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Following nurse's suicide, Aussie DJs who pranked Kate Middleton at hospital step down


The Australian radio personalities who pretended to be the Queen and pranked the London hospital where a pregnant Kate Middleton was under observation have resigned after the nurse who initially received the phone call was found dead of a suspected suicide. Jacintha Saldanha, the 46-year-old nurse who was duped by the DJs, was found dead on Friday morning.

Five more signs that Prince William and Kate Middleton might be expecting a royal baby

Will the world soon welcome another itty-bitty British person who has to worry about inheriting the dreaded Prince Charles Hairline? Possibly, according to Internet chatter. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has reportedly been raising eyebrows by toasting with water at events celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee and sporting a “well-defined ‘baby bump'” at a public appearance in Singapore. Sure, rumors about Kate’s possible pregnancy have been floating around ever since she donned that sleeved wedding dress — but this time, they might actually have merit.

Especially if the following information is true.* See, my English spy friends have been keeping an eye on William and Kate’s family for the past few weeks — and what they’ve seen is a pretty strong indication that the Duchess really does have a bun in her royal oven. Here’s what I’ve been told so far:

- After downing a few shots with Ryan Lochte, Prince Harry kept talking about how he can’t wait to be the “cool uncle” who “teaches the kid how to play billiards.”


Pop the champagne, it's the one year anniversary of the Royal Wedding! How was pop culture royally influenced this year?

Dearly beloved PopWatchers, we are gathered here today on this joyous Sunday to commemorate the one year anniversary of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Exactly one year ago, all across the far reaches of the earth, we sat awestruck in front of our TV screens on that momentous Friday morning, and watched, mouths agape, tissues clutched, at the majestic union of love and commitment. Whether or not we could have predicted the pop culture impact that would follow the royal nuptials, let’s take a look back on what pop culture hath delivered to us this past year in light of the Royal Wedding:

My Little Royal Pony?
In most recent memory, royal festivities made their way to Equestria, where My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic‘s unicorn Princess Cadance declared her love for colt Shining Armor in the presence of all the ponies in the animated land. If you’re smirking, wipe that snarky look off your face, because this, my friends, was for real: The royal ponies advertised their nuptials in a New York Times announcement, informing the general populace that ponies from “Appleloosa, Galloping Gorge, Fillydelphia and even Manehattan” would be in attendance. So take that, braysayers.


Happy Birthday, Pippa: Give your sister a hug, willya?

Marrying a prince is hardly the ultimate definition of success, but it’s hard to argue that the woman who landed the most eligible bachelor in the world hasn’t done well for herself. Yet I couldn’t help feel a little sad for Kate Middleton during her wedding. It wasn’t that her life as she knew it was officially over. It was the striking presence of her younger sister, Pippa. You may have noticed her in that sleek ivory Alexander McQueen gown. The tabloids certainly did.

So here you have this nice older sister, growing up in a nice upper-class British family. She does the right things, she goes to the right schools, she meets the right people. She’s responsible and loving towards her younger sister, who folks back home still argue was the prettier and the more outgoing of the two. Yet, the eldest perseveres, and lands a freakin’ prince. If there was any lingering sibling rivalry — and no matter how close they are, there’s bound to be some with sisters born just 20 months apart — you’d think landing the heir to the British throne would bury them once and for all. READ FULL STORY

Ann Coulter: Princess Diana 'just this anorexic, bulimic narcissist'

Ann Coulter has a gift for outrage. When The Insider‘s Kevin Frazier asked her if she “sometimes says things that [she knows] will stir people up, and upset people, and really drive people crazy,” she couldn’t help but grin and answer, “Oh, sure.” Normally, it’s liberals that are the target of her shocking proclamations, but it turns out she’s not so fond of the Royals either. “I find it a little baffling when Americans get so gaga-eyed over a princess,” Ann lamented. “In particularly Lady Di, who was just this anorexic, bulimic narcissist.” Watch the clip below, or if your browser is having trouble, here. READ FULL STORY

Princess Beatrice to auction off her Royal Wedding hat, social norms sold separately

You know, a lot of people gave Princess Beatrice flack for the hat she wore to the Royal Wedding last month. Some called it “crazy”, while others claimed that if you go through its ring, you actually enter another dimension… of crazy.

Whatever your feelings were on the Philip Treacy creation, now is your opportunity to own it. Beatrice’s mum Sarah Ferguson visited The Oprah Winfrey Show, and in a segment featured in today’s episode, she told Winfrey the already-infamous hat would be placed on the head of the highest bidder on eBay. “She’s putting it up on eBay to auction it for UNICEF and for Children in Crisis,” the Duchess explained. READ FULL STORY

The Royal Wedding is over! Is it safe to come out yet?

Don’t worry, folks, it’s almost at an end. After months of intensive hat speculation, commemorative plate production, cake experts, lip readers, total bludgeoning of the word “fairy-tale,” and Anglophilia bordering on Anglomania, we only have a few more days of stray headlines like “William and Kate’s Honeymoon Suite: Is There an Ice Machine?” and “What Dress Would Have Kate Worn in a Parallel Universe?” before we’re finally rid of this whole royally over-reported dealio.

I’ll admit, as an American male I have absolutely no idea what draws people to wake up at 4 a.m. to watch a rich guy and the girl he likes tie the knot. I mean, what did George Washington and Mel Gibson fight for if Americans are just going to end up fawning over the British monarchy and hand out a bunch of Oscars to The King’s Speech? The ceremony itself was lavish and pretty and occasionally sweet, but mostly twee and long. Even the people at the wedding were getting a little bored. Admittedly, the presence of a horse-drawn carriage and the two evil stepsisters from Cinderella did hint at those fairy-tale aspects everyone on morning television kept talking about, but it didn’t feel as once-in-a-lifetime as once every 20 minutes on Main Street, U.S.A. READ FULL STORY

Is Kate Middleton's reception dress better than her wedding dress? Don't make me choose!

We’ve already pondered the perfection that is Kate Middleton’s wedding dress once today here on PopWatch. But, readers, take a look at the amazing photo before you now of The Duchess’s white satin reception dress. Does this not make your wedding-obsessed soul flutter as it did this morning when she stepped out of her car? To be honest, I gasped when I first saw this beautiful gown (which is reportedly a Sarah Burton — as was her first dress). In fact, dare I say, I like this one better? Between the cardigan, the sparkle, and the figure-flattering effect — ugh, I don’t know! Sleep deprivation is setting in, and that always makes decisions 10 times harder, especially with regard to fashion.

The only thing I am sure of? That a new bar has been set — not only for future royals but for brides in general. A recently-engaged friend of mine said to me shortly after instant messaging me this photo, “On my wedding day, I just wanna feel as pretty as she looked.” And isn’t that the truth?

I now pose the question to you: Which do you like better: The reception dress? Or the wedding dress? And are you sick of this stuff yet? (Impossible!)

(If not, join me for continued fawning on Twitter @EWSandraG.)

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Royal Wedding flower girl Grace Van Cutsem is not having it, you guys

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the amazing dress, the pomp and circumstance, the enormous circular cake. Sorry, but the Royal Wedding was all about seriously unimpressed flower girl Grace Van Cutsem, who upstaged the entire thing with a photo-ready pout. (Sorry, Posh, Grace’s was better.) Seriously, she’s already got her own tumblr! If looks could kill, there would have been scads of British goners today.

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What will Kathy and Joan say about the Royal Wedding hats?

I’m setting my DVR to record tonight’s Kathy Griffin Royal Wedding special (TV Guide, 8 p.m. ET) and Royal Wedding edition of Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police (E!, 10 p.m. ET) specifically to see what they have to say about the hats. Poor Princess Beatrice, pictured. I think the world agreed that her hat was the worst. “Princess Beatrice’s ridiculous Royal Wedding hat” already has a Facebook page and more than 16,000 fans.

Those hats were the only reason to tune in for the hours of arrivals — other than to hear Piers Morgan discuss who has a cocaine problem. READ FULL STORY

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