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'Real World Ex-plosion': Can you guess who said what at the reunion taping?

The Real World closed out its 29th-season Ex-plosion on April 2, and now it’s time for the reunion special, where cast members update the status of the O.G. roommates and their exes. EW was at the taping, which will be edited down to make up Wednesday night’s hour-long special. With a gang this ornery (and, let’s be honest, drunk), it’s no surprise strong words — and maybe even kung fu kicks — were flying as the gang reconvened months after living together, in a house, and starting to get real.

Below, peruse the soundbites — a mix of on-the-scene interviews and quotes from the taping itself — and see if you can identify which Real World-er said what.* READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: I haven't watched this much MTV since high school

There are currently three different shows that I look forward to on three different nights on MTV. Three. And that’s not including when Catfish is on, or when the tragically though understandably cancelled Buckwild earned a DVR season pass last year.

I am currently watching—and what’s more, I’m eagerly anticipating—as many MTV shows now as I did in high school, when watercooler talk was discussing a Road Rules challenge in first-period bio or raving at lunch about the True Life episode where they go to fat camp. For me, high school was Next and Made, The Osbournes and Newlyweds, afterschool reruns of Singled Out and Undressed and Elimidate and Daria and Celebrity Deathmatch.

Well, those times are now far gone, and truth be told I’ve seen MTV’s programming lineup come and go these past few years with little piquing my interest save for the addictive Catfish. I’ve been unaware of the network for years. This could be because I’m no longer in high school, of course, but I do believe that good material can always be consumed by multiple demographics (hence why your grandma is reading Mockingjay).

That’s not to say that the programs I’m relishing on MTV now are particularly good, per se — but for whatever reason they’re working for me, and I’m digging this random new resurgence.

'The Real World: Ex-Plosion' react: MTV's most unreal season yet

You know how a few years ago people started using “literally” as an adverb so much that you just had to start disregarding its actual meaning altogether? And then you started saying it inappropriately yourself because it was so ingrained into your consciousness and you had to forcefully make yourself stop? And now the word has been redefined altogether in the dictionary to mean both its original definition and the opposite of its original definition? As in, now literally, by definition, also means figuratively? That’s where The Real World is in its 29th season. Whereas it was once literally about the real world, now it’s just…well, “literally” about the real world. READ FULL STORY

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