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Greatest comic relief on a TV drama: Your pick (after Louis Litt)?

This week’s episode of USA’s Suits should be remembered as the hour in which Jessica (Gina Torres) made Harvey (Gabriel Macht) a name partner, having no idea he’s been plotting to take control of the firm from her. But really, it’s feline-lover Louis (Rick Hoffman) meeting the cat of his archenemy, Nigel (Adam Godley), that we won’t soon forget. Watch the scene below. Just the look on Hoffman’s face when he first sees her — already, you want to rewind. Also, that cat should be in this gallery of MVPs: Most Valuable Pets.

For me, this moment encapsulates why Louis is one of the best comic reliefs on a TV drama: He’s not just a walking one-liner. The humor comes from the character, which the show’s writers have taken time to build. They’d already established Louis’ affinity for cats (RIP, beloved Bruno) and all high-maintenance beings (see: Louis mudding, which is now a delightful recurring theme; his former relationship with Sheila Sazs). There’s something very Denny Crane about his unapologetic joy and total commitment to whatever he does. What also makes Louis great is that we don’t laugh at him, we laugh with him, and he can make us do more than chuckle. (I’d like to think the writers knew fans would be so upset seeing Louis hurt when Patrick J. Adams’ Mike ditched him to reteam with Harvey that they had to issue a mea culpa in the form of Amanda Schull’s Wire fan Katrina joining Team Litt and Louis cat-sitting).

Tell us: Who is your pick for the greatest comic relief on a TV drama? I’d also nominate True Blood‘s Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), who, while being a fabulous human in a world of vampires, werewolves, shifters, and fairies, never feels like a caricature — even when he’s teaching Terry (Todd Lowe) to “sexy the dip” and “cha-cha the dip” at the fryer. READ FULL STORY

NBC's 'Hollywood Game Night' makes you feel like a genius

Why go out and make friends when you can watch Hollywood Game Night? I checked in on host Jane Lynch and her stable of celebs — this week: Anthony Anderson, Rose Byrne and Stacy Keibler (pictured), Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Patricia Heaton, and Tom Arnold — and must admit I had an altogether good time. The people in my TV kept me company! It was not that sad!

The show’s as simple as it sounds: Two teams (three celebs plus one commoner) play various word-association games about Hollywood happenings. If you tend to feel like a brainless turd during Trivial Pursuit Entertainment, you will LOVE this show. I’ve never felt smarter in my life. So I guess the show was a LITTLE sad.

I still can’t believe anyone would attempt a game night sober. Hopefully they were toasted. Potent Notables below! READ FULL STORY

'Girls' of summer: Marnie daintily fights for her life in a shocking Argentine tango twist! -- NOT REAL

I can’t get over how much So You Think You Can Dance contestant Hayley Erbert resembled a super sequin-y Allison Williams last night. Anyone else? Bueller? Brian? Oh well. READ FULL STORY

Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold's drawn-out Twitter spat: Here's how it went down

Ah, social media — how did we ever stalk our exes without it?

Of course, checking in on a former love carries big risks — as Roseanne Barr discovered a few days ago, when someone informed her that her ex-husband Tom Arnold had recently tweeted about getting rid of some old wedding videos.

Though Barr and Arnold divorced nearly 20 years ago — and both have been married at least once since — there still seem to be some raw feelings between them. So when Barr responded to Arnold’s message with a tart tweet of her own, he replied in kind, leading to a drawn-out sparring match filled with spiteful accusations (“You sold my grandmother’s sewing machine”), dismissive condescension (“Yes mother dear”), and outright hostile insults (“For christ sakes. I remember when you used to be a comedian”).

Don’t worry, though — it all ends on a positive note, with Roseanne congratulating Tom on the recent birth of his son Jax, and even doing the kid’s star charts, or something. Good; to paraphrase comedian Morgan Murphy, I hate it when Mom and Dad fight.


There Should Be a Sequel: 'Troop Beverly Hills'

Cigars… vapes… cookies…

I really wouldn’t mind a sequel to the 1989 Shelley Long vehicle Troop Beverly Hills. The most cherished movie of my childhood is no cinematic masterpiece, so this would hardly be sacrilege. I figure if this is really gonna be the film most often running through my head like a skunk on a misdirected trail (oh, the shame!), the story may as well continue. So sack up, hobos, and pour some wine into that stew: It’s cookie time. Again.

Discovery's 'Naked and Afraid': So many butts

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 1.09.23 AM

This week, military man Jonathan and surfer/”adventure model”/experienced tent dweller Alison are thrust upon the Maldive Islands — specifically, “the worst island on the planet,” where, due to high temps and deadly sea life, “no living species could survive more than a week.”

Lovely! Perfect locale for a reality show about nude Americans. I’m in.   READ FULL STORY

'I'm So Excited' to have this giggle fit!

It’s Fourth of July weekend, so why not go see a Spanish movie?

I just wanted to share that I recently suffered/indulged in one of my biggest LOL spasms of 2013 during the absolutely ridiculous dance scene in Pedro Almodóvar’s new film I’m So Excited (Los amantes pasajeros, in theaters now). It’s not complicated: The three first-class flight attendants (Carlos Areces, Raúl Arévalo, and Javier Cámara, pictured) just vamp around to the Pointer Sisters’ hit, on a plane, in the middle of a life-threatening flight. It sounds annoying and probably would be annoying to many humans. But I died. And each time I thought the laugh-wave had passed, all I had to do was look at any other character’s facial expression — delight! disgust! the theater! — and I was right back in it. It’s a complete sh*tshow of WTF and WHY? My point is this: If you’re in the right mood, this movie is so absurdly fun.

I’m So Excited is subtitled, super sexual, and full of fast-talking nonsense. Most characters are gay, in denial about being gay, or will become gay in the next few hours. So it’s definitely not everyone’s Peninsula Airlines (which may as well be Penis Airlines) cup of Valencia Cocktail. Our critic Owen Gleiberman says the film is “like a helium balloon with a leak in it,” which I totally get. It’s not perfect. It’s crazy. But you might be crazy! I’m crazy, and I was really into it. If you’d rather be attacked by rapid-fire flight attendant bitchery than minions, zombies, or the government, this could be your best-bet holiday weekend trip.

Giggle fit aside, the bottom line is that I’ll see any Almodóvar movie (again and again and again) for the visual presentation alone. Even the fonts in the opening credits were next-level, and by that I mean they looked straight out of the early ’80s. But they were so bright and oddly shaped and unexpected. Perhaps you get what I mean. And every frame in all of his films is like its own piece of art. I don’t know how he does it — camera angles? makeup? just a unique sense of casting? — but each actor’s face is so flawless at every moment, their overreactions somehow “just enough” for me. I guess all the hallucinogens worked. All I wanna do now is watch early Almodóvar movies. I suppose I can wait until sundown.

Anyway: This is a frothy treat. You can zone out and jump right back in. Sobriety is not necessarily encouraged.

Anyone else have a similarly trippy experience with I’m So Excited? Do share.

How we chose our 100 All-Time Greatest Novels

We’ve gotten a landslide of mail about the All-Time Greatest issue, much of it along the following lines:

“Dear Dips–t Editors:

How could could you possibly be so dips—-y?

You put [name of masterpiece] on your Top 100 list even though it fully sucks. I mean, even my 8-year-old sister who drools when she sleeps knows the immense power of its suckage! Yet you totally ignored the awesomeness of [name of something pretty good]. You can explain yourself but I don’t care, and won’t listen, and hate you. Please die. Sincerely, A longtime subscriber” READ FULL STORY

Ciara's 'I'm Out' video: 15 dance moves that you, too, could do in the shower


Sitting perfectly still while watching Ciara dance in videos counts as working out, right?

Upon repeat viewings of the new video for Ciara’s “I’m Out” (featuring Nicki Minaj), I’ve realized that the choreography here is not as aggressively unachievable as the dancing queen’s usual fare. A lot of the moves are mere poses that YOU could do — and have probably already done — in the shower! Friends, it’s time for a body party. A guide: READ FULL STORY

Prepare to cry watching military families reunite -- thanks, 'SportsCenter'

If you normally tear up watching videos of soldiers returning home (as you should), prepare to absolutely sob when you watch the six-minute SportsCenter video below of them surprising their families. Forward it around to hear your office neighbor sniffling through the wall. (I just did.) READ FULL STORY

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