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Idris Elba hasn't seen most of 'The Wire'

If you’ve seen The Wire, you likely can’t stop re-watching. But if, like Idris Elba, you were actually on The Wire? Then maybe you aren’t actually all that interested in repeat viewings — or watching at all. “I’ve seen a full episode at screenings but never at home,” Elba told Playboy. “I’ve never watched an entire season. I’ve not seen any episode of season 2, most of season 3, and none of seasons 4 and 5. I’m supercritical of my own work. As an actor, if you’re being told how wonderful you are, what do you need to strive for? I don’t know if I’m good just because some critic says I am in the press.”

Of course, the magazine notes that he then smiled and added, “The Golden Globe award told me that, thanks. And the two Emmy nominations. Just the small things.” READ FULL STORY

'Suits' pays homage to 'The Wire' -- VIDEO


Spoiler alert! There was a lot to love about this week’s episode of USA’s Suits: Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) said “I love you.” Harvey (Gabriel Macht) jogged and Louis (Rick Hoffman) power-walked. Donna (Sarah Rafferty) slept with Stephen (Max Beesley) instead of seeing Daniel Day-Lewis onstage in Macbeth. (Correction: Even though it’s a fictional production and she’s a fictional character, we’re not sure we can support that decision. We’ll take it to a vote below.)

While cases on Suits are really just something to focus the office power-plays and banter around — and we mean that in a good way — the two-pronged Ava Hessington (Michelle Fairley) situation produced two twists this hour: Turns out, oil tycoon Ava didn’t order those murders. That deposition, which convinced Harvey and Mike of her innocence on that charge, was Fairley’s juiciest scene on the show to date, the kind that makes you understand why she signed on for the recurring role. Equally surprising, fifth year associate Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull) may be likable after all. It’s nice to see both someone loyal to Team Litt (Louis: “What just happened to him?” Katrina: “He got Litt up”) and for Mike to recognize and respect it. Also, Mike and Katrina bonding over a shared love of The Wireparticularly the TV-MA vocabulary of Clay Davis (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) — was a nice touch. Watch that scene below. READ FULL STORY

'The Wire' creator David Simon takes on Koch brothers over newspaper sale

David Simon, the former Baltimore Sun police reporter who co-created The Wire and Treme for HBO, has witnessed the demise of the American newspaper industry up close. He took a buyout from the Sun in 1995 when he concluded the downsized paper was heading in the wrong direction, and he spent an entire season of The Wire dramatizing the paper’s missteps after corporate out-of-towners took charge.

Toss in his self-described “left of the Democratic Party” political views, and it shouldn’t be any surprise that he’s not fond of the idea of the Sun and the rest of Tribune Company’s newspapers being sold to Koch Industries, the billion-dollar conglomerate run by conservative businessmen Charles and David Koch.

In a new web video, Simon urges people to sign a Working Families petition protesting the potential sale, which has been rumored for several months. “When I heard that the Koch brothers — bless their hearts — were interested in purchasing newspapers, and the Baltimore Sun, my alma mater, in particular, I thought, well, that’s kind of the last nail in the coffin,” Simon says in the video. “It’s not enough for [the Kochs] to lobby government. It’s not enough for [the Kochs] to influence elections. There’s an awful lot of capital that’s already introduced into our electoral process. Newspapers, the Fourth Estate, are supposed to be outside of that. … Ultimately, the only chance that democracy has, if you ask me, is that somebody stands on the outside of some of the excess and the fraud and basically calls foul. That doesn’t happen if the newspapers represent a particular ideology.”

Watch the entire video below:

'The Wire' creator on Zimmerman verdict: 'The season on African-Americans now runs year round'

David Simon — co-creator of The Wire, co-creator of Tremé, card-carrying Person With Thoughts To Share — has some thoughts to share about Trayvon Martin. In a blog post titled simply “Trayvon,” Simon has written his reaction to the George Zimmerman verdict.

“You can stand your ground if you’re white, and you can use a gun to do it. But if you stand your ground with your fists and you’re black, you’re dead,” Simon notes. “In the state of Florida, the season on African-Americans now runs year round. Come one, come all. And bring a handgun.” He continues:

'Big Bang Theory' star Kunal Nayyar takes the EW Pop Culture Personality Test at Paleyfest 2013

Big Bang Theory will hit the stage at PaleyFest tonight, but tonight’s event is also a special one.

It marks the first time a Paley panel will be streamed live from select theaters across the country. (See participating theaters close to you here.) To celebrate the occasion, EW asked Kunal Nayyar to participate in our Pop Culture Personality Test.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Before we start, how are you feeling about being on the big screen?
Kunal Nayyar: At this point I can only speak for myself. It doesn’t make me nervous. If it was just me, and it was all this big stuff, it would probably make me nervous. But having the cast and producers there, [it will] feel like we’re just hanging on set. There’s a kinship and a friendship [among us]. We’re a family, so when we’re all on stage together, it’s just fun and a chance for people to see how we are off-screen.

Well, appropriately, I’ll start off your quiz with a movie-themed question: What was the last movie you saw on the big screen?
Argo. I loved it. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t love it. READ FULL STORY

Wendell Pierce Bunks-out (on Twitter) over the Super Bowl

Last night’s Super Bowl was the fiercest, darkest sporting event of the year.

Also, for a few brief moments, the Bunk-est.

Actor Wendell Pierce took to Twitter to talk about the big game — and tweeted from the perspective of Bunk, the eye-rolling, good-hearted, foul-mouthed detective he played on HBO’s The Wire (the show that made America fascinated and repulsed by Baltimore institutionalism).

The tweets, which mixed quotes with exclamatory ad-libbing, were a welcome reminder of the show, and a shot to the heart of its fans (like me) who are still trying to get our friends to watch it.

Warning: NSFW for Baltimore-approved language


'A Game of Ice and Wire': Tumblr mashes up 'Game of Thrones' and 'The Wire'

Because Game of Thrones and The Wire aren’t awesome enough on their own, there is now a Tumblr dedicated to both.

A Song of Ice and Wire takes quotes from The Wire and adds them to screenshots from various Game of Thrones episodes — and the dialogue lines up surprisingly well.


'The Wire' creator blasts Romney for tax comments: 'This republic is just about over, isn't it?'

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been dogged by media-gasbag allegations that he hasn’t been paying his taxes — allegations which offer smarmy pop-culture writers the exceedingly rare opportunity to mention Mitt Romney and Lauryn Hill in the same sentence.* Yesterday, Romney responded to those accusations by announcing, “I did go back and look at my taxes, and over the past 10 years I never paid less than 13 percent.” In response, David Simon — creator of fall-of-America portraits like The Wire, Generation Kill, and Tremetook to his blog to announce that he, for one, was not amused. “Can we stand back and pause a short minute,” writes Simon, “to take in the spectacle of a man who wants to be President of The United States, who wants us to seriously regard him as a paragon of the American civic ideal, declaiming proudly and in public that he has paid his taxes at a third of the rate normally associated with gentlemen of his economic benefit.” READ FULL STORY

How to chat with Marlo Stanfield from 'The Wire'

If there was one thing that Avon, Stringer, and co. taught us in their run as heads of the Barksdale Drug Organization on HBO’s critically acclaimed series ‘The Wire,’ it was proper cell phone etiquette.

As String once made it clear to D’Angelo (you know, before he ruthlessly ordered a hit on him, R.I.P., D!), that code was quite simple: “no phones.”  Four years after ‘The Wire’ has gone off the air, however, there is one Baltimore drug kingpin who is still willing to talk.

Slate.com has discovered that dialing the digits to Marlo Stanfield’s cell-phone, revealed to all in a hand-to-hand exchange with shady defense lawyer Maury Levy, connects you to an audio recording of the usually subdued Marlo reminding us all what’s in a name.

‘Wire’ fans apparently have Baltimore-Washington Telephone Company (BWTel) employee Justin Newman to thank.  On his website, Newman claims that he set up the voice clip after realizing that Marlo’s personal number, (410) 915-0909, was a working, Baltimore-area line.  (Dating back to the 60s, many TV shows and films have stuck to using fake 555-like numbers to avoid causing prank call hysteria).


Will the king stay the king?: 'Wire' cast lends President Obama a hand

The cast of HBO’s classic series The Wire is teaming up to ensure that the king stays the king.

An invitation posted to Barack Obama’s website yesterday informed supporters of the President’s re-election campaign that several stars of David Simon’s critically acclaimed look into the drug-infested streets of Baltimore will help host a fundraising event in Martha’s Vineyard on August 15.

Entry tickets can be purchased for a cool $500, while those looking to serve as part of the host committee will have to cough up $2, 500.


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