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What should Simon Cowell do next? 5 suggestions

Now that Fox has officially pulled the plug on The X Factor, we can’t help but wonder what veteran reality competition judge Simon Cowell is going to do to with all the newly acquired free time (you know, when he’s not judging The X Factor in the U.K.). And because we hardly think Cowell will sit around and do nothing (though, that is an option we’ve put up for suggestion!), here are five options for Simon’s first career move, post-The X Factor. READ FULL STORY

Someone just won 'The X Factor'

The X Factor‘s two-hour live finale featured the final three acts singing Christmas tunes with next-level ridiculous staging, plus guest stars Mary J. Blige, Leona Lewis, Lea Michele, and International Superstar Pitbull, who referred to himself in the third person. He just said “Pitbull,” though. He’s modest.

The winner of The X Factor is…. READ FULL STORY

Who should win 'The X Factor'? *Crickets*

“You never cease to… not blow me away,” Demi Lovato blundered during Wednesday’s finals on Fox — while deftly summing up my overall impression of The X Factor!

We stopped recapping this mess early in season 3 — not only because, as previously established, The X Factor has no soul, but because ratings dropped by a lot and we noticed barely anyone wanted to read about it. Yet the show has sputtered on, this time with bright yellow lights on the front of the judges’ table instead of red or blue, and Paulina Rubio wobbling around in her chair instead of Britney Spears sitting there like a sad statue. There’s still a lot of lasers. Alex & Sierra (pictured) have emerged as a duo you might have heard of this fall even if you don’t watch The X Factor. So that’s certainly new! Good for them. They’re lovely.

Overall, though, the show strikes me more than ever as a scripted yet poorly executed celebration of both the judges’ wealth and the contestants’ poverty. It could all change for them if they win the million-dollar recording contract. Meet the finalists in all their destitute glory, and run through their final performances with me, below.


PopWatch Planner: 'Anchorman 2' in theaters, 'The X Factor' finale, and more

As we head into the holiday season, this week has a little bit of everything. From Beyoncé’s surprise album — which you should download now — to Ron Burgundy’s return in Anchorman 2 and every fall finale in between, here’s what we recommend you put on your schedule:

SUNDAY 12/15
Homeland season finale AND Beyoncé on iTunes

Homeland wraps up its third season this week — what’s in store for Brody and Carrie? Other than an hour of twists and turns, we can’t be sure!

Plus: Queen B’s newest album was secretly released on iTunes and is the perfect soundtrack for any weekend activity.


No Halloween costume? Fox has you covered with 'New Girl,' 'Family Guy' masks

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re among the slackers who haven’t gone out to buy a costume yet or just can’t figure out what to be, Fox is hoping you’ll dress up as one of the characters from their shows.

The cable company has just released a slew of printable cutout masks just in time for you to put together a last-minute costume.

In addition to printable masksof people like The X Factor‘s Simon Cowell and New Girl‘s Jess, Fox has also uploaded some fun stencils for pumpkin carving.

If you’re brave enough to try your hand at some fancy carving before tonight, you’ll find all you need to carve a likeness of Bart Simpson or Family Guy‘s Stewie on Fox.com.

Visit show pages for Almost Human, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, New Girl, The Simpsons, and The X Factor for more info on how to download printable masks and pumpkin carving stencils for Halloween!

'The X Factor': Meet the Top 16 -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

The wait is over, if you’ve been waiting. The X Factor has chosen its Top 16 — four each for Kelly Rowland’s Over 25’s, Paulina Rubio’s Boys, Demi Lovato’s Girls, and Simon Cowell’s Groups. Watch each hopeful singer or group (though the correct-in-many-ways term on The X Factor is “act”) tell their “15-Second Life Stories” in some exclusive clips below.

SPOILERS ahead! The Top 16 acts to advance are…. READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor' episode 4: Mostly garbage

This one was only an hour! But Simon ‘n’ Friends still managed to serve up a hearty helping of drain-circling matter along with one, maybe two promising singers. READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor' episode 3: Your favorite audition?

After another two-hour audition episode of The X Factor, we’ve still met only a few truly promising future pop stars, if any. Sixteen-year-old high school freshman and Tourette’s sufferer Carlos Guevara (pictured, happily mauled) was by far the emotional highlight of tonight’s third installment — after explaining to the judges that “Sometimes I beep and yell and my body moves…the only thing that could help me was music,” he delivered a cover of John Mayer’s “Gravity” more remarkable for the teary-eyed reactions from the judges and Carlos’ devoted gaggle of friends than the power of the brave kid’s vocal. But tears can get you far in this world. Well, on TV, anyway.

More standout auditions below — including returning contestant Jeff Gutt. (I recognized his face, but assumed he’d starred in, like, a memorable Sonic commercial or something. Not the best sign.)

Who had your favorite tryout tonight? Is anyone still watching? READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor': See more from Rion Paige

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 6.48.03 PM

The final audition on tonight’s X Factor season premiere (read our full recap here) was Rion Paige Thompson, who I’m pretty sure gushed out more blisteringly positive energy in a single reality TV segment than I have in my entire, longer-than-13-years life. The country-pop singer from Jacksonville, Florida sang Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away,” prompting Simon Cowell to label her “lit-ruh-lly extraordinary.” Rion has a congenital disorder called arthrogryposis, which causes curvature of the hands.

This girl is all over YouTube! Watch some clips from her budding musical career below: READ FULL STORY

How to save 'American Idol' (Someone has to!)

Put away the Kibbles ‘n Bits, because the Dawg has officially left the building. Longtime judge/canine Randy Jackson announced last week he is leaving American Idol after 12 seasons of “Yo! Yo! Yo!” One can only pray the rest of the judges’ panel will shortly follow. The judging has been a major problem for this show ever since Simon Cowell packed up his scary collection of V-neck T-shirts three years ago. Sure, Idol tried to keep viewers interested by bringing in Jennifer Lopez to look gorgeous and Steven Tyler to hit on contestants roughly a third his age, but that never really worked. And the less said about this year’s panel the better.

But Idol has issues that extend far beyond the people sitting behind the red Coca-Cola cups. While it remains the only singing contest on TV that can still launch viable recording stars (as the recent success of the awkwardly named Phillip Phillips proves), the onetime television phenomenon has now become just another show, with recent episodes pulling in a paltry 11.3 million viewers. Fox should do the right thing and cancel Idol before it devolves further into irrelevance, but of course that scenario is about as likely as Mariah Carey offering any sort of useful critique whatsoever. So seeing as we’re stuck with each other, here are a few suggestions to pump some life back into the franchise. READ FULL STORY

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