundy.

24. He writes his own music, but doesn’t shove his music career down our throats like other actors-turned-musicians.

23. In 2009, even he looked like he wasn’t sure why he was at the Academy Awards. READ FULL STORY

'American Reunion' gets Thomas Ian Nicholas on board. What other classic '90s teen ensembles do you want to see get back together?

It’s happening American Pie fans: the whole gang will be back for the reunion! Universal confirms to EW that Thomas Ian Nicholas, who played pal Kevin Myers, is officially on board for American Reunion, the flick that will get the entire American Pie gang back together once again. Nichols will join Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Seann William Scott, Tara Reid, Mena Suvari, Chris Klein, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Eugene Levy for the fourth installment. No word yet on the “Sherminator’s” attendance.

While I’m quite excited that the original American Pie crew is getting back together for — terrible pun alert! — another serving, we know what the gang from East Great Falls have been up to, thanks to their subsequent sequel and Wedding. But what characters in other ’90s high school flicks? There are some other movie reunions that need to happen. Namely, Can’t Hardly Wait. READ FULL STORY

Happy Birthday, John Corbett! You're 50 today! Wait, what?!

John Corbett, you sly dog, you. Not only have you managed to get moms throughout the U.S. to name their sons Aidan after your beloved Sex and the City character and kept one of Hollywood’s most intriguing romances (re: you and Bo Derek) well out of the public eye, but you’d also pulled off the greatest stunt of all: looking really, super ridiculously good-looking for your age.

Seriously, is the guy taking a page from the George Clooney Getting-More-Handsome-As-He-Ages Book of Wizardry? When did the philosophical guy from Northern Exposure turn 50?! Also, can Northern Exposure come back? READ FULL STORY

George Clooney turns 50. Which role made you first fall for him?

Oh, George Clooney, only you could pull this off looking better today — at 50 years old! — than you did in your 30s. (Then again, The Caesar didn’t help matters. Neither did this.) But, yes, you read that right: Today, the Ocean’s Eleven star and People‘s 2097 Sexiest Man Alive (I’m just speculating here, but, still, a good bet), turns a half century old. We’d love to celebrate his birthday by asking Clooney where he’s discovered the fountain of youth, but we’re guessing he’s busy pranking Brad Pitt while picking out roses for his Italian girlfriend in his Lake Como villa while riding a unicorn and saving 10 newborn kittens. (Yes, in my head, he’s the Old Spice guy.) So, instead, we’ll celebrate his 50 years on Earth by asking you, PopWatchers: When did you first fall in love with Clooney? READ FULL STORY

Rider Strong thinks Corey and Topanga married too young. Guess the fate of other '90s sitcom couples!

Ahh, Corey and Topanga. The TGIF generation’s Tracy and Hepburn. True love in its finest form.

Except, like most awesome things from the ’90s (slap bracelets, financial security), it seems the happy couple may not have made it to the new millennium. At least, not according to Rider Strong. In a funny, and surprisingly insightful interview with Vanity Fair, Strong, who played Corey’s (Ben Savage) best friend Shawn, shared his thoughts on all things Boy Meets World, from the unexplained disappearance of Mr. Turner (seriously, what?) to whether or not his TV pal and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) lasted.

When asked if he thought Corey and Topanga, who wed in the final season, would be divorced by now, Strong sadly answered, “Probably.” READ FULL STORY

Miley Cyrus inadvertently fuses Nirvana and 'Seinfeld' in incredible '90s tribute performance

Miley Cyrus loves the 1990s. For one, she was born in 1992, about a year after Nirvana ushered in a new age of rock music with the release of Nevermind. Twenty years later or so, the two collided again on stage in South America. At her concert last week in Ecuador, Cyrus covered “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” the song that inspired her to want to follow her dreams. (Thanks, Dad, but nah.)

Cyrus has the hearty voice to make this song interesting, at least, but… um, that dancing. What’s with the dancing? Or as another 1990’s icon George Costanza might have said, “It’s more like a full-body dry heave set to music.” Scroll to the 47 second mark below and stand back. Sweet fancy Moses! READ FULL STORY

'Cougar Town': Adventures in babysitting

It’s like Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) in April with TWO new episodes of Cul-De-Sac Crew…umm Cougar City…I mean Cougar Town this week. So let’s pound grape and dive right into it!

In Wednesday’s “Baby’s A Rock ‘N’ Roller,” we were reminded of baby Stan. That’s right. Ellie and Andy have a kid. Really, they do! I’m not making it up. And thus a plot was born: In order to prove that it’s a lot harder to raise a baby in your 40s than in your 20s, Ellie gets Jules (and Grayson by association) to babysit Stan. Team Ellie pointed out when Jules had Travis, she was young, had a lot of energy, and was too dumb to worry about screwing him up. Team Jules seemed to think that with a devoted husband and nanny, Ellie had it easy peasy. So Jules put all of her dangerous items in the pantry and her babysitting duties began. READ FULL STORY

Happy Record Store Day! Do you remember your first album purchase?

To the current generation of pop-music consumers, Record Store Day, which is tomorrow, might seem as relevant as Buggy Whip Day. But once upon a time, boys and girls, people purchased their music in an actual store — you would pay the owner greenbacks and walk out with either a CD, or a cassette, or an album. These were physical objects that could be held in your hands. The covers on the ancient albums were sometimes art in themselves, and the liner notes could be perused for hours and hours.

Record stores themselves each had their own singular vibe, and the best ones would let you listen to any album in the store before purchase. If you knew the secret handshake, the guy in the back might even have pointed you to some quality bootlegs from the latest Metallica concert.

This must seem very antiquated, and rather quaint, but there was something about walking out of a record store with the music in your hand. READ FULL STORY

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