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'The Sing-Off' recap: One night, six groups, 800 blazers

Well, here we are, at the most wonderful time of the year: The Sing-Off is back, and you can never really know for how long, so cherish every minute, even when they all come on the same night. In its fifth season of dodging the eviction notice NBC keeps hiding in Shawn Stockman’s dressing room, The Sing-Off returned as a one-night, two-hour holiday special. And even at just two hours—half the length of a typical singing show’s weekly allotment—I stand by this being the best happiest show on television.

Hyperbolic? Sure. But what is a cappella for, if not to be a little dramatic. And, of course, for the blazers. There were just So. Many. Blazers, each more beautiful than the next. Always leave them more, except when it comes to lapels: The Sing-Off story. READ FULL STORY

What to expect from the season 5 'Sing-Off' groups: A very careful aca-sessment

The first time I heard that The Sing-Off was going to be limited to a one-night special this year, I went through some pretty serious turmoil. All five stages of grief passed through in a matter of minutes: Denial that the entirety of season 5 could potentially only include one Nick Lachey jewel tone button-down; Anger that NBC was doing this to us; Bargaining that we might somehow lure Ben Folds back in a judge’s chair with a Warby Parker gift basket of sorts; Depression that Home Free would be unceremoniously replaced as the reigning champs in just two short hours; and finally, Acceptance that while we would only be getting six a cappella groups this year, it was possible they’d be the best groups yet. I mean, not better than Pentatonix, but like, probably really good.

But then, I bucked up. We’re still in for a grand ol’ time, I just know it . Because by this point, the best little singing show that could has made a holiday tradition of avoiding cancellation by any air schedule necessary, and if they can handle the frequent changes, then so can we. No, I don’t want to consider a world where Nick Lachey can’t exchange music puns with the now departed Ben Folds (so help me Patrick Stump, if you don’t know what an appoggiatura is…). No, I don’t understand how they’ll roll out multiple rounds of competition in two hours. But what is a cappella if not a stripping away of the musical fat? READ FULL STORY

'The Sing-Off' finale: Going out in glitter

Holiday songs! Pentatonix! Benatar! GLITTER BLAZERS! The Sing-Off finale was everything I needed it to be and, yes, I did need it to be something. I needed it to be something my whole family could watch together while I’m home for the holidays. I needed it to be fun and exciting enough to make me think thoughts worthy of writing down later for fellow a cappella knuckleheads to read (“worthy” might be an overstatement, but where better for hyperbole than The Sing-Off?). And I needed it to be, as I think Nick Lachey once said, some damn fine music. And damn fine, it was. READ FULL STORY

'The Sing-Off' Recap: Oh yes, it's judges night


I do enjoy these short episodes: just a quick hit of that hard a cappella stuff to get me to Friday. And it’s easy to be short and sweet when we’re down to just four groups in the semifinals. Hey, remember last week, when this show had just started? Me neither, that was 70,000 words ago!

Tonight we embark upon The Sing-Off’s penultimate episode and the judges are choosing the songs for The Filharmonic, Ten, Home Free, and Vocal Rush. I mention this so I’ll seem only slightly less creepy when I start gushing about the host. Three-two-one… YouguystonightisallaboutNickitssogreat. It’s fairly obvious I don’t think of Nick Lachey as a human. I think of him as a robot created in an NBC lab (the same lab that successfully rehabilitated Christina Aguilera’s personality on The Voice this year) specifically to deliver puns and tight suits from The Sing-Off stage to my “TV set” (his words, not mine). So when NickBot is let loose on the contestants with free reign over his thoughts and emotions, it’s both disconcerting and exhilarating. I think that might also be the plot of Almost Human.

Anyway, Nick is mentoring the four remaining teams and, as if he knows I’m slightly uncomfortable with him expressing himself musically, he’s finally, FINALLY wearing a jewel-tone dress shirt for the first time all season. Thank goodness for bright teal and thank goodness for Florence + the Machine, whose “Shake It Out” is tailor made for a soaring group performance. I think I might now officially be shipping Austin and Emoni after their duets. That’s just a lot of good hair and chemistry. On to the judges’ choices! READ FULL STORY

'The Sing-Off': Let's all go to the movies

Listen, I’ve seen a lot of magical things in my short time at the EW offices; it’s a cool place. David Blaine straight up proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a sorcerer by making a deck of cards disappear from my bare hands a few months ago. And I don’t want to get anyone worked up, but maybe the most magical thing I’ll ever see here, I saw today: Pentatonix came to our office and sang, amongst other things, their Beyoncé medley. I laughed; I cried; I wouldn’t blame them if they took one look at my face mid-performance and got a restraining order going.

Is there another Pentatonix on season 4 of The Sing-Off? Probably not. Those people are freaks. But there have to be the really good Jordin Sparks amongst the unforgettable Clarksons and the Underwoods. Sparks is super good, you guys. She might not make me sweat while I briefly speak to her beside the EW vending machines because I’m so in awe of her talent (this story based on real-life Pentatonix events), but I get totally amped when “Battlefield” comes on. Similarly, I found myself quite amped on tonight’s “Movie Night” performances from the six remaining groups. READ FULL STORY

'The Sing-Off' React: Talkin' 'bout my generation

The theme of Monday night’s episode of The Sing-Off is its most impressively vague yet: “My Generation.” Anyone who has never watched this show might think that means the teams will sing songs that they were raised on, or maybe even from the decade they were born, but to those people I would scream, “You’re so wrong!” and “Why aren’t you watching The Sing-Off, do you hate good-natured fun?!” Nick Lachey explains the theme as “the songs of yesterday and today,” which he doesn’t seem to understand means ALL OF THE DAYS. READ FULL STORY

'The Little Drummer Boy': You choose the best version, in our Twelve Days of Christmas Classics -- POLL

The Twelve Days of Christmas Classics is on! EW is putting the best versions of the most-covered Christmas songs up to a daily vote to compile the ultimate holiday playlist. (We’ve already covered “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” “The Christmas Song,” “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” and “Let It Snow!”) If your favorite singer isn’t in the list below, you better not pout: Each artist will only appear once throughout the 12 days. Listen to our top six, vote for your favorite, and let us know why you made your pick in the comments below.

UPDATE: The polls are closed, and we have our winners! Listen to YOUR ultimate holiday playlist here.

Who would have thought that a 1941 carol about giving the gift of drumming to an infant would become a mainstream hit that still resonates today? In fact, “The Little Drummer Boy” is the only religious song in the top 25 most-performed Christmas songs of all time.

Our favorite six covers run the gamut from rock and roll to hip-hop, and one version even bridged the generational gap at a very divisive time in pop culture. Come, we told you — parum-pum-pum-pum! — and vote for your favorite below:

'The Sing-Off' React: A number one proposal

The Sing-Off doesn’t care if you understand when their show is on, for how long it’s on or if you think it’s crazy that they put all of their best teams up against one another in one episode. When you’ve stared cancellation in the eye and made it back to harmonize another day, you do whatever the F-clef you want! I liked that The Sing-Off went even more rogue than usual Thursday night; the hour-long episode was the perfect palate cleanser after two kind of exhausting two-hour spots this week. Four of the eight remaining teams competed for three spots in the Final Six: Ten, AcoUstiKats, Street Corner Renaissance and The Filharmonic. READ FULL STORY

'The Sing-Off' react: B.Y.O.P(artyPuns).

On Wednesday’s second episode of the two-week Sing-Off event, it was time to settle into the silliness with “Party Anthems.” Considering that almost every song performed on the premiere was also a party anthem, I think the theme is just to give some specificity to Nick Lachey’s punnery. Because if you gave him free reign, he could literally go on for the whole two weeks without stopping. I would never suggest irresponsible consumption, but taking a sip of something every time Nick turns a “party” phrase might be an interesting thing to do. READ FULL STORY

TV Recap: 'The Voice,' Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,' and 'The Sing Off' -- VIDEO

Did you miss Monday night’s episodes of The Voice, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or The Sing Off? Catch up with our TV Recap video below! READ FULL STORY

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