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The Rolling Stones heading to 'Downton Abbey'? Here are five potential storylines

Remember a few weeks ago when Diddy announced he was joining the cast of Downton Abbey and everyone said, ‘No way!’ and then it kind of happened, albeit via a Funny or Die video? Well, now the Rolling Stones are rumored to be possibly dropping by Downton next season. U.K. paper The Mirror reports Hugh Bonneville is friends with Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and is trying to get the group to film an appearance. “Obviously they wouldn’t play themselves, but they could be a rag-tag bunch of traveling entertainers or even a circus act. It would be such a coup, and fun for the Stones. They really are huge fans of the show,” an anonymous source told the paper.

BOOM! There are so many things to unpack here. Cousin Robert parties with Ronnie? The Stones really watch Downton? Did Mick Jagger cry over Matthew’s death? A rep for the show didn’t immediately respond to EW’s request for confirmation that the Rolling Stones may actually, in real life, be filming a guest spot on Downton. [UPDATE: A rep for the show tells EW it’s not true.] But, for fun, let’s assume this is totally happening. Below, what we’re hoping to see if Mick Jagger and Co. swing by the estate next season. READ FULL STORY

Mick Jagger reads 'Letterman' top 10 list -- VIDEO

With 2012 rolling to a close, the Rolling Stones are squeezing the last bit of juice out of their (well-deserved) 50th anniversary celebrations, including stopping off at the Late Show to share some decades-honed rock ‘n’ roll wisdom.

An enthusiastic Mick Jagger put the moves on David Letterman’s audience, blowing kisses and waving to the crowd. “I don’t deserve it but thank you!” he said before launching into his “Top Ten Things I, Mick Jagger, Have Learned After 50 Years in Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Among the gems: “before shouting ‘Hi, Seattle,’ make sure you’re in Seattle”; and “a good way to keep yourself entertained is to sign every tenth autograph ‘Doris Goldblatt.'” Oh, and “never take relationship advice from Phil Spector.” Noted.

Check out the video, featuring exclusive footage from backstage, below. Meanwhile, I’ll be selling my Doris Goldblatt autograph on eBay. READ FULL STORY

Olympics closing ceremony could feature the Stones, Elton John... and, of course, the Spice Girls

The music director of Sunday’s Olympics closing ceremony tells the London Telegraph that the event “should be the greatest after-party in the world” — and judging from the details that have leaked so far, we tend to agree. Between Adele crooning “Someone Like You,” members of Pink Floyd performing “Wish You Were Here,” and a “galaxy” of other British stars rumored to include the Rolling Stones, Elton John, George Michael, Queen, Ray Davies of the Kinks, the Who, Muse, and, of course, the Spice Girls, all that’s missing is a cameo from some Tupacian Beatles holograms.

The identities of the event’s performers are officially supposed to remain secret until Sunday — but there are plenty of things we do know for sure about the Ceremony. READ FULL STORY

Mick Jagger hosts tonight's 'Saturday Night Live' finale: Talk about it here!

Mick Jagger has managed to stay both incredibly famous and beloved for half a century. Considering the modern era’s notoriously short attention span, that’s no small feat. But despite Jagger’s celebrity magnetism, SNL viewers might find their minds wandering when he hosts tonight’s season finale. Instead of focusing on Jagger, we’ll be focusing on Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, and Andy Samberg — three veterans who might be leaving the show once Season 37 ends. And if any of them goes, SNL as we know it will change significantly.

Cast members depart at the end of every season — but these three have particularly strong legacies. Or, at least, two of them do. Samberg’s Digital Shorts — created with the help of his Lonely Island cohorts Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer — kept SNL relevant in the digital age and drove the show to start posting its own sketches online. For years, it seemed like Kristen Wiig single-handedly played all of Saturday Night Live‘s female speaking roles — and though cast mates like Vanessa Bayer and Abby Elliott have started picking up her slack, she’s still SNL‘s MVP. Sudeikis hasn’t had as much of an impact as Samberg or Wiig, but he’s always been a solid supporting player; nobody plays a handsome, likeable goof quite like he does.

Even so, I hope the writers don’t use these potential exits to justify bringing back tired old characters — especially Wiig’s one-upper Penelope, or any of the old-fashioned broads she plays in various recurring sketches.  READ FULL STORY

Your Kentucky Derby pop culture party planner: Because you need something else to do besides watch horses run for two minutes

Old sports writers (mainly Pardon the Interruption host and professional crank Tony Kornheiser) like to remind anybody listening that for most of the pre-World War II era, the biggest sports in America were baseball, boxing, and horse racing.

If you really want to get your 1930s on this weekend, you’ll have that chance: The baseball season is in full swing (LET’S GO METS!), there’s a huge title fight in the boxing world between Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto, and on Saturday evening, the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby begins.

The Kentucky Derby is an excellent excuse for a party, as there are already thematic costumes (silly hats and Colonel Sanders suits) and cocktails (the legendarily undrinkable Mint Julep) already built in. There’s just one problem with throwing a party surrounding the Derby: The race lasts a couple hundred seconds, at most. What else are you to do before you watch the horsies run really fast?

Glad you asked, because we’re happy to provide a full compliment of viewing options leading up to the most exciting two minutes in sports, including a handful of movie and TV options, plus a Derby-related playlist. READ FULL STORY

Obama talks Jon Stewart, Mick Jagger, and his burgeoning musical career ('I can sing') in new 'Rolling Stone' interview

Barack Obama let loose with Jimmy Fallon last night, gamely slow-jamming the news and making cracks about not legalizing weed to a crowd stuffed with college students. But the president’s a bit more buttoned-up in a new Rolling Stone interview with Jann Wenner — well, at least until the conversation turns to a certain legendary soul singer.

The 6,500-word piece tackles everything from Obama’s views on marriage equality to the Keystone pipeline to turmoil in the Middle East. But we know what you’re really interested in: More scoop on 44’s famous take on Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” Apparently, the singing was inspired by the president’s deep aggravation: “It was my fifth event of the day,” he explains to Wenner. “It’s about 10:30 at night, and we go up to the Apollo. I wanted to hear Al Green. The guys who were working the soundboard in the back, a couple of real good guys, they say, ‘Oh, man, you missed the Reverend, but he was terrific, he was in rare form.’ So I was frustrated by that.”

But just as searing post-breakup pain leads to awesome post-breakup jams like “Since U Been Gone,” Obama used his frustration to fuel his musical outburst: “I just kind of broke into a rendition of ‘Let’s Stay Together.’ And they’re like, ‘Oh, so the president, you can sing, man. You should do that onstage.'” Though senior adviser Valerie Jarrett was against the idea, press secretary Jay Carney told Obama to go for it.

Was he nervous about taking on a classic in front of the man who made it famous? Of course not — this is No-Drama Obama we’re talking about. “I can sing,” he says. “I wasn’t worried about being able to hit those notes.” READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men' deep cuts: See the Rolling Stones shill for Rice Krispies, not Heinz -- VIDEO

Last night, Don Draper and Harry Crane set off on a noble quest. Their goal: To convince the Rolling Stones to record a jingle for nature’s sexiest food, Heinz baked beans. Alas, SCDP’s brave knights were thwarted when a stoned Harry accidentally signed The Trade Winds* instead of Mick, Brian, and the gang. Their defeat was stinging; only eating 20-odd hamburgers could help soften the blow.

Though some viewers might have found this storyline goofy, Mad Men isn’t nuts for suggesting the Stones might sell out, even at the height of their popularity. As Don told a teenager at the concert, the band actually recorded a rockabilly Rice Krispies jingle in 1963; the song appeared in a commercial that aired only in the UK in 1964. Here’s the spot in question: READ FULL STORY

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