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TV Leaderboard: 'Breaking Bad' passes 'Vampire Diaries' in EW.com reader ratings

The CW’s The Vampire Diaries may have been tops in EW.com reader ratings last week, but that was only based on partial data — we hadn’t yet been able to include Friday and Sunday programming. And now that a full week of new TV is under our belt, a new champion has emerged: AMC’s Breaking Bad, in which a desperate Walt turned to Saul for help after Gus brought the hammer down. Also moving into the top ranks: the season premieres of Friday’s sci-fi freakout Fringe, and Sunday’s lawyer-cum-political-cum-domestic drama The Good Wife. Check out the full standings below:  READ FULL STORY

TV Jukebox: What were your favorite songs in shows this week?

Have you ever been watching the end of a Vampire Diaries and wondered why you were weeping? Or been humming a random Springsteen song all week before you remember it was featured in Glee? Well, friend, you are not alone. We here at EW have been keeping our eyes and ears open in search of the best music appearing on the small screen this fall season. From that tireless search was born the TV Jukebox. Since the premieres began rolling in, we’ve found songs from perennial earworm provider Grey’s Anatomy, some danceable goodness from Glee and How I Met Your Mother, a surprise entry from still wet-behind-the-ears sitcom Free Agents, and more. Check out our picks below!  READ FULL STORY

TV Leaderboard: 'The Vampire Diaries' tops EW.com reader ratings for premiere week

Image Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

For the 2011-2012 season, you may have noticed that EW.com’s recaps have featured a new starred rating for the episode in question. Each Friday, we’ll reveal your highest-rated episodes for the week. The top vote-getter for this week, The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, should prrrrobably not be that huge of a shock given the show’s rabid following, and a strong episode that saw Elena, Alaric, and Damon confronting a hybrid just hours before a full moon. The biggest surprise? The polarizing series premiere of Fox’s New Girl pulled in the most total votes by far, and easily broke into the top five shows. Check out the rest of the list below:  READ FULL STORY

Fall TV Thursdays: What to watch live? What to DVR?

No self-respecting TV lover should ever have to choose between a snarky (and often shirtless) Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries and a witty (and often shirtless) Jeff Winger on Community. And yet, here we are. For me, Thursday night’s TV lineup is the most difficult to navigate. There are just so many good shows from a variety of genres and they all fall into the same time slots. Not cool. Anyway, after a lot of second-guessing, I’ve finally settled on my viewing schedule for the next couple of months and, in effect, decided which TV boyfriend I’m breaking up with. It wasn’t pretty, but it had to be done.

8 p.m. – 9 p.m.
LIVE: The Vampire Diaries (CW): Damon Salvatore, you’ve got my heart viewership. As much as I adore Community, TVD’s twists and turns pretty much guarantee that I will be shoving people out of my way to get home in time for this series. (Premiered Sept. 14)
DVR: Community & Parks And Recreation (NBC): Just because I won’t be seeing Winger during Community’s regularly scheduled time slot this season, doesn’t mean we can’t play catch up later. Since the show is just half-an-hour, I plan to use the remainder of the time to get up to date on the equally dysfunctional (and hilarious) Parks & Rec gang. (Premieres tonight) READ FULL STORY

'The Vampire Diaries' and 'The Secret Circle': A compelling Thursday night?

The CW debuted its new supernatural Thursday last night, with the series debut of The Secret Circle following the season 3 premiere of The Vampire Diaries. The pairing makes perfect sense: Both shows, adapted from L.J. Smith novels, have teen heroines, and both come from Kevin Williamson, who loves twists and epic love stories equally. By scheduling them on the same night, the CW hopes those TVD fans who love a mythology-driven drama that moves will stick around for TSC. It worked in week 1: The Secret Circle retained nearly all of its Vampire Diaries lead-in. But what about next week? Are you in or are you out? READ FULL STORY

TV Season Finale Awards: The winners are announced!

The results of our 2nd annual fan-voted TV Season Finale Awards are in! Check out the winners gallery here for the Top 5 finishers in each of our 20 categories. A total of 718,838 votes were cast. SPOILER: Parks and Recreation‘s Li’l Sebastian was named fifth best death.  READ FULL STORY

'Vampire Diaries': What do you think season 3 will look like?

If you missed last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries and intend to watch it, stop reading now. SPOILERS FOLLOW. If you’re good to go, I’ve got to know: Are you suddenly hoping Klaus succeeds with the sacrifice, becomes a werevamp (or vampolf? it’s more European?), and tries to start his own hybrid race in season 3? I am.  READ FULL STORY

'Vampire Diaries' casts Klaus: How should Joseph Morgan play the villain? (Like a young James Spader?)

Joseph-MorganImage Credit: Paul Morigi/WireImage.comIt’s the casting fans of The Vampire Diaries have been waiting months for: British actor Joseph Morgan has officially been confirmed as Klaus, the oldest and baddest of the Original vampires. He’ll make his debut on The CW’s top-rated series April 21, which isn’t as far off as it may seem. After next Thursday, the next new episode doesn’t air until April 7. Though Daniel Gillies, who’s kept us entertained as Klaus’ scheming nemesis Elijah, was hoping for someone like Deadwood‘s Ian McShane, Morgan’s casting is in line with what exec producers have teased all along. Exec producer Kevin Williamson told EW last month the role would go to someone younger. “It has to be someone that we truly believe was in a relationship with Katherine, because that’s where it started. He seduced her and whisked her away,” he said.  READ FULL STORY

TV's Most Dateable Characters: Choose your 'one' from readers' top picks (Poll!)

Dateable-charactersImage Credit: Greg Gayne/NBC; Justin Lubin/NBC; Brian Bowen Smith/Fox; Mitchell Haaseth/NBC; Bob D'Amico/ABC (2)Last week, PopWatch asked readers to name the TV character they’d date in real life. After tallying more than 2,000 nominations (yes, we read them all), we’re ready to take it to a vote. We’ve put your top picks — 25 men, and 29 women (there was a tie for that last spot) — in two polls below. Vote now through Tuesday at midnight ET. Come back Friday when we’ll reveal the results. Remember: You can’t change anything about the character you’re picking, other than that he or she will no longer have feelings for his or her show love interest. (Second rule: Do not feel guilty.) Note: The order the characters are listed in the polls below is how they ranked during the first round, when you could be indecisive. What will happen when you can only pick one?  READ FULL STORY

'Vampire Diaries': Um, what if Tyler tries to break the curse?

Michael-TrevinoImage Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CWThe Vampire Diaries returns this Thursday (The CW, 8 p.m. ET), and if you’ve picked up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, which includes teases from the cast and exec producers, you know that the vampire-werewolf showdown is officially on. Let’s let Michael Trevino, whose Tyler Lockwood just survived his first painful full moon transformation as a werewolf, break it down for you. SPOILER ALERT! “We have Tyler, who is a werewolf, who becomes very close to a vampire [Candice Accola's Caroline], who he thinks is the only vampire in town. And then he starts to actually like her. And then once he finds out the truth, he feels a little bit betrayed by her. But then he also wants to hear out Stefan [Paul Wesley], and how he’s saying we can coexist. And then you have Jules and Brady [the friend of Tyler's dearly departed Uncle Mason who Jules was chatting with on the phone in the last episode who soon arrives in town], who are like, ‘No, don’t listen to them. You don’t want any part of that. This is the way it’s supposed to be. We’re not supposed to be friends with them. You shouldn’t be this close to Caroline. Trust me, it’s not good for you.’ So after all this, all these people coming into Tyler’s head, he has to make a move: What does he want to do? Which way is he gonna live?”

Now here’s where things could get seriously interesting:  READ FULL STORY

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