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'Real Housewives of New Jersey' reunion: The devil in blue

Wow, and I thought you couldn’t top last year’s reunion! After a rather repetitive (how many times can we hear, “We’re family”?), Danielle-less season, things got fiery on part 1 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. Teresa, dressed in electric blue, feuded with every lady on the couches, including her close friend Caroline. Jacqueline opted out of the reunion, owing to some terrible fight with Teresa that happened the night before while filming of season 4. (Even though I was curious about the Jacqueline-Teresa drama, I’m glad we were at least spared a time-wasting segment on Ashley — or should I say “Ashlee”). At this point, season 3 already feels like old news. Sure, Teresa’s Fabulicious book planted some evil seeds in the finale, but clearly the good stuff is happening right now, and no one can really talk about it. All this drama seems a bit higher stakes than usual, because the Jersey housewives have always seemed a bit more authentically linked to each other than the other Housewives — these women are either family or “like family,” further proving reality TV is Kryptonite to any relationship, even ones that appear to be rock-solid. READ FULL STORY

E! host Giuliana Rancic reveals breast cancer battle on 'Today' -- VIDEO

During a visit to Today this morning, E!’s Giuliana Rancic (E! News, The Fashion Police) revealed to host Ann Curry that she is currently battling breast cancer. Rancic, who has publicly chronicled her struggles with infertility with her husband Bill Rancic on their reality show Giuliana & Bill, told Curry, “Through my attempt to get pregnant for the third time through IVF, we sadly found out that I have early stages of breast cancer… It’s been a shock.”

The 37-year-old went on to talk about how her doctor recommended she get a mammogram, something she thought she wouldn’t have to do until she was 40. (“I went kicking and screaming to get a mammogram, to be honest.”) A tearful and shaky Rancic recalled how she felt when she found out the news that she had cancer (“That was the hardest day”) and urged female viewers to put themselves and their health on their “to-do list.” Watch the entire interview below, in which the E! host talks about the support she’s had from her husband and why she’s “not going to give up” on having a child. READ FULL STORY

Racing star Dan Wheldon remembered on Twitter

On Sunday, two-time Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon tragically passed away at the age of 33 from a fatal accident during a race in Las Vegas. Wheldon, who is survived by his wife Susie and their two children, was remembered on Twitter in the hours since his passing by sports and Hollywood stars. Actress Ashley Judd, who is married to driver Dario Franchitti, posted lines from John Donne’s poem “Death, Be Not Proud” and then tweeted, “Hardest parts, Thinking about Susie, Sebastian, Oliver. Seeing my husband grieve. Nights are so awful at first. Poor woman. Such pain.” Danica Patrick, one of the many in the racing community who reacted to Wheldon’s death on Twitter, wrote on her page, “There are no words for today. Myself and so many others are devastated. I pray for suzi and the kids that god will give them strength.”

Here are how some other stars paid tribute to the English-born Wheldon on Twitter: READ FULL STORY

Don't worry Minka Kelly, the Bravermans still need you over on 'Parenthood'!

It’s hard to say, “Poor Minka Kelly!” (I mean, come on… seriously!) But, as any avid fan of Friday Night Lights can attest, we tend to keep an eye out for our beloved Dillon natives. (In case you were wondering what all that excessive gawking at Taylor Kitsch was about. Just keepin’ tabs on Timmy Riggins, is all.)

Still, it was hard not to feel a little bad for “poor Minka Kelly” when it was announced today that her new series, ABC’s remake of Charlie’s Angels, has been canceled. And just a few weeks after her split from longtime boyfriend Derek Jeter, no less. But, let’s not feel too sorry for Lyla Garrity for too long (because, seriously, come on). Because I’m pretty sure the Bravermans would still love to have Kelly back as Max’s behavioral aide Gaby over on Parenthood. READ FULL STORY

Hank Williams Jr. on 'The View': Disney is a 'mean mouse'

Hank Williams Jr., whose comments comparing President Obama to Hitler cost him his role as the pied piper of Monday Night Football, visited The View today to explain himself. Wearing a vintage Mickey Mantle New York Yankees jersey, the 62-year-old pleaded ignorance about the explosiveness of his analogy — “I didn’t go to Harvard, Joy” — claimed he initiated his parting of the ways with Monday Night Football — “I told my manager you can tell ESPN and Disney, ‘Adios'” — and held himself up as freedom-of-speech martyr. “My daughter said, ‘Daddy, are you in trouble,” Williams said. “‘They’re going to pull [your song].’ If I am [in trouble] than we all are.”

Williams wasn’t adversarial, and the ladies wisely let him run off at the mouth, interrupting occasionally only to keep him on point. That allowed him to uncork such gems as, “Never kick a cow turd on a hot day,” and “[Disney] is a mean mouse and he has stepped in to that pile at ESPN…” Watch a clip below: READ FULL STORY

'Enlightened' premiere: Laura Dern's new HBO series is anything but...

Not quite getting your fill of feel-bad TV? Well, here’s the show for you!

Enlightened, the new comedic drama starring Laura Dern (who’s also credited as co-writer and co-creator, along with former Freaks & Geeks producer Mike White), debuted tonight on HBO. You’ll notice I call it a comedy drama, as opposed to a dramedy, though perhaps the latter, more wishy-washy term better describes the tonal inconsistency of Ms. Dern’s latest effort. This is either the blackest comedy to hit TV in a while, or the most pointlessly histrionic drama. At first it seems to be a devastating satire of America’s feel-good, self-help culture in the Era of Oprah and Phil, but by the end, with it’s relentlessly serene images—a sea turtle floating in tranquil, azure waters; a bonfire on a beach; ooh…a sunset—it seems, unmistakably, a loving embrace of it.

Enlightened’s premiere episode opens with an image of grief at its most grotesque. Laura Dern’s Los Angeles health-and-beauty executive, Amy Jellicoe, has just found out that her boss, Damon, with whom she’s been carrying on an affair, has transferred her out of her department. READ FULL STORY

Mourning Steve Jobs: On the scene at the Fifth Avenue Apple store

The Fifth Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan, famously capped with a massive glass cube, is currently covered a white shroud, as if in mourning for the passing of the company’s co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs. The cube is actually undergoing renovations, swapping out dozens of smaller glass panels that make up its surface for just 15 larger ones, described with Jobs-ian panache as “seamless” by signs out front. In a way, it serves as a perfect tribute to Jobs’ famously relentless pursuit of elegance, quality, and thoughtful precision.

The other tribute to Jobs growing outside the Fifth Ave. Apple Store is neither elegant nor precise, but I imagine Jobs would still be deeply moved by the spontaneous shrine of flowers, written tributes, and lots and lots of McIntosh apples. (A few even had a bite taken out of them.) READ FULL STORY

The cat is back as Sean Young visits David Letterman

The last time Sean Young visited David Letterman, she was promoting 1993’s forgettable spoof, Fatal Instinct. So what has she been doing for the last 18 years? “Nothing,” Young said last night. That’s hardly true; her resume is full of credits since then, including recent stints on Skating With the Stars and Celebrity Rehab. But Young’s career as a leading lady went kaput after… well, after that weird Catwoman thing. Now 51, Young seized last night as an opportunity to tell Hollywood’s “big boys” that she’s ready to work again. Forget about that reputation that she’s difficult or even crazy. She can laugh at herself now! Sort of. Watch below: READ FULL STORY

'Billy Elliot' to close on Broadway

Billy Elliot, the 2009 Tony Award-winning Best Musical, will play its final Broadway performance on Sunday, Jan. 8, 2012 after 1,304 regular performances. Featuring music by Elton John, book and lyrics by Lee Hall, choreographed by Peter Darling and directed by Stephen Daldry, Billy Elliot opened to critical acclaim on Nov. 13, 2008 at the Imperial Theatre. “After three unforgettable years, we are announcing the final performance of Billy Elliot the Musical on Broadway,” producer Eric Fellner said in a statement. “To see this story of a small boy from a small town in the North East of England achieve such enormous success and receive such an incredible response from the musical theatre capital of the world has been hugely rewarding. I join my fellow producers in expressing our gratitude to every member of the creative team and the Broadway company for their hard work and dedication to this show. Sadly, all great things come to an end and we look forward to working on Broadway again soon.”

Based on the 2000 Oscar-nominated film, Billy Elliot has played to 7.5 million people and has grossed $600,000,000 since opening in London in May 2005. “I’ve said it before and it remains true today, Billy Elliot has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life — seeing this show produced on Broadway is a dream fulfilled,” composer Elton John said.  “I’m so proud of the brilliant young performers who have mastered the role of Billy on Broadway — their commitment and sheer talent has been the backbone of this production.”

Read more:
Elton John biopic in the works
Best/Worst Moments of 2009 Tony Awards

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore reportedly at odds. Speaking of odds...

Things are not looking great for the six-year marriage of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Though Two and a Half Men‘s new star has tweeted that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions — “When you ASSUME to know that which you know nothing of you make an ASS out of U and ME” — the tabloids are quoting sources close to Moore as saying that their relationship is teetering. Hence, paparazzi are stalking Kutcher to see if he’s still wearing his ring, Taiwanese artists have tackled the rumored discord, and oddsmakers are even speculating on their future together. According to PaddyPower.com, a website that clearly takes bets on anything, the odds of the couple divorcing before the end of 2013 are a cynical 2/5. Clearly, the smart money is thinking split. In fact, the smart money has already moved on to speculating about Ashton’s next girlfriend. Currently, Scarlett Johansson is the odds-on favorite (8/1) to land on Kutcher’s arm, with Eva Longoria (12/1), Jennifer Lopez (12/1), and Lindsay Lohan (16/1) close behind. The educated gambler in me trusts in past performance, so if I was a pathetic, compulsive gambler, I’d like Courteney Cox (25/1) and Madonna (33/1) as smart bets. I’m not compulsive enough, though, to lay money down on Sophia Loren (90/1).

Are you repelled by the practice of gambling on a marriage’s demise? Or is this the best news Lindsay Lohan has heard since Mean Girls?

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