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Why I've finally quit watching 'The Voice'

Before The Voice‘s first season premiered, it was marketed as the reality singing competition that would get rid of all the gimmicks. It was about nothing but pure talent. There weren’t judges, but instead, there were friendly coaches, who would find good vocalists and help them become great. The auditions were blind, which ensured that only the very best singers would get the chance to compete on the show, regardless of their appearance. It was all about the notes, the runs, the falsettos, and the voices that sent chills down viewers’ spines. This was The Voice.

Five seasons later, I’ve finally given up on the show. To me, season 1 was the only one that got things 100 percent right. From the moment Javier Colon started singing “Time After Time” in his blind audition, it was clear that we had just met The Voice of the season. I’m not saying he had the biggest voice, because I don’t think that’s what this show is about. It’s about having that talent, plus a little something extra that makes your voice different but is impossible to put into words. And Colon defined that.

After joining Team Adam, Colon continued his climb to the top. Each week, he was the clear leader until he was eventually crowned the winner. It wasn’t a surprising ending, but it was the right one. And viewers tuned in every week to hear Colon’s smooth-as-silk  performance.

Cut to now, four seasons later, and The Voice finds itself in an unhealthy dilemma that seems to make it impossible for us to get through a season without an “upset.” Full disclosure: I can’t speak much about season 2 winner Jermaine Paul, because I didn’t watch that entire season. But I can speak to the pattern that was formed in seasons 3 and 4, and more importantly, what it is about season 5 that has made this fan walk away from her television for good.

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'The Voice' exit Q&A: Matthew Schuler talks song choices, Team Xtina, and the future

Cute as a button, with an indie heart of gold, Matthew Schuler still could not be saved on Tuesday night’s The Voice, even by the supreme powers of Twitter. But don’t you worry about him! He’s got plans brewing, and when EW caught up with him bright and early Thursday morning, he had already gotten himself to the City That Never Sleeps. There’s no rest for the weary, after all, and certainly not those with dreams of a music career and 79,000 Twitter followers asking when his first single will drop. 

Schuler’s confidence and versatile sound stood out early with his unique audition, and performances like “Wrecking Ball” and “Hallelujah” made him a powerful force in the live rounds. We caught up with Matthew to talk about his song choices, what it’s like to be on Team Xtina and what to expect from him in the future (think big).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Matthew, you just got into New York! How are you feeling after the elimination?
MATTHEW SCHULER: It’s so cool to be talking to you guys! It’s a little bittersweet because the show has done so much for me and I really enjoyed my time there. It was hard to say goodbye, but when one chapter closes, another opens. I’m ready to strike while the iron is hot, you know, to start my career. This is just the beginning.

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'The Voice' results: Elimination, Instant Save are...

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'The Voice' exit Q&A: Caroline Pennell talks about applying to college, being the last singer on Team Cee Lo

Just like the holidays, The Voice finals are creeping up on us. After Tuesday’s eliminations episode, only six singers are left to duke it out next week. We caught up with one of the two eliminated artists from the top eight, Caroline Pennell, the 17-year-old high school senior whose honeysuckle-sweet voice charmed America and her colorful coach Cee Lo Green. She began the competition as a shy singer, seemingly unaware of her talent. But after making it to the top eight, which isn’t any easy task, Pennell didn’t leave empty-handed, “I think a visible change would probably be just my comfort level, my confidence.” And who could complain about being eliminated when they’ve experienced something most teenagers could only dream of — “I’ve had some of the best times I have in my whole life, which has not been very long, but I mean there’s so much to take away from it.” She spoke to us about her thoughts on the Twitter save, her coach’s last words, and her next big challenge — those pesky college applications.

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'The Voice' results: Eliminations and instant save?

SPOILER ALERT! Only eight singers remained at the beginning of The Voice‘s Tuesday eliminations. After two messy group songs and a very strange Cee Lo Green Cirque du Soleil-style performance, the bottom three singers contained two expected artists and one very surprising potential upset. Find out who got eliminated after the jump….


'The Voice' Top 6 Power List: Is it time for Team Cee Lo to go home?

You know the drill, Voice fans. There will be two more singers on the virtual chopping block tonight. And with only eight singers remaining, we’re entering prime upset territory. Could an all-season frontrunner very well go home? While Monday night was a bit lopsided in terms of performances, Team Adam delivered a hat trick of the night’s best renditions. Team Christina’s wunderkinds weren’t too far behind, and then in no-singer’s land of the bottom three, I’d place Team Blake and Team Cee Lo. Team Adam still has his team intact, but Team Cee Lo, with his lone star Caroline Pennell left, is hanging on by a thread.

Taking into consideration iTunes Top Songs appearances (as of press time) and their Monday night performances, here’s how I would rank the remaining eight singers:

6. Matthew Schuler (Team Christina)
Matthew is in a song choice drought. Monday’s Imagine Dragons tune “It’s Time” wasn’t the best use of his talents, and by the looks of its low position on iTunes top songs, #92, it didn’t resonate with fans either. But don’t completely count him out, his “Hallelujah” cover is still a presence on the iTunes. I think this Christina contender will bounce back in no time, hopefully with less hokey backup dancers.

5. Tessanne Chin (Team Adam)
Tessanne went the pop-reggae route on Monday, showing us she can sing casual, too. If by casual, you mean turn a lilting No Doubt song into another Whitney-Houston-ified powerhouse, jaw-dropping performance. I call safe on this one.

4. Jacquie Lee (Team Christina)
Jacquie has a niche — soulful, heartbreak power-belters. While I’m not crazy about her junior-Christina status, I can’t see her going home this early in the final leg of the competition.

3. James Wolpert (Team Adam)
James and Freddie Mercury songs are a match made in classic rock heaven. More, please. But I still don’t get the mic-stand as cane schtick.

2. Cole Vosbury (Team Blake)
Cole has shown he’s still got some vocal tricks hidden up that beard. He can sing sweet, sing powerful — a more versatile Austin Jenckes.

1. Will Champlin (Team Adam)
At last, Will gets his due. This season’s clutch singer just transformed himself into a top contender with his highly ambitious Etta James cover.

Elimination Predictions:
1. Caroline Pennell – I place Caroline this low because she was in the bottom three last week. While she has a sizable Twitter following that surely helped her last Tuesday, I don’t think she has the chops to make it to Top 6. She peaked early in the competition and has yet to showcase voice versatility.
2. Ray Boudreaux – I’m still surprised that Ray has made it this far in the game. His coach Blake Shelton tried to showcase other sides of his voice, but Ray, as good as he is at working the crowd, is a one-trick soul pony.

What are your thoughts on the remaining eight singers? Who’s still a contender? Let us know your picks for elimination night in the comments below.

The Voice airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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