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Inconceivable! Criminal mastermind calls himself the 'Dread Pirate Roberts,' ruins 'The Princess Bride' for everyone


The FBI has caught the man allegedly behind Silk Road, a notorious e-commerce site that trafficked illegal goods and services. His real name is Ross William Ulbricht — but online, the 29-year-old called himself “the Dread Pirate Roberts.” As in the character from The Princess Bride.

Say it with us: “Inconceivable!”


I'm Still Not Over... Benson and Stabler never getting together on 'Law & Order: SVU'

Like most television addicts, I am a big ‘shipper. I root hard for the couples I love. I cheered for FriendsRoss and Rachel, for ER‘s Carter and Abby, for Friday Night LightsTim and Lyla, for The O.C.’s Ryan and Marissa, and the list goes on. Confession: I even cheered for Xena and Hercules. But looking back through the years, I realized that there has rarely been a time when I genuinely went down with my ship, as they say. Sure, Carter and Abby didn’t make it, but they always had their flirtation. Rachel, of course, got off the plane, and even though Marissa died, she was still Ryan’s last thought as he attempted to move on (into bachelorhood). Oh and in case you’re wondering, I’m still holding out hope for Tim and Lyla.

But there has been one ‘ship that I have been fighting to keep afloat for years now, and I refuse to let it sink. Refuse! I’m talking about Law & Order: SVU‘s longest tension-filled relationship between onetime partners Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson.

Kanye West feuds with Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 5.56.58 PM

International buffoon and INFREQUENT ALL-CAPS TWITTER USER KANYE WEST is freaking out against Jimmy Kimmel right now on Twitter. Mr. Kardashian is upset about a segment from Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live (embedded below) that used child actors to spoof Kanye’s recent crazytown BBC interview.

It’s somewhat painful to read, but I’ve found my new favorite hashtag: #NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK

Big-time NSFW content — updated with Kimmel’s on-air reaction — ahead. READ FULL STORY

'2 Broke Girls' season premiere: The 10 dirtiest jokes from the 'soft opening'

Here is how showrunner Michael Patrick King describes 2 Broke Girls: “Under all those caustic put- downs and edgy dirty jokes, 2 Broke Girls is really a show about two girls with a dream: Max and Caroline, two girls from completely different backgrounds who have found a way to make the hard reality of being broke a little softer by being there for each other.”

Here is how I describe 2 Broke Girls: In the climax of tonight’s third season premiere, a homeless man forcibly sprays fresh urine all over one of the girls’ hair.

So yeah — two years later, this series is still proudly aiming for the lowest common denominator. (Remember when we believed things could be different someday?) How low, you ask? Allow me to answer with a list of the episode’s raunchiest groaners — sorry, awesomest edgy gags. Accent on the “gag.” [Pause for laughter]


I'm Still Not Over ... George O'Malley's death on 'Grey's Anatomy'

When we first met Bailey’s interns in season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy, it was clear that George O’Malley was the sweetheart/underdog of the mix — even when he didn’t want to be. He didn’t like hurting people’s feelings, and he didn’t always stand up for himself. But he had heart. And he was smart. Proof? Dr. Burke quickly identified George as “his guy” because of George’s instincts and ability to work well under pressure (heart surgery in an elevator, anyone?). However, all interns make mistakes, and poor George just so happened to be the first of the bunch to do so. Therefore, we was forever labeled “007.” Get it? License to kill? Good one, Alex.

Five seasons later, George was still the heart of the show. By then, he had talked Bailey through a difficult birth — she named her child after him — he had what can only be described as the most traumatic bedroom experience of all time with Meredith, he lost his father, he got married, he got divorced, he fell for Izzie, and then he evolved into the hospital’s finest ER resident. And when his best friend got skin cancer, he was there to help her make the most important decision of her life (not to mention walk her down the aisle). But by the end of season 5, George needed something more. And thanks to Owen’s influence, he believed that the Army was his calling. But oddly enough, sweet George and his puppy-dog eyes joining the Army was not the most surprising thing that happened in the final episodes of season 5.

Pop Culture Pet Peeve: Canada is the land of ambiguous TV cities

I get it: Tax breaks are good, taxes are the devil. Everyone knows that. Hollywood likes to take advantage of any and every money-saving tool in the movie and TV magic toolbox. This includes shooting features and shows in Canada. Shows such as Fringe, Psych, and Being Human are set in U.S. locations but filmed in Canada — the first two in Vancouver, and the Syfy show in Montreal. Canada also has a healthy film and TV industry, including many shows set and shot in America’s northern neighbor that gain U.S. distribution such as Degrassi and Rookie Blue.

Canadian-shot series have varying degrees of success in transforming  the Great White North into the Home of the Brave. The Killing manages to pull off making Vancouver look like Seattle, as both are in the Pacific Northwest, whereas Being Human‘s “Boston” is laughably inauthentic, as the series is actually shot in Montreal. (Montreal is a cool city! Why don’t they just set the series in Montreal? The fact that the Syfy series is set in Boston manages to be the most baffling part of a show in which a vampire, werewolf, and ghost are roommates.)

What is even more baffling and exasperating are Canadian-set shows that refuse to acknowledge whether they take place in the U.S. or Canada. Instead, these series are set in Ambiguous North America, a state of limbo that avoids any definitive landmarks, all the while completely and utterly infuriating me.

Is this history's most disturbing GIF?

The short answer: Yes.

The long answer: Yeeeeeeees.


I'm Still Not Over... The series finale of 'Will & Grace'

Here at PopWatch, we’re reminiscing about the pop culture moments that we still can’t get over — no matter how much time has passed.

Will Truman and Grace Adler belong together. That is why you can find their names on every “Greatest Television Couples” list there is, and odds are, they will be the one of the only platonic duos on said list. And why? Because they complete each other even without romance. They are two characters you actually hoped wouldn’t find love so that they could spend the rest of their lives living together in New York City, attending the Sound of Music sing-a-long, and winning the Suck On It cup at game night. But unfortunately, that’s not how things played out. Romance got in the way … a little too much for my liking. READ FULL STORY

'Hollywood Game Night': Ranking the freakishly fascinating facial mashups

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 5.02.29 PM

On Thursday’s Hollywood Game Night, the teams (Max Greenfield, Ellie Kemper, Kal Penn, and plebian Jill vs. Kenan Thompson, Minnie Driver, Angela Kinsey and plebe Dipal) participated in a riveting round of Celebrity Fusion — in which two celebs with a common name had their faces smeared into each other and presented as art. (So basically, Conan’s “If They Mated,” but on a show with a different title.) I’m VERY ashamed of how long it took me to guess the above beauty, but at least I didn’t say “Boy George..Carlin?” like poor JIll.

Doesn’t take much to fascinate me on a summer Friday! I’m gonna rank these creatures from least horrifying to most:


Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 4.57.58 PM

Pamela Anderson Cooper (not not hot)

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 5.01.09 PM

Steven Tyler Perry (yikes, but pedestrian)

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 5.01.55 PM

Steve Martin Short (Tom Brokaw in a wind tunnel?) READ FULL STORY

'Project Runway': 'It almost looks like she has a foaming vagina'

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 8.00.38 PM

You could do a LOT worse on a “foaming vagina” Google search than to end up on this post. I just checked.

Nina “Mean-a” Garcia embellished her critique of deaf Project Runway contestant Justin LeBlanc’s “Glamping” gown with some campy Michael Kors-esque flair. “It almost looked like she had a… foaming vagina,” Nina said, choosing her words carefully after laying eyes upon this hot glue gun craft project disguised as a runway look. I’m just sad we didn’t get to see it in sign language for the full, explosive effect. (SPOILER ahead.)

Here’s the full view: READ FULL STORY

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