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As 'The Simpsons' hits 500 episodes, Hank Azaria picks his all-time favorite. What's yours?

The 500 Club in baseball is pretty elite. Only 25 players have swatted 500 home runs (and some of them sneaked in the door through dubious means). For prime time scripted entertainment series, the 500 Club (as in, episodes) is even more exclusive: There’s Gunsmoke and Lassie. Tonight The Simpsons will join that pantheon as the first comedy member with the airing of “At Long Last Leave,” in which Homer and Marge learn that Springfield’s residents are plotting to boot the family out of town for all the trouble they’ve caused over the years. READ FULL STORY

Bart Simpson makes his fashion week debut

Who knew he had it in him? After more than two decades of wearing the same red t-shirt and blue shorts, Bart Simpson is going high fashion.

Designer Jeremy Scott, whose previous pop culture collections include those inspired by The Flinstones and Mickey Mouse, unveiled an entire line devoted to The Simpsons character during New York Fashion week earlier today.

The looks — there were five of them — consisted primarily of sweaters emblazoned with Simpson’s iconic image (pictured), some of which were paired with sequined pants or kilts. READ FULL STORY

A mashup of 'Breaking Bad' and 'The Simpsons': Ned Flanders as Walt White? Okily dokily doo -- watch this!

What do you get when you take lines of dialogue from Breaking Bad and overlay them onto moving images from The Simpsons? A tight! tight! tight! revelation, as evidenced by this mash-up video. Pious Ned Flanders assumes the role of meth maker Walt White (“I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the one who knocks!”), Bart plays Walt’s burnout protege, Jesse Pinkman, while slippery lawyer Lionel Hutz becomes one, of course, with Saul “Better Call Saul!” Goodman. Let us also note that the portrayal of poor Jane is out of this world, and that you should keep watching past the end credits. READ FULL STORY

The idea of a future without 'The Simpsons': Woo hoo or Boo-urns?

Before we get into a discussion about the news that after 23 years on the air, the future of The Simpsons is up in the air, let me tell you with full disclosure: I’m on a classic Simpsons trivia team. (Go Team Bake ‘Em Away, Toys!… Go Apple! Go Orange! Go Banana!) Yes, I’m one of those kind of Simpsons nerds. I have special place in my heart for the ’90’s era of The Simpsons, and a place in my brain where basic knowledge should reside, but Simpsons trivia does instead. (Or maybe that’s just a crayon?)

That said, The Simpsons could soon become a part of the past, for all of us. READ FULL STORY

Premiere of Fox's Animation Domination lineup: Amazing or meh?

Fox’s Animation Domination lineup debuted last night with four season premieres. The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, and American Dad all unleashed cartoon chaos. But were they any good? Let’s go show by show…

The Simpsons’ “The Falcon and the D’ohman”

After 22 seasons of The Simpsons, you’d think that even the most dedicated fans would be tired of Bart and Co. Not I, my friends. Tonight’s episode gave me plenty of reasons to watch the show’s 23rd season. In the season premiere, Wayne, a former U.S. secret agent turned detached security guard at Homer’s nuclear power plant (voiced by former 24 star Kiefer Sutherland), is charmed into a friendship with his dimwitted coworker and later has to save Homer from an old Ukrainian enemy who kidnapped him.

Funniest moment nominee: “How are you going to find him?” Marge asks Wayne. “Homer is implanted with several highly powerful tracking chips,” he responds. Marge wonders, “How did that happen?” “I put them out in a bowl and he ate them,” he replies. Ha! Fat jokes!

Verdict: This is why I still love The Simpsons. Tonight’s episode featured goofy bar humor and a Kim Jong-il musical. What a combo, right? And I laughed at both.

The Cleveland Show’s “BFFs”

Season four of the Family Guy spinoff finds Cleveland in a sad place after he discovers his old friend Peter Griffin came to visit his Stoolbend, Va., neighborhood for four days and didn’t even try to see him. Cleveland takes an emotional drive back to Quahog, R.I., to find out why his buddy dissed him.

Funniest moment nominee: When Cleveland rings the Griffins’ doorbell, Stewie asks Brian, “Has he been canceled already? He doesn’t get to just come back!”

Bonus funny moment: When Peter finally speaks to Cleveland, he explains, “My phone died… of AIDS.” With his arms folded, Cleveland retorts, “AIDS is no longer a death sentence.”

After Peter tells him that they were never really friends, Cleveland decides that he and his crew should attend Ric “The Nature Boy” Flair’s friendship camp. Wooo! Canoes! Cleveland and friends are then kidnapped by a gang of back-country woodsmen. But Peter saves them from hillbilly rape (“Let go of my Negro,” he yells), later saying that a psychiatrist revealed his fear of rejection and that he dumped Cleveland before he could be dumped himself.

Verdict: I geeked when I first found out Cleveland was getting a spin-off years ago and I’m equally elated I can laught at him and his family now. I’ll definitely tune in this season.


Fall TV survival guide: How to navigate life with your newly jam-packed schedule

Now that you’re armed with our Fall TV Preview double issue, it’s time to hit the ground running. And by hit the ground running, we of course mean settling in for a lot of television viewing from the comfort of your couch. Still, we realize this can all be pretty overwhelming. After all, for as much television as we consumed over the summer — from Big Brother to True Blood — the viewing schedule wasn’t nearly as jam-packed as it soon will be. (Plus, we even went outside from time to time!) With the premieres of all the new and returning programs just days away, now is the time to get ready. (If you’re far behind on a series, like say, The Good Wife or Community or The Vampire Diaries, you’d better start watching those DVDs to catch up riiiiight… NOW!) But, don’t fret, dear PopWatchers, we’re here to help. After all, you’ll need to outwit, outplay, and outlast all of life’s distractions so you don’t miss a moment of Survivor. Here now, a fall television survival guide:

Find a buddy: Why do we watch TV? To talk about it the next day, of course! Like in college when you’d take classes with a pal and take turns attending so you could exchange notes (which this writer totally never engaged in, just knew people who did), you’ll need a partner through the fall TV season. Shack up with your quirky pals to watch New Girl together or have weekly gatherings to discuss who your favorite contestant is on X Factor. Either way, you can’t do this alone. READ FULL STORY

'South Park' vs. 'The Simpsons': Which is the better beloved animated comedy?

Comparing South Park to The Simpsons is like comparing cheesy poofs to doughnuts. Both are delicious, rich, and stay with you even after they’re finished. (Gross!) So how can we possibly determine which is the more superior animated comedy? It’s a tough debate, but Sandra Gonzalez and I attempted to name a victor. So read on, neighbor-inos, and let us know what you think in the comments below, m’kay?

(This is part of an ongoing series of posts in which EW writers debate the most defining pop culture rivalries. Past subjects have included Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera, Schwarzenegger/Stallone, Godfather/Goodfellas, Movies/Videogames, and the neverending boy-band battle between ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Come back here Thursday for more exciting face-offs!)

Kate Ward (South Park: Oh, awesome!): Okay, let’s get this started. Now, if the argument here was South Park versus The Simpsons seasons 1-11, I’d say you’d surely win in a landslide. Unfortunately, The Simpsons has allowed itself to shrink into a state of irrelevance over the past decade. Say it with me: D’oh! READ FULL STORY

The 25 Greatest Animated Series Ever: Cast your vote for the best! My pick: 'Futurama'

Today, EW.com brings you our list of the 25 Greatest Animated TV Series Ever. In an effort to keep things democratic, we’re asking you — the devoted TV viewer — to decide which show on that list is the No. 1 cartoon ever ever ever. So far this week, we’ve covered two of the great feuds in Animated TV history: the never-ending Simpsons/Family Guy debate (essentially the Beatles/Elvis of primetime cartoons) and the arguably more interesting Simpsons/South Park dichotomy (which is more like Beatles/Rolling Stones, although maybe Emerson/Thoreau would be more appropriate.) But if I were to cast my vote for my personal favorite animated series ever, it wouldn’t be for any of those titans. Because I’m a Futurama guy, through and through. READ FULL STORY

'Family Guy' vs. 'The Simpsons,' Part 2: Is 'South Park' better than both of them?

Tomorrow, EW.com will unveil our list of the 25 greatest animated series ever. We’ll be asking you, beloved readers, to decide which among those choices is the number one TV cartoon ever — a difficult task. To get you in the mood, we asked you to weigh in yesterday on one of the great never-ending conflicts in pop culture: Family Guy or The Simpsons? Some of the responses thoughtfully analyzed the variable nature of comedy: “Family Guy is more uneven,” said Greg Browning, “But when it hits, I belly laugh. Simpsons is consistently chuckle-worthy but I wouldn’t count on it for huge laughs.” Other commenters noted that Simpsons, for all its acclaim, has been in a rather long dry spell; said Glenn, “Simpsons Great Years: 2-7. That’s it, with an occasional good ep since then. Otherwise, completely unwatchable for me.” But there was one rallying cry that swept through the comment boards, starting with Stevie: “This debate is pointless, because South Park is much better than both.”

Chaos! But the Cartman loyalists may have a point. South Park has been on for almost 14 years now, with its 214th episode airing tomorrow night. (That makes the show fifty episodes older than Family Guy.) In a sense, then, South Park is just as much a Grand Old Man of Animation as The Simpsons. And if you ask me, it has also maintained its quality over a significantly longer period than The Simpsons. READ FULL STORY

'The Simpsons' or 'Family Guy': Which is greater? Which is more influential?

On Wednesday, your friends and bitter enemies here at EW.com will unveil our list of the 25 greatest animated series of all time. The list includes classics from the early days of TV animation, sincere kids’ cartoons which taught you important life lessons, surreal kids’ cartoons that your parents didn’t understand, animated satires, animated musical space westerns, animated fantasies, and whatever Aqua Teen Hunger Force is. But here’s the twist: Instead of ranking these shows, we’re going to ask you readers to cast your vote to decide which animated series is the greatest of them all. You’ll be wrestling with some of the great conflicts in animated TV history. Beavis & Butthead or Ren & Stimpy? Aqua Teen Hunger Force or The Venture Brothers? The Flintstones or The Jetsons? (Just kidding on that last one. The Jetsons will never appear on a list of greatest anything, except for Elroy, whose cold dead eyes and slurry hippie voice certainly earn him a place on the list of Greatest Headache You’ve Ever Been Given by a Character on Television.)

Still, no animated feud has ever matched the neverending battle between two apparently-immortal Fox comedies about American families who spend their days deconstructing a broad swath of the history of pop culture. It’s time to revisit the age-old contest, people: Is The Simpsons still better than Family Guy?  READ FULL STORY

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