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You won't believe what amazing site The Onion is launching now

Praise the Internet Gods! The Onion — the best satire, well, anywhere — is taking on BuzzFeed et al, calling out their click-bait headlines, silly quizzes, and other attention-getting practices with a new website. (Full disclosure: EW.com’s editor, Kyle Ryan, worked at The Onion’s A.V. Club until last month.)

Called Clickhole.com, the venture will put “content and sponsored posts side by side, with barely any distinction between them. People will climb into this click hole and find content so interesting they won’t be able to keep it to themselves,” according to “Jim Haggerty,” an Onion News Network host played by Brad Holbrook. “Every post is engineered to be as shareable as possible, so it spreads like a deadly wildfire on social media,” he tells the New York Business Journal. READ FULL STORY

'The Onion' turns 25: Our 25 favorite headlines


In August of 1988, two college juniors named Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson founded a satirical newspaper. They called their creation The Onion, published it for about a year, then sold it for $16,000 — likely never dreaming that it would grow into one of the comedy world’s most venerable institutions.

25 years later, the paper has become a national juggernaut — one that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. “There’s always a slight looming terror of running out of jokes because we’ve done so many jokes, and we have this manic insistence on never repeating a joke that we’ve done,” current editor-in-chief Will Tracy told NPR’s Renee Montagne earlier today. “But then, we’re able to remind ourselves that, oh no, there’s still awful people doing awful things every day, so that’ll give us more material in reality to draw from.”

Of course, awful people doing awful things aren’t the only subjects of Onion headlines. The satirical giant has spent the past quarter century making fun of everyone and everything — and while trying to name the paper’s 25 greatest heds is a little like trying to choose between your own demented children, there are certainly several that stand the test of time. Check out a list of favorites below — and don’t let this story stop you from citing more greatest hits in the comments.


'The Onion' predicted Miley Cyrus' depletion five years ago -- VIDEO

Psychics don’t have anything on The Onion, because as it turns out, Miley Cyrus’ use of teddy bears and one very inappropriate foam finger was something we all should’ve seen coming. Basically, last night’s performance could’ve been prevented … if only we had listened to The Onion‘s broadcast warning against the over-use of the one-time Hannah Montana star.

In a 2008 video, The Onion predicted that “at current usage levels, Miley Cyrus will be drained of entertainment value by 2013.” Apparently, Miley was once considered a “potent entertainment source” that we were “burning through” by putting her on television, toys, clothing and more.

But we just didn’t listen. And now, just as the video predicted, the “down-to-earth Miley who likes text messaging with her friends and playing guitar in her bedroom will be wiped off the earth forever.”

After last night, it’s safe to say Miley has hit “Is she too wild?” levels.

Watch the entire Onion video below: READ FULL STORY

Frank Ocean, The Onion, 'Burning Love' among this year's Webby winners -- VIDEO

Frank Ocean, Jerry Seinfeld, and Kevin Spacey — alongside Minnesota Vikings’ Chris Kluwe, DoSomething.org, and HBO Go — are among the winners and honorees at this year’s 17th Annual Webby Awards, spotlighting achievements in/on the Internet.

This year’s awards were selected by judges in the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, including Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and HuffPo head Arianna Huffington. Internet voters also turned out in more than 200 countries and territories for The Webby People’s Voice Awards.

Ocean, Seinfeld, and Spacey all received breakout or special achievement awards, because they did something bold (Ocean’s ”Thank You’s” letter on his Tumblr, announcing a past relationship with a man), big (Spacey’s role in setting up Netflix’s $100 million Beltway series House of Cards), or very Webby (Seinfeld’s webseries Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, featuring guests Ricky Gervais and Larry David, among others).

Others spotlighted include: The Obama for America 2012 campaign, as Webby Breakout of the Year; Grimes, as Webby Artist of the Year; Bachelor spoof Burning Love and its creative team, as Webby Special Achievement of the Year; Kluwe, as Webby Athlete of the Year, for his open letter to a Maryland state delegate; and Steve Wilhite and his 20-year-plus invention the .GIF, as Webby Lifetime Achievement.

In addition, The Onion received its 18th and 19th Webbys for Best Humor Website.

Ocean ”will be honored for proving the power of the Web as a medium for cultural change,” organizers said in a statement. Yay, Google Maps for iPhone — winner of five Webbys! Yay, Dumb Ways to Die — winner of seven!

Watch some of the winners below. Check out the full list at webbyawards.com. The ceremony, hosted by Patton Oswalt, will be available to view at 9 a.m. ET on May 22.


The Onion and Quvenzhane Wallis: What does it take to get America's Finest News Source to apologize?

There’s just one thing more shocking than The Onion’s crude tweet about Quvenzhané Wallis: Onion CEO Steve Hannah’s subsequent mea culpa.

“On behalf of The Onion, I offer my personal apology to Quvenzhané Wallis and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the tweet that was circulated last night during the Oscars,” he said in a statement today, following widespread outcry over a message on the microblogging site that referred called the nine-year-old Best Actress nominee a “c—.” Hannah went on to label the tweet “crude and offensive,” “senseless [and] humorless,” and “inconsistent with The Onion’s commitment to parody and satire, however biting.” Additionally, he said, the parties responsible for posting the joke will be “disciplined.”

Such a frank admission of remorse is unusual for The Onion, a publication that’s never shied away from controversial jokes or strong, vulgar language. In fact, this may be the first time the paper has actually apologized for something it’s written — even though plenty of its creations have stoked the public’s ire before.  READ FULL STORY

The Onion draws ire for offensive Quvenzhane Wallis tweet -- UPDATE

Well, this ought to harsh your Oscar buzz.

Shortly after last night’s Academy Awards ceremony ended, America’s finest satirical newspaper crossed the line on its Twitter page, as is its wont — but this time, there weren’t many people laughing. The Onion targeted 9-year-old Beasts of the Southern Wild star Quvenzhané Wallis, joking that the diminutive star (and future Little Orphan Annie) isn’t quite as sweet as she seems. [UPDATE: The Onion has apologized for the joke. See their mea culpa below.]

Here’s the tweet; beware of crude and offensive language.


China's state paper duped by 'Onion' joke about Kim Jong-un as 'sexiest man alive'

Image Credit: Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

Have you ever been duped by an Onion article? I personally was convinced that Oprah Winfrey was going to donate her final studio audience to charity a few years back. It’s therefore not too surprising, but still extremely embarrassing, that The People’s Daily the online version of China’s Communist Party newspaper — ran an article and 55-page photo spread yesterday in honor of The Onion‘s pick of North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un as 2012’s “sexiest man alive.”

The photos include Jong-un squinting, waving, touring a facility with his wife, and engaged in other manly deeds. And the kicker? One of the pictorials shows the cherubic hunk on horseback (too bad he’s fully clothed). READ FULL STORY

'The Onion' names Kim Jong-un the 'sexiest man alive'

Image Credit: Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

People‘s reveal of Channing Tatum as the “sexiest man alive” completely overshadowed The Onion‘s announcement yesterday of their pick for 2012’s sexiest beast — Kim Jong-un. Sure, his abs and pecks are less blinding than Tatum’s (or more, depending on how you look at it), but North Korea’s supreme leader deserves to share the limelight!


Now 'The Onion' will mock TED talks with 'Onion Talks' -- VIDEO

For the past while, folks ’round the Internet have been grumbling that TED’s conference series — high-minded lectures delivered by luminaries like Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, and Malcolm Gladwell, as well as a host of less-famous names — is past its prime. Evidently, America’s greatest news source has heard this griping — and it’s responding by releasing its own series of satirical addresses called “Onion Talks.”

The bad news: The first Talk won’t premiere on the satirical site’s YouTube page until next Wednesday. The good news: Judging by this brief preview, these videos are going to be as hilarious as the Onion News Network’s content. Regardless of whether you’re a TEDhead or you’ve never seen a single talk, you should get a kick out of this:


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