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'The X Factor' extended preview: Did it make you feel (like a natural woman)? (VIDEO)

Football fans across the nation rejoiced as an eight-minute extended preview of Simon Cowell’s The X Factor (premiering Sept. 21 on Fox) aired right after tonight’s NFL doubleheader. It’s got everything: Blank stares from L.A. Reid, ‘O’ faces from Nicole Scherzinger, an absolutely absurd backstage hairstyle on Paula Abdul, some dude with his pants pulled down, and — get this — two females who can really sing. (One’s 13. I can’t call her a woman. I just can’t do it.) Watch it here: READ FULL STORY

Fall TV survival guide: How to navigate life with your newly jam-packed schedule

Now that you’re armed with our Fall TV Preview double issue, it’s time to hit the ground running. And by hit the ground running, we of course mean settling in for a lot of television viewing from the comfort of your couch. Still, we realize this can all be pretty overwhelming. After all, for as much television as we consumed over the summer — from Big Brother to True Blood — the viewing schedule wasn’t nearly as jam-packed as it soon will be. (Plus, we even went outside from time to time!) With the premieres of all the new and returning programs just days away, now is the time to get ready. (If you’re far behind on a series, like say, The Good Wife or Community or The Vampire Diaries, you’d better start watching those DVDs to catch up riiiiight… NOW!) But, don’t fret, dear PopWatchers, we’re here to help. After all, you’ll need to outwit, outplay, and outlast all of life’s distractions so you don’t miss a moment of Survivor. Here now, a fall television survival guide:

Find a buddy: Why do we watch TV? To talk about it the next day, of course! Like in college when you’d take classes with a pal and take turns attending so you could exchange notes (which this writer totally never engaged in, just knew people who did), you’ll need a partner through the fall TV season. Shack up with your quirky pals to watch New Girl together or have weekly gatherings to discuss who your favorite contestant is on X Factor. Either way, you can’t do this alone. READ FULL STORY

This Week's Cover: We pick the five best new shows in our Fall TV Preview

Need a good excuse to spend your September cooped up indoors, remote control in hand? We’re happy to help with our annual Fall TV Preview issue, which features TV critic Ken Tucker’s picks for the five best new shows. Spoiler alert! One has a sexy homeless guy in it. One features two smart-mouthed New Yorkers. One stars an actress from a beloved teen drama… that was not about vampires. One is on NBC. And one will scare the sweet bejesus out of you. (Click here to buy the issue.)

Plus, we’ve got all the scoop on 127 new and returning shows, including:  READ FULL STORY

Well-juiced Simon Cowell talks 'American Idol' fatigue, 'X Factor,' orgasmic IV regimen

In an interview with GQ, Simon Cowell talks about his total disinterest in his last few seasons of American Idol and how a lawsuit citing similarities between Idol and The X Factor forced him to delay plans to bring his show to the U.S. for five years. It’s a great read whether you dig the guy or not, but the thing that will stick with me most is that Simon Cowell has a multi-person team to make sure his “breakfast appears” every day. Breakfast is seven courses, six of them liquid. GQ provides footnoted recipes of his breakfast smoothies, with each fruit serving measured out to the millimeter.

It’s all very scientific. At this point, his entire life is so immaculately curated that Simon Cowell just doesn’t have to deal. With anything. Ever. He wakes up late, watches The Jetsons, absorbs nutrients, and avoids people. He’s my hero. And here’s something very unfortunate for a person who is not a multimillionaire media mogul: Simon Cowell has brainwashed me into believing I should be on an orgasm-inducing IV at all times. (I should, right?) READ FULL STORY

Who's winning this 'X Factor' group balancing act?

I know who you think it is, but check it out: Simon’s being grounded by three hands. I’ve been staring at this image long enough (minute and a half): It’s time to rank these bobbleheads in order of how well they could potentially hold themselves at a fully upright angle. Like, do or die: This is the order in which they would die.

5. Pixy Abdul-Stix

4. Gray suit

3. L.A. Reid

2. Simon Cowell

1. Nicole Stiltzinger

And she only needs one leg! The talent on The X Factor is looking fierce so far.

Hey, that’s not fair. Why would I dismiss perfectly pleasant and attractive host Steve Jones like that? Is it because he’s so tall and in my History of Current Reality Television textbook (which is actually just an endless series of Stickies on my computer), hosts are supposed to be short and bouncy? I think it’s that. Look at him. What is he looking at? Are his pointer and middle fingers about to take a walk somewhere? Is he going to tilt himself slightly like that the whole time?

Luckily I have an entire month and change to get over this super-serious pre-season vendetta against X Factor host Steve Jones.

Got any super-serious pre-season vendettas of your own? By all means, sway me.

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'The X Factor': Are you intrigued or fatigued?

Simon Cowell’s The X Factor got its “world premiere sneak peek preview” just before last night’s MLB all-star game. So I guess this thing is really happening! Still hard to believe, considering the glut of singing reality competitions on network TV and the fact that it’s July and since when is Simon Cowell anywhere near TV in JULY? Watch the preview below. Try not to get lost in the pink cable-knit cloud of Simon’s faux-fluffy new image! READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor' sneak-peak set for MLB All-Star game

Now that American Idol’s on vacation, the lane’s wide open for music mogul Simon Cowell to pitch his new show to America. And what better time and place to do that than at the 2011 Major League Baseball All-Star Game on Fox? His singing reality competition, The X Factor, is getting a “world premiere preview” on July 12 just before the game at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

The show that wooed onetime Island Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid from his post has been teasing the preview during ads for the game, though Fox reps have yet to confirm anything outside of what’s seen in the clips.

The X Factor doesn’t officially premiere until Sept. 21, so what are you expecting from Cowell’s sneak preview?

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Simon Cowell reunites with his wind-up toy Paula Abdul for 'X Factor' auditions

And for a moment, the world is as it should be: Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul are together again now that auditions for Fox’s X Factor have begun. EW’s Dave Karger was on the scene of the first taping Sunday, and in addition to describing how the audience protested one contestant’s dismissal with a “Bring her back!” chant until producers did, he also notes that during one break, Simon “lovingly petted” Paula’s hair. Ah. Speaking to Cowell before the taping, HollywoodJunket.com found out Abdul owes her reunion with Cowell to the media. It was while chatting with the press that Cowell realized, “Overwhelmingly, they wanted her on the show.” The reason he and Abdul get along so well is simple, according to Cowell: “When I’m bored, Paula’s like one of those toys, you know, you just wind up, and then I’ll just throw it on the floor for a minute and just play with it, and then I’m happy.” Watch the interview below.  READ FULL STORY

'X Factor' judge Cheryl Cole: A crash course

Even though British pop star Cheryl Cole had been rumored as a judge on the U.S. version of The X Factor for weeks, now that she’s been officially hired, the overwhelming response to today’s news is still likely to be: “Cheryl who?” For the uninformed, she’s a past reality-show contestant herself (she’s part of Girls Aloud, an all-female quintet formed in 2002 on the British show Popstars: The Rivals) who became a solo sensation in 2009 with the release of her single “Fight For This Love,” which is still in heavy rotation on my iPod two years after it came out. Check out the video, in which Cole looks like a cross between Eva Longoria and Shania Twain: READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor': Who should take the final seat at the judges' table?

It’s O.K., L.A. Accidents happen. Come give me a hug. While the music producer and confirmed X Factor judge might be in the doghouse with Simon Cowell after revealing that Cheryl Cole will likely join him for the American iteration of The X Factor, we can’t help but thank the record exec for moving this process along. The selection of Cole isn’t too much of a surprise; the former member of British pop group Girls Aloud has been a judge on Cowell’s original version of X Factor in the U.K., and it was largely speculated she’d be joining him for the U.S. version. But who should be the show’s final judge? READ FULL STORY

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